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NEW PRODUCT: Health Education for Students With Visual Impairments

APH is excited to release Health Education for Students With Visual Impairments: A Guidebook for Teachers. The book draws on the expertise of five seasoned professors and teachers. Covering diet and nutrition, personal health, sex education, disease prevention, and injury prevention and safety, the book gives teachers the tools they need to confidently build their curriculum.

“This book will fill an educational product gap that has existed for decades,” explains Rosanne Hoffmann, the STEM Project Leader at APH. Rosanne, one of the book’s editors, says the book is not a curriculum, instead it’s an aid that gives teachers background information, teaching tips, activities, resources, and related information.

One of these gaps has been in sex education. “Some people assume that if you’re blind you don’t need sex education like sighted peers. This is not only false but is a damaging stereotype.” Says Rosanne. “The sex education chapter addresses and dispels the myths regarding the sexuality of youth with visual impairments. For example, youth with visual impairments are less interested in sexual relationships than sighted people.”

The guidebook is full of activities that will help teachers prepare for the classroom. Teaching your students about the human digestive tract? Use rope to measure out lengths that correspond to various sections like the esophagus, or small intestine. See how long it extends through the classroom or even the hallway. This is just one of the many ideas teachers will be given to help make learning meaningful for all students.

The guidebook uses the very latest National Health Education and National Sexuality Education Standards. It was created for teachers and isn’t meant to be read directly by students.

To order your copy of this important guidebook, visit: https://bit.ly/36kEvBu


About Rosanne Hoffmann

Rosanne Hoffmann is the STEM Project Leader at APH. Using the principles of universal design and her background in biology, Rosanne develops products that make biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, general biology, and earth science accessible to students with visual impairments. Along with developing STEM products at APH for the past 8 years, Rosanne teaches biology at the University of Louisville.

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