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APH Homegrown Videos: In-depth, fun product overviews!

The APH Homegrown Series videos present detailed overviews of popular APH products and let you know how your student or clients might benefit from their use. Running time is anywhere from 14 to 23 minutes. They are closed-captioned.

These videos may also be ordered from APH as DVDs for a nominal cost.

Crafty Graphics: Stencil Embossing Kit


This video, demonstrates a variety of uses for APH’s Crafty Graphics Stencil Embossing Kit, as well as briefly exploring some tactile graphic concepts. Approximately 17 minutes.

Download Crafty Graphics: Stencil Embossing Kit video


1-30015-DVD and 1-30016-DVD

These fun videos feature Emmy the Emu, and share information about using APH’s ENVISION vision enhancement programs teach the use of distance and near magnification devices. Approximately 20 minutes each.

Download ENVISION I video

Download ENVISION II video

Lighting Guide Kit


The Lighting Guide Kit video discusses the research behind the development of the Better Vision Lamp and discusses the benefits of the lamp, such as less eye fatigue and being able to work longer and more efficiently. Approximately 19 minutes.

Download Lighting Guide Kit video

Loving Me: An Overview


This video takes the viewer to a workshop conducted by Billy Brookshire, author of the Loving Me self-esteem workshop guide. Blind and visually impaired students and adults, parents, teachers, and other professionals participate in workshop activities designed to enhance self-esteem. Approximately 23 minutes.

Download Loving Me: An Overview video

Picture Maker


Product creator Patty Wheatley offers many tips and tricks for using the Picture Maker: Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit in all areas from classroom to everyday life. Approximately 14 minutes.

Download Picture Maker video

Sensory Learning Kit (SLK)


This video features Sensory Learning Kit author Millie Smith as she talks to the viewer about the SLK and as she conducts an assessment with Barb, an adult learner. Approximately 20 minutes.

Download Sensory Learning Kit video

Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products


This video features four students who are deafblind, ages 2 to 15 years, using various APH products in home and school settings. It provides information about how students may benefit from the use of APH products. Approximately 21 minutes.

Download Students Who Are Deafblind Using APH Products video

ToADally Awesome! Your ToAD Questions Answered


This fun video discusses APH’s ToAD Kit: Tools for Assessment and Development of Visual Skills. Learn how the ToAD Kit can play an essential part in your student’s vision curriculum, activities, and development. Approximately 16 minutes.

Download ToADally Awesome! Your ToAD Questions Answered video