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Freedom Scientific and the American Printing House for the Blind have partnered to make a “JAWS® and MAGic® Student Edition” available to K-12 students in the U.S. using Federal Quota funds! These special software subscriptions are sold exclusively by APH and allow students to install full versions of JAWS and/or MAGic on ANY computer they access (up to three machines). This allows blind and visually impaired students to have 24 hour, 365 day-a-year access to their computers at both school and home!

About JAWS and MAGic Student Edition

What Is JAWS?

JAWS for Windows logo

JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is the world’s most popular screen reader software providing access to Windows® computers. JAWS offers both speech AND braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC!

A few of the many features of JAWS include:

What is MAGic?

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MAGic Screen Magnification Software is a magnification AND screen reading program for computer users who are low vision. MAGic can help students work more efficiently with business applications, documents, email, and navigating the internet.

A few of the many features of MAGic include:

What Is Included in the Student Edition of JAWS and MAGic?

Terms and How To Order JAWS and MAGic Student Edition

Installation and Licensing Terms, Student Edition

After the Student Graduates from Grade 12

General Purchasing Information

Purchasing Instructions, Student Edition

Ordering: Ex Officio Trustees can submit a signed Quota order to APH by fax or mail. The order can be for one or more JAWS/MAGic Student Edition one-year subscriptions. Please be sure to provide APH with a contact person’s email address and telephone number on your Federal Quota order. Note: JAWS/MAGic cannot be ordered directly via shop.aph.org.

Receiving: APH will then email you a Serial Number and Authorization Code for each JAWS/MAGic Student subscription that you order. You will also receive a hard copy confirmation of each Serial Number and Authorization Code printed on the invoice that APH mails to you.

Distribution: EOTs are responsible for distributing the Serial Numbers and Authorization Codes to those teachers or others in their states who have ordered JAWS/MAGic Student subscriptions on Quota. Note: JAWS Student licenses may be purchased any time during the year and multiple licenses may be purchased on a single Quota order. You will receive the Serial Number(s) and Authorization Code(s) very shortly after placing your order, but you may choose to hold these and activate them at a later date. The 12-month period for each subscription does not begin until the date of activation.

Renewals: EOTs are responsible for ordering annual renewals when needed by each student. A countdown built into the software lets the user know the days remaining in the annual subscription.

How to Install: The email you receive will also contain links to the Freedom Scientific website. These links allow you to download JAWS, MAGic, or both for each student. For more information on installation and support please see http://tech.aph.org/jfw/

Purchasing from APH Using Non-Quota Funds: You may purchase JAWS/MAGic Student Edition subscriptions using non-Quota funds, as long as the student is working at a 12th grade level or under. For example, you may purchase by calling APH and using a credit card.

JAWS and MAGic Student Edition, One-Year Subscription:
D-11000-ED — $300.00

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