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Image shows embosser, refreshable braille devices, and a magnifier. New APH Products Coming Soon!

2020 just began, and APH has already launched half a dozen new products! From Code Jumper to Feel the Beat, and Hop-a-Dot to Color Raceway – we haven’t even scratched the surface of the educational and innovative products to come this year. Before September 2020, students will have access to several new game-changing products, designed to improve school, college, work, and overall life success.

Refreshable Braille Displays

Chameleon 20

Developed specifically for education, with teachers and school-age children in mind. The classroom experience will be enhanced by these innovative, fun, and engaging features/benefits:

  • Students can complete lessons in braille, and send content to teacher in print.
  • Edit DOC, DOCX, TXT, BRF, and BRL files.
  • Easily switch between contracted and uncontracted braille.
  • Instantly access downloadable digital content and the digital world of books, including Bookshare.
  • Connect to multiple host devices using screen readers such as VoiceOver, Jaws, and NVDA.
  • 20 refreshable braille cells.
  • Just for fun: includes a variety of colored “bumper cases” from which to choose, based on student preference.
  • Many other features, including a calculator, clock, file management, internal storage, and wireless/Bluetooth connectivity.

Image of braille device in gray with braille keyboard and refreshable braille.


Mantis Q40

The first of its kind, Mantis Q40 combines 40 refreshable braille cells with a QWERTY keyboard, and is designed for the student or professional. Whether connected to screen readers or using its standalone applications, you can use your Mantis anywhere. With the same software features as the Chameleon 20, the Mantis also offers the following:

  • Students can learn to be proficient typists without sacrificing the use of braille – particularly essential for transition into the workplace.
  • Whether you prefer braille or QWERTY input, you can decide with a simple toggle option.

 Picture of braille device with a QWERTY keyboard and braille cells.



We want to make it easy for you to get the braille you need for your students! That’s why APH has partnered with HumanWare and ViewPlus to bring two desktop embossers to quota for the first time ever – PixBlaster and PageBlaster. From worksheets and handouts, to tactile graphics – you’ll have the braille you/your students need right at your fingertips.

PixBlaster and PageBlaster features include:

  • Compatible with, and make use of, APH’s braille transcription software – BrailleBlaster.
  • Support Duxbury and other popular translation programs.
  • Include accessibility features, such as tactile, accessible labels on the control panel.
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, and mobile devices.
  • USB and WiFi connectivity.
  • Embossers operate as a desktop printer on any business or home network.
  • Training tutorials.

Picture of Brailler with APH branding colors, and APH logo.

Image of embosser, white, with "pix blaster" written on top.




Our commitment to ensuring our customers have access and choices in low vision technology led us to develop the next product in our family of magnifiers. Juno is a handheld video magnifier with OCR, and is perfect for the classroom and at home. It features:

  • 7-inch screen.
  • OCR capability, in multiple languages.
  • Distance, near, self-view and handwriting view.
  • High contrast tactile buttons.
  • Built-in stand.
  • Touch screen.
  • Audible menus.
  • USB Connectivity.

Handheld magnifier with simple interface and buttons in APH colors.

We hope you are as excited as we are about these products coming throughout 2020! To stay up-to-date on when these, and other new products, are available for sale, sign up for our monthly newsletter!

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