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Halloween Fun for Everyone

Halloween is here, and it’s time for trick-or-treating and other fun fall activities! Here are some tips for how to make the festivities accessible and fun for all!



  • Try trunk-or-treating, which happens in a contained space like a field or parking lot, to avoid issues with traffic and navigating narrow sidewalks, steps, and porches.
  • Keep your child’s sensory preferences in mind. Adding a sensory element like sound or texture to a costume can make it even more fun to dress up. On the other hand, some kids may find certain costumes create noise or physical discomfort.
  • Practice any O&M skills your child might need to navigate the neighborhood you intend to trick-or-treat in.
  • For kids with low vision, avoid masks  – they may further limit vision. Also, consider carrying a flashlight or lantern to provide extra light where needed.


Other Sensory Fall Activities

  • Leaf collecting
  • Apple Picking
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Corn Mazes



For more information on holiday celebrations for kids that are blind and visually impaired check out our resource site


Here are some blogs to get you started:

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