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Virtual ExCel STEM Camp: mid June - mid August. Four photos of children studying and engaging with digital content.

2022 Virtual ExCEL STEM Camp

You’re Invited!

Running from June until August, be ready for STEM Camp! Is your child ready to have some summer camp fun? The Virtual ExCEL Camp we hosted Summer of 2020 and 2021 were so exciting that we are continuing the adventure. We’re so thrilled to invite your family to join us for the 2022 Virtual ExCEL Camp!

Camp Info

The first week will host preliminary experiences: 2-day problem-solving skills for younger students and a career open house with STEM for older students. Then we start the STEM adventure. Our STEM camps will include tending the garden while learning all about perimeter and area, surviving on a desert island, camping out in the wilderness, becoming a crime scene investigation team, and building our math skills with the incredible edible abacus. We are working on funding so we will be able to ship APH products to campers to aid them in their STEM endeavors.

If you are a teacher who hosts a large camp, consider having your campers register for attend this activity together. If you are a parent and your student is too far or too fragile to attend a camp, register your student for this virtual opportunity. If you are a TVI looking to learn more about STEM instruction, this is a great chance for observation.

We know campers may have other summer activities and cannot attend during the live hour. These will all be recorded and posted on our YouTube playlist, so if your camper needs to attend at a different time, that’s ok!

Student Registration

Parents, please register your student for the weeks that match their needs.

  • June 8 & 10, 12–1 pm K–7 grade Problem-Solving Pre-Camp
  • June 8 & 10, 3–4 pm 8–12+ grade Career Open House Pre-Camp
  • June 13–17, 12–1 pm K–3 grade old camp, Great STEM Campout
  • June 13–17, 3–4 pm Symbolic learner camp, Tending the Garden
  • July 25–29, 12–1 pm 4–7 grade camp, STEM Camp on a Desert Island
  • July 25–29, 3–4 pm 8–12+ grade camp, Crime Scene Investigation Camp
  • August 1–5, 12–1 pm, 5–8-year-olds Oreos and Abacii camp
  • August 1–5, 3–4 pm, 9–14-year-olds Oreos and Abacii camp
  • August 8–12, 3–4 pm todas las edades El Campamento STEM de español virtual de ExCEL en una isla desierta


We know that many educational professionals as well as college students preparing to enter the field have been participating in the webinars to observe teachers and students at work. You may register for the camps you wish to observe. Remember, you are able to watch and listen, but please stay in the background just as if you were in a physical classroom.

Virtual ExCEL Academy

Did you miss our Virtual ExCEL Academy lessons this spring? It’s not too late to join in the fun. You can view recordings of all of our offerings on our Virtual ExCEL Academy YouTube page.