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Code of Ethics: Business Office


APH must practice sound financial management and comply with a diverse array of legal and regulatory requirements. APH’s financial and business systems will assure that accurate and detailed financial records are kept, and that the organization’s financial resources are used in furtherance of APH’s charitable purposes. APH will conduct periodic reviews to address regulatory and liability concerns.


  1. APH will operate in accordance with the annual budget approved by the Board of Trustees.
  2. APH will create and maintain financial reports on a regular basis that accurately reflect the financial activities of the organization.
  3. APH will prepare monthly internal financial statements, provide them to the Board of Trustees, and identify and explain any material variations between actual and budgeted revenues and expenses.
  4. APH will provide all employees with a confidential means to report suspected financial impropriety or misuse of organization resources.
  5. APH will have written financial policies governing: 1) investment of the assets of the organization, 2) internal control procedures, and 3) purchasing practices.