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Fred's Head Blog: Sharing Valuable Tips and Techniques

Fred’s Head has Transitioned from Database to Blog

Fred’s Head, the free service from APH that publishes tips, articles, and resources for blind or visually impaired people, has changed format. The traditional Fred’s Head Database has been discontinued. The current Fred’s Head Companion blog continues and is now called simply Fred’s Head ( Please take a moment to update your favorites to reflect the new URL. If you’ve reached this page from another website, please contact the site’s webmaster and ask them to update their links to point to the Fred’s Head blog.

The Fred’s Head blog is one of the first places you’ll find announcements about new APH products. We also publish articles and links on dozens of topics of interest to blind people. A few of these are: adjusting to blindness, assistive technology, clothing, deafblind resources, dog guides, employment, family life, health, kitchen hints, organization skills, safety, and transportation.

All of the thousands of Fred’s Head articles that were in the database have been published to the blog. You will still be able to search the blog for a specific article or topic. In addition, you can browse the articles using the subject listings that are located toward the bottom of the blog page.

The Fred’s Head blog offers many functions that were not available in the original database. You can receive newly published articles via email, RSS, or Twitter. Articles are self-voicing, just click on the speaker icon and the text is automatically read to you. If you find an article you want to share, send it to a friend’s in-box with just one click.

Contribute to Fred’s Head!

Please contact us if you have suggestions for updating an existing article or adding a new article. Email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required. You can also comment on articles by using the provided link at the bottom of each posting.