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APH Press books stacked on shelf Free eBooks Available for APH Press Customers After COVID Related Printing Delays

Each year, the weeks leading up the start of school are a busy time for publishers, like APH Press, as teachers and students begin ordering books for classes. Unfortunately, books that typically take days to receive from APH Press can now take up to 5 weeks to receive.

To keep book prices as low as possible for our customers, we employ a print-on-demand system – Lightning Source. This means books are printed only when they are ordered, which eliminates the costs associated with maintaining and tracking an inventory of books. Safety measures taken by Lightning Source to keep employees healthy during the pandemic have increased the amount of time it takes to get printed books into the hands of our customers. As a company that takes the safety and health of its employees during the pandemic seriously, APH both understands and supports the measures Lightning Source has taken to keep their workers healthy.

APH Press also understands teachers and students don’t have time to wait several weeks for a book that they may need for class now. To address these delays, when you order a print copy of an APH Press book, we can also provide a digital eBook version at no extra cost. Since eBooks do not have to be printed or shipped, you will have immediate access to a book’s content before your printed book arrives. This solution will be offered until Lightning Source is able to improve delivery times.

For those unfamiliar with using digital books, you can read this short, but useful introduction from the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials. If you have specific questions about how to access an eBook with your device, APH is happy to help. Contact us at

If you’d like to receive an eBook copy with your print order, please be sure to provide an email address at the time of purchase. Within approximately 24hrs you will receive an emailed link to download the book.

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