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several childrens book covers New Year, New Books

We are excited to announce and share with our Braille Tales families the books coming in 2019 and 2020.

Little Poems for Tiny Ears

A collection of poems celebrating the new discoveries made by children every day.

If I were a Kangaroo

A fun rhyming bedtime story exploring the different ways animals sleep.

I just want to Say Goodnight

Another bedroom story that shows the bedtime ritual of Lala.

The Giant Jumperee

In this story, animal friends join together to uncover who is the Giant Jumperee.

Chimpanzees for Tea

Vincent must go to the store to grab a few items for his mom. Distractions on the way to the store cause chaos to Vincent’s memory and the things he bring home for his mom are quite the surprise!

Wheels on the Bus

Classic childhood song that we all know!

Baking Day at Grandma’s

Bear cubs are excited to bake and play at grandma’s house all while learning to share their treats.

Philomena’s New Glasses

Philomena needs glasses and her sisters want them too, but in the end, they learn not everyone need the same things.

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