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Assessments for Success!

over head shot of a students hands reading braille and tactile graphics on the student book and the teacher following along with the teacher edition. The other Keymath books sit on the table.

Accessible assessments – say that five times fast!

Diagnostic assessments are used in the classroom to determine the achievement level of students – to identify strengths and areas of needed improvement prior to receiving instruction. We offer a variety of assessment tools to use with students of all ages, in order to best gauge student needs and help inform students’ educational plans.

Boehm3 Preschool

Designed for students ages 3-5 years, this test assesses a student’s understanding of 26 basic relational concepts, determined to be an indicator in school success. Boehm3 Preschool is available in tactile and large print formats and takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Boehm3 K-2

Designed for students in kindergarten through second grade, Boehm3 K-2 assesses a student’s understanding of 50 basic relational concepts. This test is available in tactile and large print formats with an administration time of 30-45 minutes.

Woodcock-Johnson IV

This test evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of students’ cognitive, oral language, and academic abilities. After reviewing the test results, teachers can determine an educational plan for their students, ages 2-90+. Each subtest takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Woodcock-Johnson IV is available in braille (UEB with Nemeth + the UEB supplement) and large print formats.


Available in braille (UEB with Nemeth) and large print formats, KeyMath3 measures essential concepts and skills in mathematics for students in grades Pre-K through ninth. Administration time is 30-90 minutes.


WRAT5 is the newest addition to our family of accessible diagnostic assessments. This test measures the fundamental reading, math, spelling, and comprehension skills of students from kindergarten through adulthood. Administration time is 15-45 minutes. WRAT5 is available in braille (UEB with Nemeth and UEB with UEB) and large print formats.

Other Kinds of Assessments

NEW! Barraga Visual Efficiency Program

While not considered an academic diagnostic assessment, The Barraga Visual Efficiency Program (BVEP) evaluates the visual efficiency of, and provides available methods of instruction for, students with low vision who have ocular impairments and who have achieved cognitive developmental skills at or beyond the 3-year-old level. Teachers can also use the Barraga website to record their assessments and evaluations.


Using diagnostic assessments sets you, your student, and your classroom up for success. We want you to have to tools you need to strategically refine programs and improve student learning.

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