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Junior Girl Scout Badges

In addition to our own Fun Patch Workshops, we can help Junior Girl Scouts earn the Creative Solutions patch.

Creative Solutions Badge

In this workshop, Junior Girl Scouts stretch their minds to find creative solutions to everyday problems. In two hours, they can earn both the Creative Solutions badge and the Disability Awareness patch.

We can also help Junior Girl Scouts fulfill some of the requirements for other badges.


Investigate braille books, audio books, tactile illustrations, and the business of publishing in the twenty-first century.


Learn the braille code used worldwide by the blind to read and write.

Discovering Technology

Find out how computers and other technology have changed the way things are done for the blind.

Local Lore

The American Printing House for the Blind has been in Louisville since 1858. Come learn more about its fascinating history and perhaps take part in an activity that will help the Museum fulfill its mission.

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