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More Features, No Cost: Nearby Explorer Upgrades are Coming

There are a lot of changes happening with Nearby Explorer, so we’ll break it down into two main areas.

From Paid to Free

APH is making improvements to Nearby Explorer Online (the free version of the app), to make it comparable to the paid version. By using data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) instead of Navteq (which APH must pay for), users will be able to get similar information at no cost. This change is also needed for future improvements which require a more robust, dynamic map that gives users the power to add and edit in real time. The switch to OSM may change the mapping data for some users, depending on where they live, but should be comparable.

Once the free app is equivalent to the paid app, APH will phase out the paid version. We have placed warnings on the Apple and Android app stores telling customers not to download the paid version – we don’t want anyone to pay money for something that they can soon get for free.

These changes will give everyone access to one powerful app, at no charge.

iOS Compatibility Issue Fixed

Note: On October 1, we wrote about an issue with an iOS upgrade that caused the paid version of Nearby Explorer to not work. The following content has been updated.

When Apple upgraded to versions of iOS past 13.0, it created compatibility issues with the paid version of Nearby Explorer. APH removed the Nearby Explorer from the App Store until a solution could be found. After requesting that Apple fix the bug, a following iOS version did allow us to move the app back to the store.

While the app is up and running, it does still have a notice to warn new customers not to buy the paid version. We still plan to move all customers to a free version once the functionality is equal.

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