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School Embosser RFP Response to Vendor Questions

May 24, 2019

Q: Is there an RFP number associated with the RFP to be used in reference rather the full text of "a potential partner to provide…"?
A: No. APH issues relatively few product RFPs each year and has not had a need for a numbering system. You may refer to the RFP in a way that is convenient to you, and understandable to APH. We propose “APH School Embosser RFP” or “APH Embosser RFP”.

Q: Can APH use a numbering system for the requirements and preferences to ease communication and tracking rather than a simple bullet list?
A: We are not modifying the RFP at this time. We will consider this suggestion for the future.

Q: Is documentation on BrailleBlaster to be created by APH or the partner? If by the partner, then how is it determined what "encourage to be first choice" means and in what context?
A: APH will create the BrailleBlaster documentation. The emphasis of any documentation associated with this project is to encourage use of APH’s BrailleBlaster software.

Q: What specifically are the advantages/disadvantages of BrailleBlaster vs Duxbury?
A: This is not relevant to the RFP.

Q: Can the list of all required translation programs be listed instead of requirement "other popular translation programs"?
A: This embosser should work with any translation software, just as any other embosser does. We are not asking for any unusual requirement.

Q: Is the standard warranty required to cover 4 years or are warranty extensions at an additional cost allowed (it seems implied in other sections but what is the minimum standard warranty requirement)?
A: The minimum warranty you must provide is one year. Any coverage beyond that, including warranty extension packages are at the vendor’s discretion in terms of cost, and should be described in your proposal.

Q: Does BrailleBlaster work on all the required platforms listed – Mac, PC, Mobile?
A: BrailleBlaster works on PC, Mac, and Linux, but not on mobile.

Q: Can WIFI be an option to keep costs lower if not necessary?
A: We believe our customers will prefer wi-fi, but you have the latitude to make your own case in this proposal as to what is the best solution for our customers.

Q: What does this statement mean (please add specific requirements)? "Should work as a printer on any business or home network"
A: The embosser should be seen on the network, and it should act as other network embossers or printers.

Q: What does this statement mean (please add specific requirements)? "Wireless printing capability"
A: One should be able to emboss to the device using Wi-Fi. Please state your capabilities in this respect.

Q: Who must provide level 2 support and what does this actually mean? Does APH provide frontline technical phone support? Any level of repair work?
A: APH will provide Level 1 technical phone and email support, which involves receipt of the embosser, unpacking and startup of the device, as well as simple troubleshooting. Any issues beyond that are considered the responsibility of the vendor, and customer support must be provided. APH will not repair units. If it is determined a unit needs repair, our customer service department will work with your service department to follow a mutually agreed upon series of steps to have the customer’s embosser returned to your repair facility and to follow your repair/replacement procedures. We prefer this be done with as much ease to the customer as possible, and a description of your customer service and repair processes are very key to your proposal.

Q: What type of training tutorials?
A: Typical overview of printer, printer setup, loading paper, connecting to a PC, printer properties, etc.

Q: Why is there no requirement or preference for being "Made in America"?
A: You are welcome to present this as a feature of your proposal. It is not a requirement or preference of the RFP.

Q: Is there a requirement or preference that working as a printer means printing braille and/or tactile graphics from any standard application on all platforms?
A: You are welcome to present this as a feature of your proposal. It is not a requirement or preference of the RFP.

Q: Can APH provide an overall weighting of preferential components and value to APH since some features are sole source to a specific partner for many of these unique technologies/features?
A: Our RFP process is not based on a weighting system. Required features are more important to APH than preferred features. We are looking for the best overall solution that meets the most needs of our customers.

Q: Does this RFP need to be fulfilled by a single embosser or can multiple embossers be offered to cover the vast breadth of preferred options?
A: You may submit more than one response to the RFP. We ask that you submit different embosser solutions as different responses, rather than including multiple embossers in one response.

Q: Are tactile graphics supported in BrailleBlaster roadmap? If not, how does this not conflict with requirement for making BrailleBlaster the preferred tool in all instances?
A: BrailleBlaster graphics support is expected to be operational by the end of summer.

Q: How is the specification for 70-80db(A) going to be measured?
A: We will not be measuring this specification, and include it in the RFP to communicate customer preference. The vendor is entrusted to respond with accurate information about the noise level of their embosser solution.

Q: How is the CPS going to be measured?
A: We will not be measuring this specification and include it in the RFP to communicate customer preference. The vendor is entrusted to respond with accurate information.

Q: Is "target unit cost" the price paid by APH or the end user list price? If end user list price, what is the expected discount to APH?
A: This is the cost to APH.

Q: What is APH contributing to the sales, marketing and support of the embosser?
A: This is wholly at APH’s discretion. Typically, APH robustly supports its key technology products with a strong web store, social media, conference, print, e-mail, and online marketing presence. APH has the most extensive and credible education marketing system in the U.S. and is growing this system globally.

Q: What is the expected delivery and payment schedule based on the 150 units/year for two years? How much is guaranteed? For example, will APH be stocking units and shipping to customers or is the partner drop shipping directly to end user? If stocking units, what is the minimum stock on hand limit and reorder quantity?
A: This is all to be determined once the RFP is awarded and the contract is negotiated.