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Introducing Ledge Kits for the APH Light Box and Mini-Lite Box

a hand setting the Dycem on the Light Box

“I was amazed at how well it fit, how sturdy it was, and how well items stayed on the Light Boxes.”

– TVI Evaluator

Our beloved light boxes just got even better. Introducing Ledge Kits for the LED Light Box and Mini-Lite Box! These handy kits contain two products: the Ledge and the Dycem®, both of which help secure items to the Lite Box surfaces. Students who are blind or visually impaired can continue to develop their residual vision as they become aware of light, color, and the objects on the Lite Box, without the inconvenience of items, easily slipping off. Even at an angle, students can improve their eye-hand coordination, tracking, scanning, visual discrimination, and visual perceptual skills.

The Ledge

Having trouble keeping bulkier materials like the Swirly Mats and the Bright Shapes Knob Puzzles attached to your Light Box? The new Lite Box Ledge solves this issue by supporting these items and making sure that they don’t fall off your Lite Box as you view objects at an angle, like when mounted on a wheelchair.


 The Dycem®

The Dycem is a translucent nonslip mat that the user places over the surface of the Lite Box. The textured mat helps stabilize lightweight items, like the Plexiglas shapes, to the illuminated surface, enabling people to view the Lite Box at an angle.

Hand placing Dycem on Mini Lite Box


Get the most out of your Lite Box, and order your kit today:

The Large Lite Box Ledge Set

 The Mini-Lite Box Ledge Set

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