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Responses to the Report of the Educational Services Advisory Committee to the Trustees of the American Printing House for the Blind for Fiscal Year 2005

The Committee recommends that APH:

  1. Continue to provide mandatory EOT training at annual meetings.


    Brief Clarification:Mandatory training meetings for EOTs will continue to take place during each Annual Meeting. Opportunities will be available for presentations by APH staff and for interaction and dialog between EOTs.

    Contact: Janie Blome

  2. Continue to use the feedback from the Louis survey to guide future direction for the resource services.

    Status: Implemented

    Brief Clarification:We have made several modifications to the Louis interface and will continue to make changes to improve it. Just a few of the changes made during the last few months include:

    1. Publisher and copyright information added to brief display.
    2. ISBN number added to brief display.
    3. Browse by subject list added to APH Product search.
    4. Expanded help screen added to APH Product search.
    5. Sort in brief display changed to alphabetical by title, not date cataloged.
    6. Error screen for timing out of Louis session modified to explain reason for web session termination.

    Contact Julia Myers

  3. With regard to the historic implementation of NIMAS/NIMAC,
    1. Collaborate with AFB on NIMAS/NIMAC talking points for the awareness of EOTs and the development of state education plans
    2. Keep EOTs informed of developments regarding NIMAS/NIMAC on a regular basis
    3. Utilize the advisory committees (ESAC and EPAC) for input on future direction of NIMAC
    4. Provide update to the field on NIMAC at the 2005 annual meeting

    Status: Implemented

    Brief Clarification:NIMAC implementation continues. Julia Myers continues to present information to the field (i.e. Jo Taylor, AFB Solutions Forum, ATIA, etc.) and our website,, provides updated information when available. When requested, updates will be provided at related meetings during the APH Annual Meeting in October. Dr. Tinsley and Julia Myers will provide further clarification and input during the May ESAC meeting.

    Contact Tuck Tinsley/Julia Myers

  4. Continue to encourage states to participate in Babies Count.

    Status: Implemented

    Brief Clarification:Encouraging states to join the Babies Count Project and become participating members is an ongoing process. Eight states were participating in March, 2002, and there are now 25 participating states, with three additional states in the process of entering their initial surveys. APH is working with four other states that we believe will be participating by Annual Meeting.

    Participating states include:

    • Alaska (new),
    • Arizona,
    • Arkansas,
    • California,
    • Colorado,
    • Georgia (new),
    • Illinois,
    • Indiana,
    • Iowa,
    • Kentucky,
    • Maine,
    • Maryland,
    • Massachusetts,
    • Mississippi,
    • Missouri,
    • Nebraska (new),
    • New Mexico,
    • North Carolina,
    • North Dakota,
    • Ohio,
    • South Carolina (new),
    • Tennessee,
    • Texas (new),
    • Utah,
    • Vermont,
    • West Virginia,
    • Wisconsin.

    The following states are close:

    • Florida,
    • Nevada,
    • and South Dakota.

    Contacts Burt Boyer/Ralph Bartley

  5. Establish additional collaborative partnerships, as follows:
    1. Explore creating a network of approved Braille producers that are accessible to EOTs

      Status: Implemented

      Brief Clarification:All transcribers who consult with the Accessible Textbook Department are encouraged to list their services in the Accessible Media Producers (AMP) Database. This database is available on the APH website and is a free service for transcribers to list their services and qualifications in and for EOT’s as well as others to search for qualified braille transcribers.

      Contact Jane Thompson

    2. Solicit ideas for NIPs and develop partnerships with EOTs on needed trainings

      Status: Implementation in Progress

      Brief Clarification:Ideas for NIP events are solicited periodically through the APH News and other sources. Requests for NIP events come through EOTs, who may request an event in a variety of areas. On occasion, APH will announce the availability of an event as new products are released (i.e. The Sensory Learning Kit).

      Contact Janie Blome

    3. Develop a focus group on the quality of tactile graphics with emphasis on collaboration
      between transcribers and educators

      Status: Under Consideration

      Brief Clarification:A tactile graphics workshop for outside transcribers was held by APH staff in December, 2005, and a second event in June, 2006 will provide training for in-house staff and outside transcribers. APH will consider hosting a focus group at a later date.

      A collaboration between BANA and APH is currently underway to improve tactile graphics and identify standards, and a company-wide tactile graphics committee has been established and meets regularly. Recommendations from this group are sent to the APH Braille Committee.

      Contact Jane Thompson/Bob Brasher

    4. Develop collaborative partnerships to determine the role/responsibility and training needs of paraeducators/paraprofessionals

      Status: Not Under Consideration at This Time

      Brief Clarification:Current product trainings and other events are open to paraprofessionals and paraeducators. EOTs are encouraged to share training opportunities and APH materials with all appropriate service providers. The role of APH is to provide training with APH products for paraprofessionals when possible, not to identify the roles and responsibilities of educational personnel.

      Contact Bob Brasher

    5. Develop collaborative partnerships to identify national standards aligned with APH products and the nine content areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)

      Status: Implementation in Progress

      Brief Clarification:Project Leaders develop products based on available recognized standards and continue to collaborate with national resources and review current literature to meet and maintain those standards.

      APH actively collaborates with the work of the National Agenda through the participation of Debbie Willis, Director of the APH Accessible Tests Department, who serves the National Agenda as co-Goal Leader for Goal 6, and Janie Blome, Director of Field Services, who serves as the APH representative to the Steering Committee of the National Agenda.

      Contacts Ralph Bartley/Debbie Willis/Janie Blome

  6. Explore additional distant education technology to encourage participation in training related to products.

    Status: Implementation in Progress

    Brief Clarification:APH continues to provide live training for products and services via webcasts. We also offer webcast archives and transcripts for people who can not participate in the live broadcast. We continue to consider other distance education technologies, focusing mainly on their accessibility, usability, and cost effectiveness.

    Contacts: Janie Blome/Bob Brasher/Maria Delgado