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MATT Connect™

An educational smart tablet magnifier for the connected student!

MATT Connect device

The MATT Connect™ is a magnifier, distance viewer, and an educational tablet with pre-loaded software — all in one device!

Students can magnify a print document, read a book from an online library, conduct internet research, view a distant or connected smartboard in a classroom, write and email assignments, take a test, and so much more!

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The MATT Connect from APH just got a makeover!

We’re happy to announce software modifications that will benefit all MATT Connect users. This software update, which is exclusive to APH, will change the interface options. The MATT Connect will now feature three interfaces: Basic, Standard, and Advanced! These interfaces will increase user-ability for learners of all skills and ages.

Basic Interface will allow the MATT Connect to operate as a basic video magnifier. Users will have access to two live image modes: Magnifier and Distance Viewing. This setting is perfect for beginner assistive technology users, of all ages.

Standard Interface, all the features of the Basic Interface, with the added ability to capture images, access the gallery, and enable OCR reading. This interface is perfect for intermediate users who have the skills to navigate this additional functionality.

Advanced Interface unlocks the full potential of the MATT Connect. Operating in this capacity gives you all the benefits of the Standard interface while also allowing users to access applications through the APH Toolbox and even exit the Prodigi software to use other applications on the Android tablet.

Build your way to success with three video magnifiers in one. Choose which works best for you!

When connected to WIFI your MATT Connect will automatically prompt you to install the update.

You can find our updated user guide and accompanying skills checklist on the downloads page of our website.

A Few of the Many Features Include

MATT Connect being used in classroom

MATT Connect (Magnifier And Tablet Together) is a learning hub for students with low vision.


MATT Connect folded

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MATT Connect is an APH/HumanWare partnership product.

To Order

MATT Connect: $2,995.00 + shipping

MATT Connect unit IS available with Quota funds.

Optional Item (not available with Quota funds)

Extended Care Plan from HumanWare, please contact HumanWare within 30 days of purchase: 800-722-3393 or

Repairs (not available with Quota funds)

Should your MATT Connect require repairs, please contact Humanware directly at 800-722-3393 or email hidden; JavaScript is required. Federal Quota funds may not be used for MATT Connect repairs and therefore the unit should not be returned to APH.