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APH Annual Meeting 2011 Photo Album

Memories from the 143rd Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, American Printing House for the Blind, Louisville, Kentucky.

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Michael Chan (CA) listens intently during a tour of the APH Museum.

Museum tour guests ask Museum Director Micheal Hudson about the new Federal Appropriation exhibit.

While touring the APH plant, guests examine some of the thousands of digital Talking Book cartridges APH manufactures each year.

Chair Suzanne Dalton (FL) poses with fellow Nominations Committee members Karen Ross (MA) and Nancy Niebrugge (CA). These Ex Officio Trustees select nominees for the EPAC and ESAC committees.

Annette Reichman of the U.S. Department of Education delivered a moving keynote address. Here she poses with (left) APH Board Chair Dr. Charles Barr and APH President Tuck Tinsley.

Ralph Brewer, Superintendent Emeritus of the Tennessee School for the Blind, received APH’s highest honor, the Wings of Freedom Award. Here Brewer poses with (left) Burt Boyer (APH) and Tuck Tinsley.

Students Keilah Smith, Trenisha Reynolds, and Cristal White-Smith from the University of Alabama at Birmingham teacher prep program are happy to be at Annual Meeting!

Lauren Lieberman (NY) and Annette Reichman chat during the Thursday evening Welcome Reception honoring Reichman and Brewer.

Wings recipient Ralph Brewer visits with Jim Deremeik (MD).

Ex Officio Trustee (EOT) Steven Rothstein (MA) shares a laugh with keynote speaker Annette Reichman.

Ex Officio Trustees Mike Bina (MD) and Todd Reeves (PA) catch up during the reception.

Michael Chan and Robert Eutz (IN) pose during their visit.

Kay Ferrell (CO) (r), an APH Executive-in-Residence, chats with Glinda Hill, Education Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Education.

APH Directors Scott and Janie Blome are all smiles at the Welcome Reception.

New Ex Officio Trustees met during a welcome breakfast on Friday morning. They are (l-r) Kim Stiles (NH), Martin Monson (TN), Carolyn Lasater (UT), Robin King (LA), Lynn Boyer (WV), Christian Yates (HI), and Craig Meador (WA).

David Dotson, President of the Dollywood Foundation (r), poses with Gary Mudd and Suzette Wright (APH). Dotson was in Louisville to celebrate the APH collaboration with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

During the first general session, Theresa Lacy (left), EOT from Alabama, acted as facilitator. Advisory Committee Reports were presented by Marge Kaiser, EOT from South Dakota, and Stacy Grandt, EOT from Wisconsin.

Product Input Sessions allow Annual Meeting attendees to have a voice in the development of APH products. Here David Dotson asks for feedback on the newly launched APH/Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Partnership.

Ann Boehm discusses the development of the Bohem-3 Preschool assessment with input session participants.

Kay Ferrell, APH project consultant for the Bohem-3, shares her knowledge.

Lauren Lieberman (NY) provides ways to improve motor skills for children with visual impairments and asks for participant feedback.

Jane Erin (AZ), recent APH Executive in Residence, leads a discussion on products for adults with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

2011 APH Scholars and Nominating EOTs (l-r, scholars are seated): Toni Hardin, Meg Stone (KY); Kara Peters, Karen Ross (MA); Maria Paone-Zuli, Joe Catavero (NY); Ginger Schmidt, Jim Downs (GA); Not pictured: Kevin Hollinger and Yvonne Ali (MO).

APH Scholar Kevin Hollinger poses with his Ex Officio Trustee sponsor Yvonne Ali (MO).

Zickel Award recipients Dr. Richard Woodcock and Dr. Lynne Jaffe pose with APH’s Barbara Henderson. The award was presented for work on the landmark Woodcock-Johnson III Braille Adaptation.

Attending the National Prison Braille Forum for the first time were forum scholars (l-r) Roy Pidcock (WA), Rick Rosenblatt (MD), and Marshall Bautista (ID).

Creative Use of Braille Award recipient Leslie Ligon shows off her award for creating innovative braille jewelry.

EOT Joe Catavero (NY), Bernadette Kappen (NY), and Jackie Brennan (PA) browse the Migel Library duplicates book sale during the Information Fair.

EOT Jim Olson (CO) discusses important matters with APH Tactile Graphics Project Leader Karen Poppe, as APH’s Cassandra Barnes looks on.

Retired EOT Rick Welsh poses with Mike Bina, the current Ex Officio Trustee of the Maryland School for the Blind.

Rick Welsh (PA) and Mike Bina plot to take over the world!

Jeffrey Friedlander and Robert Eutz visit with APH staff members.

Ginger Schmidt (GA), EOT Lee Speer (SC), and EOT Marty McKenzie (SC) watch as Larry Skutchan (APH) (second from left) demonstrates APH’s Book Port Plus with Wi-Fi.

APH Early Childhood Project Leader Burt Boyer is in deep conversation with AER Executive Director Lou Tutt (VA).

Proud APH InSights artist Corgan Waters from the Tennessee School for the Blind poses with her acrylic painting, accompanied by art teacher Monica Leister.

Kaleb Wildman won over the art awards audience with his whimsical ceramic bust of Jim Durst Superintendent of the Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

Winning artist Alexandria Williams of the Tennessee School for the Blind poses with her painting, accompanied by her father.

“The Shoe” is the name of the clay artwork entered by student Dietrich Schlichtmann from Grand Forks, ND. Here he poses with Tuck Tinsley.

A unique multimedia piece called “Camp Fire” was created by Julianna Youngeun Lee from Vienna, VA. Juliana poses with her excited parents.

Adult artist Nancy Blizzard from the Clovernook Center, Cincinnati, OH, is a multi-winning APH InSights artist, here posing with her ceramic artwork and Tuck Tinsley.

Hall of Fame Chair Jim Deremeik (MD) poses with Stephen Rothstein (MA), Jerry Kitzhoffer (PA), and Jane Erin. They are holding the bas-relief plaque of newly inducted Hall of Famer Edward Allen.

Also inducted into the Hall for the Class of 2011 was Sally Rogow, renowned educator, researcher, author, and human rights advocate who pioneered teacher preparation programs across Canada. Rogow accepted her award via prerecorded video.

Rapidly updating us on the news from the field were facilitator Christian Yates, EOT for the Hawaii Department of Education; AER Executive Director Lou Tutt; AFB President and CEO Carl Augusto; COSB President Jim Durst; Braille Institute’s Nancy Niebrugge; APH’s BANA Representative Mary Nelle McLennan; and CEC-DVI President Loana Mason. Not pictured: Susan LaVenture, Executive Director, NAPVI.

APH Consultant Marnee Loftin (TX) presents a Product Training Session on IQ testing for students with visual impairments.

Taking the stage for the closing session were Lou Tutt, Ex Officio Trustee Marie Piquion-Leach (NC), and APH’s Bob Brasher, Janie Blome, and Gary Mudd.

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