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Meet the Pods

Preview of graphics in blog. the four pods on corresponding background colors of blue, red, yellow, and green.

Tell a story, conduct a song, or tell a joke – Code Jumper is an accessible way to teach coding through touch and sound! Code Jumper comes as a large case of gadgets that work together to teach the basics of computational thinking to young learners (ages 7-11). How does it all work? We’ll tell you!

While Code Jumper works off of a central hub, it’s the pods you connect to it that do most of the work. To get you started on your coding journey, we want you to meet the pods!


Play Pod

a white play pod on a blue background. two differently textured blue dials are on top and a white wire comes out the end. text reads "Lets PLAY and learn with Code Jumper" Code Jumper logo

Sporting two blue, differently textured dials, the play pod allows you to select a sound and alter its duration or speed. This means you can choose the noise you want the pod to make and how fast or slow it will make it. Putting several play pods together allows you to create a sequence of sounds perfect for telling a story, singing a song, and so much more! The play pod has one wire to connect to other pods or the hub, and one port that you can connect into to grow your sequence.


Pause Pod

a white code jumper pod with a red dial on a red background. Text reads "PAUSE what you're doing. Let's code!" Code Jumper logo

With one red dial, the pause pod allows you to add a delay to your sound sequence. Adjusting the dial lets you control the duration of the pause. This is perfect for leaving silence when running two sequences at once so the sounds don’t overlap. Like the play pod, the pause pod has one port and one wire, but with only one dial, it’s easy to tell it apart from the play pod.


Loop Pod

a white code jumper pod with one yellow dial on a yellow background. Text reads "Have fun again and again and again with the LOOP pod!" Code Jumper logo

The single yellow dial on the loop pod lets you repeat a command up to 8 times! With two ports and two wires, the loop pod creates a literal loop with another pod of your choice. Imagine using the loop pod to help you “row, row, row” your boat!


Selection Pod

a white code jumper pod with two green dials on a green background. Text reads "You've made the right SELECTION!" Code Jumper logo

The selection pod has one wire, but two ports. This lets you branch your code into separate paths. With two gear-shaped dials, you can direct your code down one path or another, depending on the value of the dials. This is called creating an “if/else” statement in coding. The sequence will continue out of one of the two ports depending on which dial is set the greater value.

Building Sequences

You can connect these pods together in an almost infinite number of ways! By inserting the wires into the ports and controlling the pods’ functions with the dials, children can create fun and engaging stories, songs, and poems. These “strands” they’re building help form the foundations needed for future coding education.

From the wide variety of sound sets to the engaging curriculum, there are lots more cool things to learn about Code Jumper! Check out to learn more.

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