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a young girl reading a braille tales book A Round of Applause and a Big Thank You!

We would like to recognize two amazing organizations that are generously supporting the Braille Tales program.

Thank you toLift a Life Foundationfor their award of $10,000 and to the American Legion Child Welfare Foundationfor their award of $21,029 to support Braille Tales. Because of their support, 375 children will be able to receive six print/braille books throughout the year. That is a whole year’s worth of Braille Tales!

Braille Tale’s goal is to nurture emergent literacy and braille skills of preschool age children who are blind or visually impaired. Early exposure to reading accelerates children’s road to literacy.

Perryn Diaz knows how important the books are.  “My daughter, Addison, has been signed up for Braille Tales for one year now, and we want to thank you for all the books! She is so excited to open the Braille Tales envelope when it comes in the mail! She loves sitting down to read a new book together. Braille books are not easily accessible through local bookstores, so that’s why Braille Tales is so important for our daughter. Braille Tales has helped instill a love for reading at only 18 months old. She especially loved the latest book Read to Tiger. She loves the sounds we make when we read about the tiger chewing gum and doing karate kicks. Thank you for all your work getting Braille books into the hands of kids that need them!”

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