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Tools for Teachers

The Braille You Need – FAST!

It takes time to transcribe and emboss a book – but we know there are times you need braille right away! To help meet this demand, APH is introducing...

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Getting the Most out of BrailleBlaster: Quick and Easy Tutorials

BrailleBlaster™! BrailleBlaster? Is it a video game? Is it a superhero? No, even better, it’s a free, braille transcription program from APH! Ok, I can hear you saying “Whoa...

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Introducing Building on Patterns Prekindergarten

Every child deserves the opportunity to read. That is the core belief behind Building on Patterns (BOP), a comprehensive program designed to teach children to read and write while...

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Braille Bug – Making Friends through Braille!

“I LOVE your website. It is a good way for children with their sight to learn about blind children! I love the site and at the moment I’m learning...

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Introducing BrailleBuzz!

BrailleBuzz is a fun new way to get children involved in forming early literacy skills. This instructional toy resembles a cartoon bumblebee and has honey comb shaped buttons with...

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Crossword Puzzles for Everyone

  Crossword puzzles are a fun way to pass time and stimulate your mind. When you finish a crossword puzzle, getting all the right answers, there’s such a sense...

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