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APH Annual Meeting 2013 Photo Album

Memories from the 145th Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, October 17–19, 2013, Louisville, Kentucky

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Thursday, October 17

Mike Hudson, APH Museum Director, is a lively tour guide at APH for Ex Officio Trustees (EOTs) and special guests attending Annual Meeting.

EOTs Barbara McCarthy (VA) and Todd Reeves (PA) developed the slate of nominees for the Ex Officio Trustee Advisory Committees. Stacy Grandt (WI – not pictured) was also slated to serve on the ad hoc Nominations Committee.

Kristie Smith, teacher from Texas, shares her enthusiasm for Tactile Town and other APH products during a new Annual Meeting segment, the informal “Teacher Talks.”

Renowned keynote speaker Kevin O’Connor received a standing ovation for his inspirational presentation on the importance of our community and helping others through the challenges of life.

Peter Balyta, Director of Worldwide Marketing for Texas Instruments, accepts the Virgil Zickel Award from APH President Tuck Tinsley. TI received the award in recognition of their work in developing the revolutionary Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator.

APH’s Ken Perry and Jeanette Wicker celebrate the success of the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator with Susan Osterhaus (TX), Peter Balyta of Texas Instruments, and Venkatesh Chari of Orbit Research. Osterhaus and Chari received APH’s Extra Mile Award for their work in developing the calculator.

Mike Bina (MD) and Wendy Buckley, Assistive Technology Specialist/Teacher in the Deafblind Program at Perkins School for the Blind, enjoy the reception after the opening session.

Friday, October 18

APH was excited to welcome new EOTs to the New EOT Orientation Breakfast. Back row, left to right: Paul Olson (ND), Brian Darcy (ID), John Oliveira (MA), Doug Anzlovar (IL), Kristine Takekawa (HI), Greg Polman (IL). Front row, left to right: Jackie Brennan (PA), Serena Preston (IL), Lisa Kisiel (MI), William Tubilleja (NC), Lori Foley (ND), Faanati Penitusi (AS).

Linda Lyle (NM), Chair of the Educational Products Advisory Committee (ESAC), and Jim Olson (CO), Chair of the Educational Services Advisory Committee (EPAC), share highlights from the 2013 Committee reports.

APH’s Tuck Tinsley presents additional Zickel Awards. The Lavelle Fund, represented by Andy Fisher, and Ellen Trief, consultant, received the Zickel for their work on Standardized Tactile Augmentative Communication Symbols Kit (STACS). The Zickel was also presented to Millie Smith, consultant, for developing SAM: Symbols and Meaning.

Nicole Gaines, APH, presents information about the REAL Plan (Resources with Enhanced Accessibility for Learning), along with APH’s Keith Creasy, Jane Thompson, and Julia Myers.

Kay Ferrell, professor of Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado, gives an update on the progress of the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts.

Carolyn Lasater (UT), Mary Nelle McLennan, APH, and Nancy Lacewell, APH, joined the audience in applauding prison braille distinguished guests Angela Vargas and Colleen Lines for their moving remarks.

Paula Mauro (OH) and Mike Hudson, APH, presented APH’s Creative Use of Braille Award to the Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band, represented by Cynthia Johnson and Carol Agler. The OSSB Marching Band performs “Braille Script ‘OHIO'” with The Ohio State University Marching Band.

Once again this year, APH welcomed five first time attendees to Annual Meeting as APH Scholars. Back row, left to right: EOT Joe Catavero (NY), EOT Stephanie Bissonette (VT), APH Scholar Sean McCormick (WA), Scholar Toni Prahl (GA), EOT Jim Downs (GA). Front row, left to right: EOT Dean Stenehjem (WA), Scholar Virginia Goodman (VT), Scholar Jackie Banschbach (NY), Scholar Tracey Becker (MN).

At the Information Fair high atop the Hyatt in the Spire Room, Fred Otto, APH, is “Mr. Science.” Fred asked EOTs Paula Mauro (OH), Joe Catavero (NY) to help him create a segment for the Tactile Graphics TV video series.

Andrew Dakin, APH, demonstrates “Phantom Desktop,” a haptic (touch feedback) device used to interact with virtual objects on the screen. Colleen Lines and Angela Vargas try out the device.

Monica Vaught-Compton and Burt Boyer, APH, present the Getting to Know You curriculum at the Information Fair.

Andrew Moulton, APH, demonstrates the possibilities of 3-D printing to Bernadette Kappen (NY), and John Price (MA).

APH InSights artist Kaytlyn Floyd (PA) poses with her cane next to her prize-winning artwork, My Cane as My Friend, during Meet the Artists.

Tuck Tinsley poses with APH InSights artist Nyzier Posey (AL), who gives a big smile for the camera.

Adult artist Barbara Hanson, right, and her daughter pose with her painting, Colleen’s Birthday Party. That looks like one fun birthday party!

Three APH InSights artists pose with members of their families. Beginning third from left: Deja Johnson (MN), Wanda Owens (OH), and Jodi Hedge (OH).

Laurence Jones III, Piney Woods School, Mississippi, and BJ LeJeune (MS), display the bas-relief plaque created to remember the remarkable life of Laurence C. Jones, one of the two 2013 inductees into the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends in the Blindness Field.

Inductees Martha Louise Foxx and Laurence C. Jones are honored by Hall of Fame Curator Bob Brasher, APH, Laurence Jones III, BJ LeJeune, Napoleon Campbell, former student of Ms. Foxx at the Piney Woods School, and Rosie Pridgen (MS).

The Hall of Fame board was delighted to host a large group of Laurence C. Jones’ descendants, who celebrated Dr. Jones and his accomplishments.

Saturday, October 19

Agency representatives from across the field of blindness gave us a quick overview about important aspects of their work in the “Speed Up-dating” session. Back row: EOT Craig Meador (WA) facilitated the session; presenting were: Lou Tutt (VA), Mark Richert (DC), Carl Augusto (NY). Front row: Tessa McCarthy (NC), Jim Downs (GA) and Nancy Niebrugge (CA).

Rosanne Hoffmann, APH, discusses the future of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) products for students who are blind and visually impaired.

Karen Poppe, APH, continues the discussion in the second part of the “STEM Products Now and In the Future” session.

Karen Duffy (NE) facilitated the closing session of the 145th Annual Meeting.

APH’s Bob Brasher, Jane Thompson, Janie Blome, and Mike Hudson sent everyone home with some inspirational history and a rhyming ode to Annual Meeting!