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APH News April 2003

Your monthly link to the latest information on APH products, services, and training opportunities.

Mark Your Calendars Now for the 135th APH Annual Meeting, October 16 – 18, 2003

Louisville’s historic Camberley Brown Hotel will again play host for the APH Annual Meeting, scheduled for October 16 through 18. Dr Kent Cullers, the country’s first totally blind physicist, will be the keynote speaker. Our 2003 theme will be "The Joy of the Journey." Watch the web site for updates as they develop.

Vandy Visits APH

Dr. Anne Corn with graduate students

On March 19, APH had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Anne Corn and her Vanderbilt University graduate students. The group, which visits annually, toured the facilities, including the Callahan Museum, and heard the latest information regarding products and services.

We encourage all university programs to visit APH! Please contact Janie Humphries (email hidden; JavaScript is required) for assistance in making APH your destination. We want to develop life-long relationships with your students!

Photo: Dr. Anne Corn with graduate students.

New Name, Same Great Department!

A Terrific Department: Gage Brogan, Monica Coffey, Kris Scott, Debbie Willis, and Barbara Henderson

APH’s Test Central has changed its name to the Accessible Tests Department (ATD). In the words of one APHer, ATD stands for "A Terrific Department." Our commitment to provide high quality accessible media tests, in a timely manner, remains the same.

For more information on this department and staff, check the APH web site link:

Photo: A Terrific Department! Standing: Gage Brogan, Monica Coffey, Kris Scott. Seated: Debbie Willis, Barbara Henderson.

NEW! Now Available Online!
Test Access: Guidelines for Computer-Administered Testing

This new informational guideline will be of interest to test publishers, software developers, departments of education, test administrators, rehabilitation agencies, assistive technology providers, and teachers. Separate parts of the online document provide background on the educational impact of visual disabilities, a general overview of standard testing accommodations for paper and pencil tests, recommended accommodations for computer-based tests, and basic design considerations for making computerized tests accessible. The text is followed by a complete bibliography, appendices listing web sites for low vision and blindness information, and a glossary of terms. See it for yourself at:

ATIC Collaborates with BANA

Presenters of Promising Practices for Transcribing Early Literacy Textbooks at CTEVH in Burlingame, CA: Betsy Burnham, Jane E. Thompson, Susan Christensen

There are very few guidelines in the Braille Formats: Principles of Print to Braille Transcription created by the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) for transcribing early literacy textbooks (K-3). To resolve this, ATIC staff and members of the Technical Committee from BANA joined together to develop promising practices for transcribing early literacy textbooks.

The hard work paid off and a DRAFT document has been created that addresses issues such as physical page attributes, spacing, formatting, emphasis, photographs, fill in the blank questions, puzzles, footnotes and many other areas. The document will be reviewed at two major transcribing conferences this spring to gather comments, suggested changes, and additional ideas from those who work so hard to put our books into braille. The document will then be placed on the APH web site to be accessed by transcribers and braille producers.

After the promising practices are put into use we will conduct research to assess their helpfulness. That information will then be available on the APH web site sometime next year.

For more information on the DRAFT of Promising Practices for Transcribing Early Literacy Textbooks, please contact Jane Thompson at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Photo: Presenters of Promising Practices for Transcribing Early Literacy Textbooks at CTEVH in Burlingame, CA:
(left to right) Betsy Burnham, Jane E. Thompson, Susan Christensen.

IntelliTactiles Alert!

APH Tactile Graphics Project Leader Karen Poppe shares that the current APH IntelliTactiles: Standard Overlay Companions are designed to register with IntelliTools®‘ Classic IntelliKeys® keyboard. These overlays will not align with their new standard overlays intended for the new USB IntelliKeys® keyboard. APH plans to prepare and sell tactile companions for the USB standard overlays in the near future.

Get Your Students Involved In Our Summer Technology Program

Do you need new methods to teach your students Internet skills, daily living techniques, and/or other strategies to become more independent? If yes, check out the information on our Summer Program flyer at the following link:

We need your input!

Technology Products Workshop Survey

In the last few years APH has developed a variety of technology products. If you would like to see more workshops about our newly released technology products, please take a minute to complete our survey at the following link:

O&M Technology Survey

To insure that we provide O&M materials based on current technology, we are asking for your help with our first O&M Technology survey. If you have used the Miniguide with your students or if you use it in combination with a cane or dog guide for your own mobility, please complete our quick-and-easy survey at

The Miniguide is an ultrasonic mobility aid produced by GDP Research (
and now distributed in the U.S. by Sendero Group (

This survey is conducted with permission of Sendero Group. If you have questions, please contact Terrie Terlau at 800/223-1839, ext. 381, or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

APH Callahan Museum Receives Award

Carol Tobe (left) accepted the award from Bobbie Gothard, Historical Confederation Board member

The annual Kentucky History Awards ceremony was held in Frankfort, Kentucky on March 1, 2003. The APH Callahan Museum received an Award of Merit in the General Awards Category for the exhibition entitled "IN TOUCH WITH KNOWLEDGE: The Educational History of Blind People." Awards of Merit are given to projects of outstanding quality that can serve as a state and national model. Museum Director, Carol Tobe, accepted the award for the museum.

IN TOUCH WITH KNOWLEDGE is a series of four traveling exhibitions from the Callahan Museum that draw on the museum’s unique collection and extensive research on the history of the education of blind people. The exhibitions are now traveling across the United States, but a few spots are still available on the schedule. For more information, visit the Callahan Museum on the APH web site, or contact Carol Tobe, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Photo: Carol Tobe (left) accepted the award from Bobbie Gothard, Historical Confederation Board member.

Louisiana to ENVISION


APHers Sandi Baker, Burt Boyer, and Elaine Kitchel will provide training on ENVISION in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on April 30, May 1 and 2, for the state’s vision teachers. ENVISION is APH’s new vision enhancement program using near and distance devices. It is the first training program to address the complicated relationship between the assessment of vision in the classroom and the clinical examination.

Big Savings are Waiting for You at the APH Flea Market!

For reduced prices of selected APH products, check out the APH Flea Market on the web site.

APH Makes a Hit with Seniors!

Persons who work with senior citizens were excited to learn more about APH’s adult life, low vision, and other products at the joint Conference of the American Society on Aging and the National Council on the Aging held in Chicago from March 12 to March 16. A new display banner heralding APH as a provider of products and services for low vision seniors, professionals, and consumers attracted attendees to the APH booth. Exhibitors Will Evans, Tony Grantz, and Terrie Terlau were kept busy demonstrating the EZ Track (formerly MasterPlan) low vision series, the ZoomViewTM, Word Quest Puzzles, and numerous other products. In a presentation titled "Making Better Places for Low Vision Elders," Terrie Terlau highlighted APH products and services that can increase accessibility, independence, and control in the lives of older individuals.

Adult Learning Conference: Collaboration Forges New Connections

Adult literacy and education personnel discovered valuable APH resources for visually impaired adult learners at the conference of the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs held in Columbus, Ohio from March 15 to 18. Tina Tucker, National Program Associate, The American Foundation for the Blind National Literacy Center, incorporated APH materials into her adult literacy presentations and visual impairment display. Barbara Henderson, APH Tests and Assessment Project Leader, provided information on GED materials available from APH and additional GED items listed in the Louis database. Louis brochures and an APH product catalog were also displayed. Terrie Terlau, the APH Adult Life Project Leader attending the conference, spread the word about APH resources in conference session discussions and at the display table.

Still Loving "Loving Me"

Loving Me

There is still time to register for the upcoming APH National Instructional Partnerships (NIP) event "Loving Me: Secrets of Self Esteem," presented by Dr. Dean and Naomi Tuttle and Billy Brookshire, April 21 and 22, 2003, in Albuquerque, NM. APH is pleased to present this NIP event in partnership with Ex Officio Trustee Kenalea Johnson and the New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped.

Billy Brookshire is the creator of the new APH product Loving Me, a curriculum designed to facilitate workshops that promote self-esteem in students and adults who are visually impaired. Dr. Dean Tuttle, author of the classic book Self-Esteem and Adjusting With Blindness also authored the introduction to APH’s Loving Me materials. Naomi Tuttle, a teacher with the Hadley School for the Blind, is the co-author of Self-Esteem and Adjusting With Blindness.

This hands-on presentation is highly recommended for teachers, parents, rehabilitation teachers and counselors, students (junior high and older) and adults who are blind and visually impaired.

"Loving Me: Secrets of Self Esteem" will be held at the Uptown Sheraton Hotel in Albuquerque, NM. Rooms at the Uptown Sheraton will be offered for a special rate of $69 per night. On-line registration, a tentative agenda, and other information can be found on the APH web site. If you have questions or need more information, please give Janie Humphries a call at 800/223-1839, ext. 367.

Upcoming NIP Events

Mark your calendars now for these exciting future events. Watch the APH News and the APH web site for registration information and workshop details!

  • June 3 – 4, 2003
    "Time For Art", presented by Gail Sholwalter
    Philadelphia, PA
  • June 23 – 24, 2003
    "Loving Me", presented by Billy Brookshire
    Los Angeles, CA
  • July 14 – 16, 2003
    "Cortical Visual Impairment: What You See Is Not Always What You Get", presented by Chris Roman
    Louisville, KY
  • September 11 – 12, 2003
    "Making It Count: Math Skills for Students with Visual Impairment"
    Presented by Susan Osterhaus
    Boston, MA

Babies Continue to Count!

Several California agencies have been trained to assist with the National Registry for Children with Visual Impairments Birth to Three in the past month. Five California agencies were trained March 3, 2003, at the California School for the Blind, which serves as the co-lead agency with the Blind Babies Foundation. Receiving training and becoming participants were: Amador County Office of Education, Braille Institute, Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles, Foundation for the Junior Blind, and Vallejo Unified School District.

Five new states received training at APH on March 23, including Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

Welcome aboard to the new states and agencies–babies do count!!!

If you want to learn more about the Babies Count Project, contact Burt Boyer at APH: 800/223-1839, ext. 264 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Welcome to our New APH Ex Officio Trustees!

APH welcomes the following new Ex Officio Trustees:

Heidi Sue Cook at the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, replacing Judy Kloster

Patrick Johnson at Oak Hill School, replacing Dr. Lars Guldager

Mrs. Milagros Ramos Lopez at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Puerto Rico, replacing Mrs. Brenda Cintron

Jeanette Wicker at the Kentucky School for the Blind, replacing Ralph Bartley

Federal Quota/SRS Training at APH in November

Join us at the American Printing House for the Blind on November 3-4, 2003 in Louisville, Kentucky for a two-day training event on the Federal Quota Census and the SRS program. APH will cover hotel and meals while you are in Louisville.

This event is geared toward the person who is actually collecting the data and entering it into the computer. Due to computer availability, attendance is limited to 20 people.

This training session includes:

  • An overview of Federal Quota and Allocations
  • Hands-on computer training with the SRS Program
  • Acuity basics
  • APH Services
  • Tour of APH facilities
  • Brainstorming session with others who gather census information

For registration information, contact Karen Blaker at 800/223-1839, ext. 300 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Upcoming APH Travel Calendar

On the road with APH

April 2-4, 2003
Kentucky AER Conference, General Butler State Park, Carrollton, KY

April 4-5, 2003
Stakeholder Forum on Technology for Visual Impairment, Burlingame, CA

April 9-12, 2003
CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) Conference in Seattle, Washington

April 21-25, 2003
AERA (American Educational Research Association) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

April 24-26, 2003
Texas AER, Austin, TX

May 1-3, 2003
12th Annual Outreach Forum; Philadelphia, PA

May 1-3, 2003
NBA Conference (National Braille Association): Middlesburo Heights, OH

May 12-13, 2003
Arkansas AER, Little Rock, AR

New Catalogs Coming Soon!

Look for two new APH catalogs coming soon:

  • Products Catalog 2003-2004 is a complete listing of APH educational and daily living products that will be the largest APH products catalog ever published, full to bursting with new products!
  • New Textbooks in Braille and Large Print is a listing of the latest textbook titles available from APH. A complete list of APH textbooks can be found by searching the Louis database at

These publications will be available in May, in print and on the web. In addition, the Products Catalog will be available on a 4-track cassette tape by the end of June. In the summer, these publications, along with our current Adult Life and Family Life catalogs, will be available on our APH Demo Disc CD-ROM.

Request your free copies by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required, or calling 800/223-1839.

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