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Code of Ethics: Board of Trustees and Officers


APH’s Board and company officers shall act in the best interest of the organization, rather than in furtherance of personal interests or the interests of third parties.


Board members and officers are expected to use good judgment and to adhere to high ethical standards at all times. In doing so, they will conduct their affairs in such a manner as to avoid any actual or potential conflict of interest. A conflict of interest may exist when the interest of a Board member or officer is divided between serving the interests of APH and one’s personal interests or the interests of other organizations with which the individual is affiliated. An individual who is unsure as to whether a certain transaction, activity, or relationship constitutes a conflict of interest should discuss it with the Board Chairman for clarification.

A conflict of interest could be deemed to exist whenever an individual is in the position to approve or influence APH’s policies or actions that could involve or financially benefit:

Board members and officers should refrain from:

APH believes that its Board members and company officers should not be inhibited solely because of potential conflicts of interest. APH further believes that conflicts of interest can best be handled through full disclosure of such interest, together with abstention from voting or discussing any topic or any vote where such a conflict exists.