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Welcome to our Quick Tips Videos main page! This weekly series includes very short videos focusing on a particular tip to help make your work a little easier! Check here every Wednesday for a new tip!

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5/18/2016 — Creating Your Own Tactile Tangram Puzzles

Find out how to create your own tactile tangram puzzle.

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5/11/2016 — The EZ Fill Pouring Aid

The EZ Fill Pouring Aid alerts users when liquid fills to about an inch from the top.

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5/4/2016 — The ReadWrite mini

Get the advantages of the Read/Write Stand in a mini, more portable version!

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4/27/2016 — The Quick Tips Archive

Trying to find an old Quick Tip? Check the Archive!

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4/20/2016 — Joy Player File Extensions

Keep the joy alive by uploading your Joy Player files with the right extensions!

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