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 Annual Meeting 2016 theme graphic: Bold. Strong. Together!

APH Annual Meeting 2016 Photo Album

Memories from the 148th Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, October 6–8, 2016, Louisville, Kentucky

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Thursday, October 8

APH’s Becky Snider (left) explains the Tactile Town orientation & mobility kit to Annual Meeting attendees who visited APH’s facility for a tour.

Walter Wilson and Jennifer Taylor, Large Type Department employees, explain the process of printing large print book covers to Annual Meeting tour-goers.

Tour participants learn from APH’s Roberta Williams and Mike Burke the process of making educational kit components on a vacuum form machine.

APH’s Virgil Zickel Award recognizes those creative and caring individuals whose ideas result in the development of innovative products designed to improve the quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired. We were proud to bestow the Zickel Award on Ann Boehm and Kay Ferrell for their work on the Boehm-3 Preschool: Test of Basic Concepts, Third Ed. and on Patricia Maffei and The Hatlen Center for their work on the Quick & Easy Expanded Core Curriculum. From left to right: Dorinda Rife (APH), Patricia Maffei (CA), Don Ouimet (CA), Ann Boehm (NY), Kay Ferrell (CO).

Keynote speaker Denna Lambert (right), a lifelong user of APH products, shared her personal journey of boldness, strength, and the power of working together to reach goals. Lambert is a Program Manager with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and she quoted Robert Goddard: “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dreams of yesterday are the hope of today and the reality for tomorrow.” She poses here with her parents.

Ex Officio Trustees Jim Durst (IN) and Dan Wenzel (MN) visit during the opening night reception.

Friday, October 9

APH welcomed new Ex Officio Trustees with the New EOT Orientation Breakfast. We were very excited to have so many of our new EOTs participating! Pictured left to right, front: Kristin Rex (AZ), Nancy Mothersele (CT), Amy Campbell (NC). Rear: James Caton (AR), Douglas Williams (PA), Kathy Segers (TN), Patrick McCall (MA), Scott McCallum (WA), Ed Bosso (MA), Matthew Tseronis (DE).

“Touching Tomorrow” with groundbreaking new technology was the subject of a general session presentation by APH’s Larry Skutchan, Ken Perry, and Keith Creasy.

APH’s Ex Officio Trustees facilitated each general session. Pictured here is Rob Hair of the Maryland School for the Blind.

APH launched a new type of session for Annual Meeting 2016: interactive roundtables. Many topics were discussed in these concurrent sessions and we received terrific feedback. Here Andrew Moulton (APH) and Frank Hayden (APH) discuss ideas related to 3D printing.

Ken Perry (APH) demonstrates a Graphiti™ prototype at Annual Meeting’s Year of Braille display, which also featured Orbit Reader 20™ and BrailleBlaster™.

Nancy Lacewell (APH) and Howard Parker (APH), presented an update on national prison braille programs and their vital role in braille production.

Once again this year, APH welcomed several first-time attendees to Annual Meeting as APH Scholars. The Scholars are nominated by their local Ex Officio Trustee, and chosen for participation by the Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC). Pictured are Kristi Probst (IL), Claire Hakin (NC), Aaron Rouby (MA), Robbin Clark (UT), Ardell Fiedler (SD).

APH’s Creative Use of Braille Award is given in recognition of a product, idea, method, or promotional effort that increases the availability or awareness of braille. John Romeo received the award for creating “From Beyond the Walls,” a program which allows incarcerated men and women to make training presentations via video conferencing to national audiences attending braille conferences. From left to right: John Romeo (IA), Peggy Schuetz (CA), Vanessa Stenz (CA), Cindy Olmstead (MI), and Grant Horrocks (CA).

The Orbit Reader 20 breakout session had a great deal of interest from attendees.

Lou Tutt (MD) gets hands-on making tactile graphics in the “Bold, Beautiful, and Tactile” concurrent session held by APH’s Karen Poppe.

APH President Craig Meador poses with award-winning APH InSights artist Kiauna Smith, a student from the Georgia Academy for the Blind. Her first-place piece is the lower artwork on the panel.

Two leaders of our field were celebrated as the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field: Sir Charles Frederick Frasier and Dr. Randall T. Jose. Accepting the Jose plaque was Greg Goodrich (left, CA). Billy Brookshire (center, TX), Hall of Fame Board Chair, presented the history of each inductee. Accepting the Frasier plaque was Ann MacCuspie (NS, Canada).

Saturday, October 10

One of many Saturday concurrent sessions, “Census Data Collection – Tips from Your Fellow EOTs” was presented by EOT Marie Piquion-Leach (NC).

Suzette Wright (APH) received great attendee feedback during her session, “Tactile Book Development at APH”. Here EOT Madeline Burkendine (KS) examines tactile books in this session.

APH Scholar Aaron Rouby (MA) helped Kerry Isham (APH) film a “Quick Tip” video tutorial right on the spot at Annual Meeting. This Quick Tip featured APH’s Rib-It-Ball product.