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Code Jumper Now for Sale!

Originally designed by Microsoft and developed by APH, this fun and engaging product is designed to teach students how to write computer code. Code Jumper technology takes block coding off the screen and puts it on the table in front of you, making it accessible to all students. Brightly colored plastic pods with oversized buttons and knobs are connected by “jumper cables” (thick cords) to physically create computer code that can tell stories, music, and even crack jokes.

  • Code Jumper makes coding immediately accessible for kids who are blind or visually impaired, and who also have no prior computing experience.
  • Code Jumper is an intuitive system designed to be inclusive, enabling all students to work together and build confidence through socialization, cooperation, critical thinking, and hands-on learning.
  • Code Jumper teaches underlying skills that can empower the next generation to pursue meaningful careers in computer science.
  • Any teacher can facilitate Code Jumper lesson plans without prior computer science experience! A full library of curricula for coding, including teacher guidance and student activities, is included.
  • Visit to see Josh’s experience with Code Jumper. He’s a 9-year-old student who has big plans for his future and wants to be an inventor, programmer, and scientist!

Here’s what people are saying about Code Jumper:

“It became really clear that the most popular path to introducing young children to coding wasn’t very accessible. We realized we really need something physical; something that would excite the hands.” – Cecily Morrison, Microsoft researcher and computer scientist and Microsoft project leader for Code Jumper

“I felt very independent, and I liked that. It made me inspired to do more coding.” – Daniel Johnson, 11 years old and student at New College Worcester, United Kingdom

“There really isn’t an equivalent to this physical way of programming.” – Jonathan Fogg, head of computing and IT at New College Worcester, United Kingdom

“If you put this in a classroom, not only is the student who is blind going to be using this, but every student in the classroom is going to want a crack at it. From a teacher’s perspective, that’s all you ever really want—something that’s inclusive.” – Dr. Craig Meador, APH President and longtime educator

“I can’t wait until Code Jumper is available! This is a perfect “born accessible” coding curriculum that’s appropriate for all students/teachers to use as a part of teaching coding!” – Expert Tester Feedback

“Overall, I found it to be a very well-thought-out product that was highly motivating for students, and the lessons were clearly presented.” – Expert Tester Feedback

“I think it’ll be an incredibly helpful tool for achieving [coding] goals. It’s a much needed introductory tool for doing this.” – Expert Tester Feedback

Your purchase of a Code Jumper kit includes:

  • Specially developed classroom curriculum (19 lessons representing 25 hours of classroom instruction). The lessons include unplugged activities, guided activities, tutorial videos and exploration time. The curriculum also encourages use of a computer science journal. The lessons span a full range of skills from the basics of computer programming to more complex topics, like topographies and binary numbers. Each lesson includes an unguided activity, a Code Jumper guided activity, exploration time, tutorial videos, journaling and an assessment.
  • com – resource website where lessons, along with the User Guide, can be downloaded
  • Code Jumper tutorial videos playlist is also available on the APH YouTube channel at
  • Quick Start Sheet (print and braille)
  • Code Jumper App (see tutorial video here:
  • Durable carrying case with the following accessories:
    • 1 hub
    • 8 play pods
    • 3 pause pods
    • 2 loop pods
    • 1 selection pod
    • 1 merge pod
    • 8 constant plugs
    • 3 variable plugs
    • 1 random plug
    • 1 infinity plug
    • 1 plus plug
    • 1 minus plug
    • 1 extender cable
    • 1 bag for all plugs

Ready to buy your Code Jumper kit? Visit the APH Shop Page.

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