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A copy of Dr. Roman-Lantzy's book sits on table top with pencil, notepads and coffee. Doors to Access and Understanding: A Conversation with Author, Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy

It’s no secret: there are not enough resources or materials about Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) – this includes resources for families and teachers. To fill this gap, Dr. Christine Roman has now released her second book on the topic in partnership with APH Press.

CVI: Advanced Principles is the continuation of foundational information provided in CVI: An Approach to Identification, Assessment & Intervention. The book is a collaboration among experts in several disciplines in the field and dives into topics that are extensions of the concepts in Dr. Roman-Lantzy’s first book.

American Printing House is pleased to be a part of this collaborative effort that will get important information into the hands of parents and teachers.

“The purpose is to move beyond the essential topics into those that are more specialized and expanded within topical areas,” explains Dr. Roman-Lantzy. “The chapters represent CVI-related content most requested by educators and parents. The two books are companion works meant to be used to establish basic concepts associated with CVI and then to ‘dig deeper’ into more advanced concepts associated with CVI.”

Readers are given a practical approach to creating “balance” in the environment and in classroom tasks as necessary for students with CVI.

Dr. Roman-Lantzy says it is critical to consider CVI as a disability of access. “Individuals with CVI can ‘see’ but cannot interpret the world around them without adults who have the knowledge and skills to frame, adapt, and explain what is seen. The authors in this text assume the competence of the children they serve and recognize that the struggles of the student may be more a reflection of the lack of access to materials, environments, and people than a lack of cognitive potential.”

CVI: Advanced Principles provides content intended to help members of the child’s community provide skills that open the doors to access and understanding.

“I hope that this book will provide content and methods that will create opportunities beyond the fundamentals of CVI and open new doors for individuals with CVI,” says Dr. Roman-Lantzy.

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