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Expanding the Core

The 139th Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests
American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
October 11-13, 2007
Louisville, Kentucky

Pictures from the 2007 Annual Meeting

Millie Smith (TX), right, winner of the Zickel Award for product development, is congratulated by APH’s Janie Blome, left, and Tristan Pierce, middle.

Bill Daugherty (TX), left, facilitated the opening session after a welcome by APH President, Tuck Tinsley, right. They are flanking Keynote speaker Dr. Phil Hatlen (TX).

Special guest Annette Reichman from the U.S. Department of Education


Elizabeth Carroll (center), First Place Preschool/Kindergarten award winner from the 2007 APH InSights Art Competition, accompanied by her family.


Tanni Anthony (CO), Lou Mazzoli (OH), and Carmen Suminski (ND) network at Thursday evening’s reception.


Jeanie Brasher (KY), right, shares thoughts with APH’s Jeanette Wicker.

APH’s Johnny Zinninger entertained at the opening reception.

Karen Ross (MA) speaks with AFB President Carl Augusto.

Information Fair

Sue Melrose and Rod Kossick (CA) talk with APH’s Burt Boyer about the Hall of Fame at the Information Fair.

The Information Fair was a big hit with attendees.

APH Product Consultant, Edith Ethridge (KY), shares information on a new product in development.

Museum Director Mike Hudson shares information on the APH Museum.

APH’s Chris Graham shares with Donna See (WV).

Eleanor Pester (APH) offers an important comment to Lou Tutt (CO) and Mike Cole (CA).

AER President Sandra Ruconich checks out a new product.

Insights Art award winner Elizabeth Carroll and APH President Tuck Tinsley.

Insights Art award winner Anna Milligan and APH President Tuck Tinsley.

Insights Art award winner Dylan Fields, 2nd left, and family.

Insights Art award winner Marc Vargas, far right, and family.

Insights Art award winners Terry Strater, far left, and David Grimes, 3rd left, along with David’s family.

Insight Art award winner Cody Shaw, far right, and family.

Dr. Phil Hatlen

APH ad hoc Nominations Committee, (l-r) Gerald Kitzhoffer (NJ), Jean Small (ME), and Lou Tutt (CO), met to select a slate of members for EPAC and ESAC.

"New" Ex Officio Trustees

Joe Catavero (NY), Chair of EPAC, and Jean Martin (MN), Chair of ESAC, offered their committees input.

Barbara McCarthy (VA)

APH Scholars: (l-r) Marsha Clark, Donna Gurley, Carol Bogue, Juli Hintz, Jim Olson, Linda Havlik

APH Scholars and nominating Ex Officio Trustees

ABC Braille Study Contributors

The ABC Braille Study report was enthusiastically received. Presenting the report were Jane Erin (AZ), Cay Holbrook (BC), Anne Corn (TN), Sharon Sacks (CA), and Diane Wormsley (NC).

Hall of Fame Advisory Council Chair Cay Holbrook, with Induction Ceremony facilitator George Zimmerman.

Charles F.F. Campbell’s family with Rick Welsh (PA)

Hall of Fame Inductee Everett "Butch" Hill’s widow, Mary Maureen Atkin, and son, Marc Hill.

John Roberts (KY), with APH’s Fred Otto and Bill Beavin, announced the new on-line Image Library.

Product Consultant Derrick Smith (TTU) offers training on the new "Math Builders" product.

ABC Braille Study Contributors

APH Museum Director Mike Hudson brings a historic APH figure–"Morrison Heady"–to life.

APH’s Bob Brasher and Janie Blome closed the conference with the assistance of Michael Bina (MA).

Tour participants visit the Hall of Fame: Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field, housed at APH.

Tour participants visit the Callahan Museum at APH.

Tour participants visit the plant at APH

Tour participants visit the plant at APH