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Welcome to our Quick Tips Videos main page! This weekly series includes very short videos focusing on a particular tip to help make your work a little easier! Check here every Wednesday for a new tip!

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7/27/2016 — The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder, Version 6

Record notes, lists, phone numbers, directions and more on APH’s new upgrade of the Wilson Digital Voice Recorder!

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7/20/2016 — The All-In-One Board

Kristie Smith, a TVI from Texas, talks about how versatile the All-In-One Board is!

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7/13/2016 — UltraLens

Screen out blue and UV light with UltraLens glasses as you tackle your daily activities!

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7/6/2016 — Building on Patterns

Kristie Smith, a TVI from Texas tells us why she loves Building on Patterns!

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6/29/2016 — The Game Kit

Find out all about the Game Kit and its components and uses from Kerry Isham, Field Services Representative and Kristie Smith, a TVI from Texas!

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