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Field Services Federal Initiatives

Field Services has implemented three federal initiatives designed to expand the knowledge and use of APH products and services.

The National Instructional Partnerships

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Provides training in the use of APH products and information regarding related curriculum areas and the instructional skills helpful when using APH products. We are sponsoring the development of partnerships with experts in the field to initiate national, state, and regional training opportunities for parents, consumers, and personnel who serve children who are visually impaired.

Janie Blome, Director of Field Services, is responsible for coordinating presenters, travel arrangements, product delivery, and materials. Our goal is to partner with individual states and/or regions to offer dynamic training opportunities.

University Instructional Partnership

Designed to develop relationships with university-based teacher training programs with the goals of providing APH product information, product training, and product loan. An ongoing product loan process allows university programs to demonstrate and teach APH products at their respective instructional sites.

How does it work? APH Field Services staff may travel to personnel prep programs to better understand university needs and to strengthen instructor and student knowledge of APH products and services. More extensive training opportunities are available at the Printing House.

Product Information Project

This Field Services Department project develops specialized product information beyond our traditional Instructional Products Catalog.

Product Videos and Webcasts: The goal of this part of the Product Information Project is to create short videos about the use of APH products. One result is the Homegrown Videos series. Another is the Quick Tips series. This project has also fostered a growing archive of product webcasts.

Other Materials: Materials such as loaner tri-panel displays about APH have been developed through this project.

Additional Info

For further information regarding any of the above initiatives, please contact Janie Blome, Director of Field Services, at 800-223-1839, ext. 367.