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"Due to improved medical care, children with severe brain insults have increasingly begun to survive over the last 30 years. The vast majority have tended to have severe multiple disabilities, including a variety of learning difficulties. A minority of them also has permanent visual loss, but normal or minimally abnormal eye examinations.

Traditionally, educators for the visually impaired assisted only those whose eye conditions were associated with visual loss (reduced acuity). Now it has become necessary to offer services for those whose visual loss is due to brain damage. Thus, the definition of CVI was born."

Dr. James E. Jan

The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) invited a group of vision/multiple disabilities educators to Louisville, KY to discuss how best to serve this special population and to discern what products were most needed to achieve this goal. Among the many items identified was a compilation of information on Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). APH conducted a national Multiple Disabilities Survey (with international participation) confirming that reliable information on CVI was needed. APH's Babies Count: The National Registry for Children with Visual Impairments, Birth to Three, verified that an ever-growing number of children were being diagnosed with CVI.

APH responded by creating CVI Synergy, a group of researchers, educators, and physicians who work with children diagnosed with CVI. In May 2002, CVI Synergy met in Louisville, KY. The group identified articles and outlined research and products that are needed to provide better services to individuals and their families that live with CVI. A follow up meeting, CVI Synergy West, was held in May 2003, in Vancouver, BC, to discuss definitions and how to promote and encourage opportunities for educational and medical professionals to interact.

This web site is the product of the CVI Synergy meetings, contributions from individuals and agencies across the United States and Canada, and APH staff. We encourage participation from families, educators, and medical professionals. Submissions for this web site can be sent to cvi@aph.org

APH commends and thanks those listed below for their participation in CVI Synergy as well as their assistance, guidance, and overall enthusiasm in the development of this web site.

--Submitted by Tristan Pierce

Patricia Alexander, MEd, PKA Vision Services, GA
Terri Connolly, MEd, Visually Impaired Preschool Services, KY
Roger Freeman, MD, British Columbia's Children's Hospital
Duane Geruschat, PhD, Maryland School for the Blind
J.C. Greeley, MA, Anchor Center for Blind Children, CO
Maryke Groenveld, PhD, R. Psych., British Columbia's Children's Hospital, retired
James Jan, MD, British Columbia's Children's Hospital, retired
Mary Beth Langley, MS, Pinellas County Schools, FL
Alan Lantzy, MD, Western Pennsylvania Hospital
Linda Mamer, PhD, Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness, BC
Carey Matsuba, MD, British Columbia's Children's Hospital
Deborah Nault, MEd, LSVI Statewide Assessment Center, LA
Judith Parks, MS, Kentucky School for the Blind
Lee Robinson, EdD, Utah Schools for the Deal and Blind
Christine Roman Lantzy, PhD, Marshall University Graduate College, WV
Paul Rychwalski, MD, Kosair Children's Hospital/UofL School of Medicine, KY

APH Staff: Inge Formenti, Janie Humphries, Elaine Kitchel, Christine Roman Lantzy, Tristan Pierce, Malcolm Turner, and Tessa Wright.

Bisig Impact Group: Drew Carlsen and Bridgett Johnson

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