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"Keys to Success"

Keys to Success Annual Meeting 2009 October 15-17

The 141st Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests,
October 15-17, 2009

Pictures from the 2009 Annual Meeting

Thurs Oct 15, 2009:

The ad hoc Ex Officio Trustee Nominations Committee, (l-r) Dean Stenehjem, Chair (WA), Barbara Perkis (IL), Jackie Denk, (KS), met to select a slate of members for EPAC and ESAC.

Each general session of the APH Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees was facilitated by a Trustee. Dean Stenehjem (WA) kicked off Annual Meeting during a special opening session at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville.

Samir Azer of the Kentucky School for the Blind was the recipient of APH’s Virgil Zickel Award. Azer received the award for creating novel materials to help teach the periodic table of the elements and for working with APH staff to create a product based on these materials. Here Azer (left) poses with APH President Tuck Tinsley.

Phil Hatlen, Superintendent of the Texas School for the Blind (retired) was the recipient of APH’s highest honor, the Wings of Freedom Award. Hatlen was honored for his lifetime of achievement in the field of blindness, including the creation of the expanded core curriculum. Here Hatlen poses with Patricia Williams of the Hatlen Center (left) and Betsy Wada.

Carl Augusto, President of the American Foundation of the Blind, gave an inspirational speech about his life journey and his keys to success. Here Augusto (left) poses with Tuck Tinsley.

The welcoming reception was held at the Ali Center in a beautiful 6th floor space featuring glass walls on three sides, with a spectacular view of the Ohio River and downtown Louisville.

Rosie Pridgen (MS) talks with Phil Hatlen.

Jim Olson (CO) enjoys Ali Center reception refreshments with Phyllis Simmons (MD).

Bernadette Kappen (NY) chats with Jean Small (ME).

New York’s Joe Catavero.

Trustees Teresa Lacy (AL) and Barbara McCarthy (VA) talk seriously.

2008 Hall of Fame Inductee Rick Welsh (PA).

Donna See (WV) talks with former West Virginian Jim Durst (IN).

Sally Giittinger (NE) shares a good story with Robert Eutz (IN).

James "Blue" Bickford (OR) and JoAnn Gatley enjoy the reception.

Fri Oct 16, 2009:

A special orientation breakfast is held for new Ex Officio Trustees appointed during the fiscal year, with seasoned Trustees providing advice. Left to right, standing: Dorinda Rife (MA), Meg Stone (KY), Dan Wenzel (WI), Denise Warren (UT), Karen Ross (MA); left to right seated: Alice Woog (MN), Linda Rosendall (MD), Andrea Noel (DC).

Each year APH helps a group of direct service providers who have never attended Annual Meeting with an attendance scholarship. The 2009 scholars and their sponsoring Ex Officio Trustees were (l-r) Karen Ross (MA), sponsor of Justine Muir; Julie VanDover (SD), sponsored by Marjorie Kaiser; Clay Jeffcoat, who was sponsored by Marty McKenzie (SC); Michele Craig, sponsored by Dottie Goodman (TX) (not pictured).

Education Program Specialist Glinda Foster Hill brought greetings from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

Burt Boyer of APH was presented with a special Hall of Fame Wall of Tribute donation stone. Here Burt poses with his sons Brad and Bill.

Trustee Yvonne Ali (MO) facilitated the second general session.

Presenters during the second general session included (L-R) Kay Ferrell (CO), Phil Hatlen (WA), and Jane Erin (AZ).

Millie Smith (TX) discusses the revision of Natalie Barraga’s Program to Develop Efficiency in Visual Functioning.

Patty Williams (CA) discusses new expanded core curriculum products.

Kay Ferrell (CO) gathers product ideas.

Chase Crispin (NE) demonstrates APH’s Braille+ Mobile Manager in the Products Showcase.

APH’s Elaine Kitchel discusses lighting with Rosie Pridgen (MS) and Yvonne Ali (MO).

"Best in Show" for the Accessible Textbook Departments poster session!

Former Trustee and legendary 2000 Wings of Freedom recipient Alice Post (IL) visits with Barb Perkis (IL).

Trustees shine for the camera. Barbara McCarthy (VA), Mike Bina (MD), and Jackie Denk (KS).

APH InSights artist Jacob Lynch (IN) with his sculpture, Gone Fishing.

Isabel Perry (NC) and family pose with Isabel’s artwork.

Alvin Toledo (PA) and his mother with Alvin’s artwork.

Adult artist Terry Strader (OH) shows his sculpture.

Adult artist Nancy Blizzard (OH) with her award-winning sculpture.

Chapelle Letman (OH) poses behind his sculpture.

Artist Brooke Lehrer (WI) poses with her snow-themed painting.

Hall of Fame Chair Jim Deremeik (MD) with Hall Induction Ceremony Facilitator Jane Erin (AZ).

2009 Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Euclid Herie.

2009 Hall of Fame Inductees Herie (left) and Tuttle, with plaque artist Andrew Dakin (middle). Andrew has sculpted all 44 bas relief plaques in the Hall.

2009 Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Dean Tuttle.

Dr. Herie celebrates with family and friends.

Dr. Herie with Barbara Marjeram.

Dr. Tuttle with wife Naomi.

Dr. Tuttle celebrates with family and friends.

Sat Oct 17, 2009

Larry Skutchan and student Chase Crispin (NE) discuss APH’s Braille+ Mobile Manager and associated products.

Jeanie Brasher (KY) reads a story from the early braille trade book collection to a captivated audience.

Derrick Smith (AL) explains MathBuilder graphing.

Lynne Jaffe (AZ) discusses Woodcock-Johnson III assessment administration.

Standing room only in the Lighting Guide Kit session.

Closing session participants from APH: Gary Mudd, Jane Thompson, and Monica Turner.

Closing session presenters Janie Blome, Bob Brasher, and Nancy Niebrugge (CA).