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The Unforgettable APH Star! Contest is Back!

The deadline for entries to the Spring 2018 Video Contest is Tuesday, April 24th. For complete contest rules, entry form, and examples from past competitions, see below.

Cash prizes up to $150.00 will be awarded for the top three videos as chosen by APH judges, and there is a People’s Choice Award for the video that receives the most votes from the public. There will also be an APH t-shirt for the teachers, parents, or co-workers who record the winning videos.

The APH Unforgettable Star Contest is a fun way for students and teachers to give feedback on our products. We encourage you to promote this competition within your community!

In addition, connect with us via the APH FaceBook page to get up to the minute information about the contest and submit your vote!

Fall 2017 Winner

contest logo

We have a winner for the Fall 2017 Unforgettable APH Star Video Contest! Olivia Rios, a 3rd grader whose video is titled “The Joy of Painting,” won first place in this year’s competition. Watch the video to see how Olivia uses APH’s Paint Pot Palette to create her masterpiece.

Spring 2016 Winners

Congratulations to Abbi and Avree, Olivia, Mario and Neal, and Alek, winners of our Spring 2016 Unforgettable APH Star Contest!

1st Place: “Bejeweled Double A’s”

The first place and $150 cash prize went to the “Bejeweled Double A’s”, Abbi and Avree. These 2 friends from Tennessee showed us how to throw a successful Braille Jewelry party in their ingenious video “Bejeweled with Braille”. Looks like they had a blast!

Download Bejeweled with Braille video

2nd Place: “Get Caught Playing Web Chase”

The second place and $75.00 cash prize went to team “Oooolivia” from Illinois. Olivia and Miss K showed us how easy it is to “Get Caught Playing Web Chase”, a tactile and colorful board game that anyone can play.

Download Get Caught Playing Web Chase video

3rd Place: “30- Love (My) Tennis Kit”

A familiar face from California, “Mario the Gr8t” and his tennis-mate, Neal, won The third place and $50 cash prize. In their video “30-Love (My) Tennis Kit”, they showed us how to have a great workout and lots of fun. They may have inspired many of us to play tennis this summer.

Download 30-Love (My) Tennis Kit video

Honorable Mention: “Studio Recorder”

Finally, Alek Wolfe from Vermont, received Honorable Mention with his video “Studio Recorder”. He skillfully showed us how easy it is to have a home recording studio using APH’s accessible software. All we know is he’s have a future as a sports broadcaster!

Download Studio Recorder video

In addition to the cash prizes everyone received an gift card and an APH t-shirt. Congratulations to all, we see a bright future in your horizon.

Spring 2015 Winners

The competition gets harder and harder to judge — it was a challenge for APH staff to select the winners of the Spring 2015 Unforgettable APH Star contest from so many great entries!

1st Place: “Tactile Drawing Fun”

“Mario the Gr8t” was the 1st place winner. In his video “Tactile Drawing Fun”, he showed us how much fun he had making a really cool tactile card using APH’s DRAFTSMAN. Congratulations, enjoy your $150.00 cash prize!

Download Tactile Drawing Fun video

2nd Place: “My Tactile Town”

The “Ninja Turtles” won the second place with their video entitled “My Tactile Town.” Watch them give you a tour of their awesome Tactile Town and stop at the bank to deposit their $75.00 cash prize!

Download My Tactile Town video

3rd Place: Smart Brailler

The third place was taken by the team “WVSB Braille Brilliance” of the West Virginia School for the Blind. With a detailed description, let them tell you how smart the Smart Brailler really is. Congrats, and enjoy your $50.00 prize!

Download Smart Brailler video

Honorable Mention: Refreshabraille and iPad

The Honorable Mention for the Spring 2015 contest was given to team Kyia. She skillfully showed us step-by-step, how she uses the Refreshabraille and the iPad to access different kinds of information. Thanks Kyia, and enjoy your $25 gift card!

Download Refreshabraille and iPad video

Spring 2014 Winners

This spring we received fun and informative videos from the states of California, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

We are pleased to announce that “Mario the GR8T” with his video, Feel n’ Peel Time, is the first place winner. Mario demonstrated how easy it is to be independent with a bit of help from the Feel n’ Peel Stickers from APH. Enjoy your $150.00 cash prize!

Download Feel n’ Peel Time video

Abbi Garcia and her team won second place—a $75 cash prize. The Garcia team presented a demonstration of the Textured Sorting Circles and Shapes.

Download Textured Sorting Circles and Shapes video

Saredo and the “Discovery Dolphins” were not far behind, and won third place with their video APH Makes My Day(s), featuring the APH Classroom Calendar Kit and Individual Calendar Kit. The Dolphins receive a $50.00 cash prize.

Download APH Makes My Day(s) video

Each team also receives a $25.00 gift card. Congratulations to all!

Summer 2013 Unforgettable Star Winner

1st Place: Why the Book Port Plus is My Favorite Product of APH — by Kathryn and Laura, Virginia

And the winner is… The Team of Awesomeness! The team, consisting of Laura Skeen and Kathryn Skeen submitted this video entitled, Why the Book Port Plus is My Favorite Product of APH. Congrats, Team of Awesomeness!

screen capture from Book Port Plus video

Winter 2013 Winners

1st Place: Portable Sound Source Sport Edition — by Dietrich, North Dakota School for the Blind

Congratulations to Dietrich, who proves that he is the go-to person for all your questions about the APH Portable Sound Source, Sport Edition! His comprehensive presentation on this versatile product garnered his first place winning! What are you going to do with your $150, Dietrich?

screen capture from Portable Sound Source video

2nd Place: Janus Slate, Saddle Stylus, Spiral Notebook — by Quincie, North Dakota School for the Blind

Quincie demonstrated her mad braille skills in the second-place winning video that featured the Janus Slate, Saddle Stylus and Spiral Notebook. A $75 check is on its way to her. Congrats, Quincie!

screen capture from Slate, Stylus, and Notebook video

3rd Place: Word Playhouse — by Katie, North Dakota School for the Blind

Congratulations and $50 go to third place winner, Katie, who showed us how she uses APH Word Playhouse in conjunction with her braillewriter! Yea, Katie!

screen capture from Word Playhouse video

Winter 2013 Other Entries

Congratulations to everyone entered videos in our winter 2013 contest! Here are the other eight entries, presented in alphabetical order. Thanks to all the teams for their time, talent, and creativity!

Summer 2012 Unforgettable Star Winner

Congratulations to South Elementary student, Jaheim Royster, and teacher, Mary Heald Sjogren; winners of our Summer 2012 Unforgettable APH Video Contest!

Student and teacher teamed up to bring us the first place winning video entitled, “Tactile Graphics Kit”. You’ll be the judge, but we think that Jaheim’s winning personality is sure to increase our Tactile Graphics Kit sales! Jaheim and Mary won the $150 cash prize, as well as an $25 gift card. Congratulations to both of you!

Tactile Graphics Kit — by Jaheim Royster (student) and Mary Heald Sjogren (teacher), North Carolina

screen capture from Tactile Graphics Kit video

Winter 2012 Winners

We received 14 submissions from video stars of all ages. The Unforgettable Star video contest invites students, parents, teachers, administrators, rehab instructors, and all of our customers to shoot their own videos demonstrating uses of their favorite APH products. Three teams received cash prizes, three received gift certificates in a drawing, and all teams will go down in history as Unforgettable APH Video Stars!

The first, second, and third place prizes were presented to the following videos:

1st Place: Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements Study Set — by Maddie from Minnesota

screen capture from Interactive Periodic Table video

2nd Place: The Hundreds Board — by Fairfield Elementary School, Winnsboro, SC

screen capture from Hundreds Board video

3rd Place: The Gift of Time — by California State University Graduate Students

screen capture from The Gift of Time video

Winter 2012 Other Entries

Congratulations to everyone entered videos in our winter 2012 contest! Here are the other eleven entries, presented in alphabetical order. Thanks to all the teams for their time, talent, and creativity!

2011 Winners

The American Printing House for the Blind, for the first time, hosted a Products Video Contest! All students, parents, teachers, administrators, rehab instructors, and all of our customers were invited to shoot their own videos demonstrating uses of their favorite APH products.

And the 2011 winners are…