Accessible Textbooks Department

Sample Title Pages


On the print and braille Title page of each volume, we require that the total number of volumes and supplements be given preceding the individual volume number. Rule 2, Section 2c(7)(b)

We understand the volume count is unknown until towards the end of the book, so, we would like a double dash placed where the Volume and Supplement numbers will be inserted. At a later date, these numbers will be filled in.

Example: In 1 Preliminary, 18 Volumes, and 2 Supplements

(Subtitle, Series Name, Edition Name, and Grade
Level, if given in print.) [Single Caps]

(Only use "by" if used in print)
(List additional authors on the supplemental title
page--p3 for Interpoint and single-sided)

Published by ____
One City, State
Copyright © ______
Further reproduction or distribution in other
than a specialized format is prohibited.
Transcription of ISBN: 0-000-000-0

Produced 200_ by
American Printing House for the Blind
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085

In ____ Volumes and ____ Supplements
Volume ____
Braille pages p1-p____ and 1-____
Print pages i-xxvi and 1-c43

Sample Transcriber's Identification Page

Running Head

This book was transcribed by your name for the American Printing House for the Blind through the Accessible Textbook Department.

Sample Title Page in simulated braille

Sample Transcriber Identification Page in simulated braille

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