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Welcome to APH Shopping Help. We hope this document will answer many of your questions, but if you need further help, please email our friendly Customer Service at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 1-800-223-1839, M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST.


Help Viewing the APH Shopping Site (Browser Help)

I’m having trouble adding items to my cart, do I need to turn on cookies and JavaScript in my browser?

Yes, to place an order through the APH shopping site, you must have your web browser set to accept cookies and also have JavaScript enabled.

Typically, you can turn on cookies and JavaScript through your browser’s Tools Menu (Windows) or Preferences Menu (Mac). Note that some organizations limit the use of cookies by having their Information Technology staff disable cookie use. If you seem to be unable to turn on acceptance of cookies, please contact your IT department.

What Are Cookies?

"Cookies" are small files used by many websites. Cookies are placed by APH’s shopping site on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies cannot damage your files. Cookies are necessary for the APH shopping site to work properly.

What Does JavaScript Do?

JavaScript allows small programs to run which make it possible for the APH shopping site to operate. It cannot damage your files. JavaScript must be turned on in your browser for the APH shopping site to work properly.

Why does text on the APH shopping site not appear correctly?

Some users like to increase or decrease the size of text appearing on their browser page. This can be helpful, but can sometimes cause the text to appear incorrectly. Typically, text resizing can be changed through the browser’s View menu.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of your web browser software. The APH site has been tested with these browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera Software’s Opera, and Google Chrome.

Can I use my browser’s "Back" button after I search for products?

If you search for APH products by using the search box in the upper left, you can use your Back button after you are finished looking at the search results, but you may receive a browser message saying that the web page has expired. In this case, use your browser’s Refresh page button to reload the results of your search. This button usually appears with a rotating arrow icon.

Can I order APH products on my mobile device?

Yes! Although APH does not currently offer a mobile-optimized version of our shopping site, the site is fully functional to users of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or notetakers.

Frequently Asked Questions about the APH Shopping Site and the Louis Database

Can I search and browse products without having an APH shopping account?

Yes. You can search, browse, and add items to your cart as a guest. If you wish to place an order, you will be prompted to create an account.

If I have an existing APH account, will I need to set up a new shopping site account?

How do I find APH products on the APH Shopping site?

There are several ways to locate products:

After I do a product search, can I sort the products that appear on the search results screen?

No. The results are returned in alphabetical order by product title. You can use the search function in you web browser to search for a specific item on the search results page.

Can I browse APH textbooks on the shopping site?

Yes, but we don’t recommend browsing textbooks due to the large number of titles we offer. If you click on a textbook category icon, the browse page may load slowly and you may have many hundreds of titles to read through on the browse page. Using the search box in the upper left corner is a more effective way to locate APH textbooks.

Can I still find APH products in the Louis Database?

Yes! All APH products and textbooks are listed in both the Louis Database and on the APH Shopping site. On the Louis site you will be able to place APH products into a shopping cart. You will be transferred to the APH shopping site to complete your purchase.

Can I "quick order" if I know product catalog numbers?

Yes. The APH Shopping site has a Quick Order link toward the top left of the page.

Note: APH shopping site orders are limited to a maximum of 50 items per transaction. Exceeding 50 items may cause your transaction to fail. The 50 item limit applies whether you are using the Quick Order screen or the standard shopping cart.

What type of funds can I use to order online?

APH accepts credit cards, Federal Quota orders, and purchase order numbers through our shopping site.

How will I know if a product is NOT available for purchase with Quota funds?

The description of each APH product that is not available with Quota funds contains a note to this effect. If you are logged on as a Federal Quota customer and attempt to place an item in your cart that cannot be ordered with Quota funds, you will see a notice. Please remove that item from your cart before preceding with your order.

Can I see the status of my Federal Quota order through the APH shopping site?

Not directly, but we have established a separate, secure site for our Quota customers to view their order status.

At this secure website, you will be able to see the real-time status of all orders you have placed with APH in the last 365 days, whether on the web, over the phone, through fax, or mail. You’ll have access to your up-to-the-minute account balance and outstanding order balance. You can tell which orders are complete, and if any orders have items on backorder, you can see which items they are. You can search for orders by confirmation number, APH order number, or your PO number.

Can I see the status of my order on the shopping site if I am not a Federal Quota customer?

At this time, our shopping site does not offer order status to non-Quota customers. Please call toll-free 1-800-223-1839, 8:00am to 4:30pm EST, Monday-Friday for the status of your order.

Can I mix products that ship Free Matter for the Blind with products shipping by UPS in the same order?

No. If you are ordering some products that will ship Free Matter for the Blind and others that will ship via UPS, you must create two separate orders. You will see a notice indicating that a product cannot be shipped via Free Matter.

I have changed either the items or the quantity of items in my cart, but the total dollar amount has not changed, what do I do?

You can refresh the total dollar amount of items in your cart by clicking the "Update" link in the lower right-hand corner of the cart box.

I order from APH frequently, and I am receiving too many order confirmation emails, can I stop receiving these?

Yes, you can turn off the "receipt of order confirmation" email feature. Here’s how: While you are logged in to the APH shopping site, click the "My Account" button in the upper right. On the "My Account" page, click the link "Change Personal Information." At the bottom of the "Change Personal Information" page is a check box that reads: "Do not send me order confirmation emails." Check this box.

You can begin receiving email confirmations again at any time by following the above instructions and unchecking the box.

How long will it take to ship an in-stock product?

If we have product on our shelves, it normally ships within 5 to 10 working days.

If a product is temporarily out of stock, how to I find out its status?

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-223-1839 to receive an estimated date when the product will again be in stock.

How long will it take for me to receive a braille or large print book I have ordered?

The vast majority of APH books, both braille and large print, are not stocked in our warehouse, but are made on demand after you have placed an order; therefore, it will take several weeks for you to receive your book order.

Can I return braille books, large print books, custom-ordered items (such as textbooks), or computer software?

No. The following items may not be returned for any reason other than defects; An order for the following books may not be canceled once production of the book has begun:

Can I subscribe to an accessible magazine through the APH shopping site?

How often do you change prices on your products?

Although APH reserves the right to change product prices at any time, there is usually an annual price change in the late spring or early summer. This change will not affect all APH products.

If I need help with or have suggestions about the APH shopping site, where do I go?

Please email our friendly Customer Service at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 1-800-223-1839.

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