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Studio Recorder™

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This robust software facilitates spoken word digital audio recording and editing projects, ranging from home recording to demanding professional work.

Originally created by APH to serve as an internal tool for creating direct-to-digital audio recordings, Studio Recorder™ contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading audio books easy. It is a powerful digital recording and editing software package geared specifically to making recordings of the spoken word and includes features not found in similar programs primarily designed for music production.

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Studio Recorder

Additional features aid in the production of CDs and analog cassette tapes from the digital master.

High Efficiency

Digital recording files are large and unwieldy to work with in most audio editing software packages. Studio Recorder was designed from the ground up to optimize the time spent by a narrator recording material, providing editing functions that are instantaneous, no matter the size of the file.

Simple Operation with Extensive Features

The software supports projects ranging from the quick and simple home recording to the most demanding and professional work. Even though it was originally written for the professional narrator, its simple, efficient operation makes it ideal for nearly anyone interested in making digital audio recordings of spoken word content.

Advanced and Professional Capabilities

The ability to mark and label points in the recording, make it easy for narrators working on large works to keep notes for easy reference later. Phrase detection capabilities make it efficient to move through large amounts of audio material – instead of time as the criterion, the narrator navigates by content. Advanced capabilities include punch in/out recording, linear fade, and alarm tones at specified time (for use when limiting a document to a size that can fit onto a cassette tape.)

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