Typhlo & Tactus Tactile Book Contest 2015

International Tactile Book Competition!

Typhlo & Tactus is an organization dedicated to improving the quality and quantity of books with tactile illustrations available to young children with visual impairments in member countries. Begun in Europe, T&T conducts an exciting biennial international tactile book competition. The American Printing House for the Blind (APH) is the U.S. national contact organization, accepting and judging U.S. entries.

A panel of U.S. judges will review entries sent to APH and select the top 5 tactile books for final adjudication by an international panel of children and adults with visual impairments, as well as professionals in the field of vision. A single winning entry will be chosen, along with ten shortlisted books. Selected books may be featured at the T&T website, appear in posters, or in promotional materials used by T&T.

If you reside in the U.S. or U.S. outlying areas, this is your chance to enter! Send APH your tactile book, designed for children with visual impairments from 3–12 years of age.

Entries must be received at APH by Friday, September 4, 2015

For more information regarding tactile book design, download the free "Guide to Designing Tactile Illustrations for Children’s Books" from the APH website.

Requirements to Enter Typhlo & Tactus

Tactile book entries may be based on an original story or may be an adaptation of a commercially-published children's story. They should have been used successfully with children with visual impairments. Books may utilize different types of tactile illustration techniques, such as cut and paste, thermoform, embossing, or sewn fabric.

All books must meet these main requirements:

General Information

Visit the T&T website for further information about entry requirements and to view past T&T winners!

Questions? Email: Roberta Williams, rwilliams@aph.org

Enter Soon! We want to see what you think makes a winning and appropriate tactile book for children 3–12 years with visual impairments!

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