Tactile Graphics TV is On the Air!

APH is introducing a new series of online videos devoted to tactile graphic design. Each episode in the ongoing series will address one or two aspects of the design process involved in adapting a print graphic (for example, from a textbook) into a readable tactile image.

Unlike videos that demonstrate the production of tactile graphics through various methods, TGTV focuses on the thought process and shows ways to interpret the print image in a way that is meaningful for tactile readers. The emphasis is on the way to think about tactile adaptation rather than on “dos and don’ts.”

If you are involved in providing accessible images to tactile readers, either as a teacher, transcriber, aide, resource professional, TVI, or family member, check out episodes of TGTV below. Then let us know what you think about Tactile Graphics TV!

Also, we’d love to hear your feedback on the video content itself! Please write directly to your host, Fred Otto:

Episode 3: Teachers on the Hot Seat: LIVE at APH Annual Meeting

Download this video

Episode 2: “Cheating” in Tactile Graphics

Download this video

Episode 1: Introduction

Download this video

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