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August 2004

Rocky Mountain High Assured at 136th Annual Meeting of APH Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests

Two of Colorado’s most distinguished citizens are slated to receive the highest award bestowed by APH at the Annual Meeting, to be held October 14-16 in Louisville, KY.

APH proudly announces that Naomi R. Tuttle and Dr. Dean W. Tuttle will receive Wings of Freedom Awards at a ceremony and InSights Art Awards Banquet scheduled for Friday evening, October 15, at the Brown Hotel.

The Third Edition of the Tuttle’s groundbreaking book, "Self-Esteem and Adjusting with Blindness" will be available within the month.

Please visit the Annual Meeting web site for the latest meeting details, including registration and hotel information, and make your plans to join us in October as we celebrate these icons of our field.

APH and KSB Open Gateways

APH partnered with Ex Officio Trustee Jeanette Wicker and the Kentucky School for the Blind to bring an exciting training opportunity to approximately 60 Kentucky teachers, O&M specialists, and others, along with professionals from surrounding states. Millie Smith (TX), a consultant on the APH project to revise the Sensory Stimulation Kit, to become the Sensory Learning Kit, was the featured speaker on July 27, 2004. Millie shared strategies for teaching students who are tactile learners, with an emphasis on selected APH products.

In addition to Millie’s presentation, APH staff members Sandi Baker and Elaine Kitchel presented two half-day sessions on ENVISION. Participants in the workshop received hands-on training and instruction in using the APH curriculum designed to help teachers and others guide students in the use of monoculars and magnification devices. Project Leaders Karen Poppe, Larry Skutchan, Tristan Pierce and Terrie Terlau shared new and upcoming products with conference attendees, and Jane Thompson, Director of ATIC, discussed the process of ordering accessible textbooks from the company. APH legend Fred Gissoni wowed audiences with training on the Braille ‘n Speak.

APH would like to thank Jeanette Wicker and Cathy Johnson, KSAB Outreach Coordinator, for the opportunity to be a part of this highly effective event!

Council for Exceptional Children, Division on Visual Impairments, Honors Teacher at New Orleans Conference

Bob Brasher presents Bonnie Lawrence with the Teacher of the Year Award

For the second time, a Teacher of the Year award was presented by the Division on Visual Impairments at the International CEC Conference this spring. At the business meeting of the Division on Visual Impairments (DVI), APH’s Bob Brasher had the honor of presenting Arkansas Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Bonnie Lawrence, with the second-ever Teacher of the Year Award! Bonnie, an active member of AER and CEC, recently served as a member of the APH Orientation and Mobility Focus Group. Former Ex Officio Trustee Kevin Lessard (MA) received the DVI Distinguished Service Award, and Dr. Phil Hatlen, Ex Officio Trustee (TX), was honored with CEC’s Outstanding Leadership Award.

For additional information and other award winners, visit the CEC-DVI web site at

Photo: Bob Brasher presents Bonnie Lawrence with the Teacher of the Year Award

Hearing Voices!

"Hearing voices no one else can hear isn’t a good sign, even in the wizarding world."
     J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, 1999

Yes, we are hearing voices – the voices of our customers – and we are listening!

APH believes that the needs, priorities, and input of the users of our products must be at the heart of our actions and directions. To assure this, we actively gather the voices of our customers in a wide variety of ways and weave them into our decision making. One of our methods of "hearing voices" is an annual performance survey designed to accomplish several key purposes:

  • To measure our performance in order to improve our programs, processes, and products
  • To determine field-based priorities for APH’s development of new products
  • To gather suggestions for revision of existing APH products
  • To harvest ideas for new products
  • To collect APH performance data for the US Department of Education.

We encourage all of you who have used our products in an education or rehabilitation setting within the last 12 months to take a few minutes to measure our performance and to voice your priorities. Your feedback will help us know what we are doing right and what we need to improve. Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences with us so together we can continue to make a difference.

The 2004 Satisfaction Survey of Users of APH Products will be available on our website from August 2 through September 10, 2004. To share your voice with us, simply visit the APH website and speak your mind by completing our survey on-line.

We are hearing voices! We hope one of these voices is yours!

University of Washington Researchers Observe at APH

Melody Y. Ivory-Ndiaye and APH's Wanda Mullikin

On June 23-24, University of Washington researchers, Melody Y. Ivory-Ndiaye and Beverly Slabosky, visited APH and provided preliminary findings of their online tactile graphic survey. The primary focus of their 2-day visit was conducting observation sessions of tactile graphic processes demonstrated by in-house transcribers, Wanda Mullikin (on the PEARL machine) and Kathy Peak (on the Tactile Vision machine). Their study, funded by the National Science Foundation, is intended to better understand the process of translating graphical images and will help to determine whether graphical images (charts, diagrams, illustrations, etc.), that are optimized for printing on the Tiger Embosser, can be used to generate other forms of tactile graphics (e.g., thermoform or powder-deposited processes).

Photo: Melody Y. Ivory-Ndiaye and APH’s Wanda Mullikin

APH goes to the Carnival

On June 28, blind and sighted children, from tots to teens, worked and played their way through two large rooms filled with fun and educational activities, all involving braille! The Kenneth Jernigan Braille Carnival, sponsored by the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, a division of the National Federation of the Blind, was held prior to the opening of the 2004 NFB convention in Atlanta. APH’s carnival table offered braille and large print word search games in which everyone could be a winner. APH’s Pop-A-Cell prizes were a hit with children and grownups alike. As they left the booth, blind children were showing their sighted "Carnival buddies" how to make braille letters with their Pop-A-Cells. Numerous adults, previously unfamiliar with the Pop-A-Cell, found it to be an excellent tool to demonstrate braille.

New Exhibits for the Museum

Steve and Nathan Forrester

Steve Forrester and his son Nathan, are installing exhibits their company built for the Callahan Museum. The exhibits are part of the exhibits upgrade that will be part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the museum. New exhibits include an orientation area, Helen Keller case, table for hands-on activities, and new station for computer interactives.

Photo: Steve and Nathan Forrester

Accessible Tests Department Staff Members Add National Perspective to Meeting

Review participants

On June 28 and 29, 2004, APH Accessible Tests Department staff participated in a review of brailled math, science, and social studies test items from the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). Dr. Mila Truan of the Tennessee School for the Blind organized the meeting to ensure that future test items are made accessible to braille reading students. The thirteen-member Bias Review Team included blind and sighted teachers of the visually impaired from across the state, Barbara Henderson and Kris Scott from APH, and a representative from the Tennessee Department of Education’s Accountability Division. The group had an accumulated 220 years of experience working with students who are blind or visually impaired.

APH President to Appear in Colorado

Ex Officio Trustee, Lou Tutt, wishes to share with you that Dr. Tuck Tinsley is scheduled to keynote the opening of school at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, School for the Blind, August 17.

Welcome to New APH Ex Officio Trustees

APH welcomes Karen Duffy as the new Ex Officio Trustee at the Nebraska State Department of Education, replacing Jean Gotschall, and Eric Guillory as the new Ex Officio Trustee at the Louisiana Department of Education. Eric replaces Warren Figueiredo, who recently retired.

We are very happy to announce that Warren has agreed to continue in his role as APH Representative to BANA.

APH Travel Calendar


on the road with APH

August 2-3, 2004
New Mexico VI Teacher Product Training;
Alamogordo, NM

August 3, 2004
Summer Technology Training;
Columbus, GA

August 12, 2004
Idaho School for the Blind Technology training;
Goodin, ID

August 19-21, 2003
Visions National Conference;
Chicago, IL


September 17, 2004
Loving Me: Secrets of Self-Esteem (NIP Event);
Newton, MA

September 17-20, 2004
Arizona School for the Blind, Outreach Program;
Flagstaff, AZ

Hall of Fame Living Legends Video Now Available

The living legends pose with their Hall of Fame plaques

This is your chance for history to "come alive" as you see and hear many of the great names of our field and listen as they share their life journeys. Learn the history of our organizations and about advances in education and rehabilitation from those who lived it — and impacted it. Sam Ashcroft, Natalie Barraga, Warren Bledsoe, Cleo Dolan, Eleanor Faye, Ruth Kaarlela, Alice Raftary, Stan Suterko, Lou Vieceli, Donald Wedewer, and facilitator Phil Hatlen, share a special evening.

This historic video can be a part of your collection for a donation of $50 or more. All tax-deductible gifts will directly benefit the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field. Act quickly — the first 25 donations receive a video autographed by Alice Raftary and Louis Vieceli!

Alice Raftary and Lou Vieceli autographing videos at the AER conference in Orlando

To donate, download the form on the Hall of Fame web site, call 800/223-1839, ext 369, or mail your donation to:
Bob Brasher
American Printing House for the Blind
1839 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field is a project of the American Printing House for the Blind, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Photos: top–The living legends pose with their Hall of Fame plaques; bottom–Alice Raftary and Lou Vieceli autographing videos at the AER conference in Orlando

Verbal View of Windows XP®

Learn to use Windows XP with this comprehensive tutorial designed for students and professionals.

Unlike most computer tutorials which assume a familiarity with Windows graphics and mouse techniques, Verbal View of Windows XP® is written for the keyboard user who is blind or visually impaired.


  • Covers nearly every aspect of Windows XP, with extensive verbal descriptions of new features and programs
  • Simple enough for the first-time computer user
  • Technical terms are kept to a minimum
  • Graphic components are verbally described with examples and comparisons to everyday items
  • Keyboard and keyboard shortcuts are emphasized
  • Single keyboard command introduced per chapter for easy review
  • Tutorial is in DAISY 3.0 full-text, full-audio format and is accessed through APH’s special DAISY reading program, Book Wizard Reader

Find a demo of Verbal View of Windows XP at:

Verbal View of Windows XP (CD-ROM): D-10500-00 — $50.00

Book Wizard Reader™

Book Wizard

Book Wizard Reader is software that lets you read Digital Talking Books. It’s a comprehensive program that supports all Digital Talking Book formats, including DAISY 2 books (such as books available from Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic) and DAISY 3 books (such as text-based books from The program also supports the new full-text, full-audio books in DAISY 3 or National Information Standards Organization (NISO)z3986,2002 format.

If you are unfamiliar with the DAISY format and the advantages it offers, see examples at our web site, If you have a subscription to, you’ll be impressed by the structured access to the daily newspapers and magazines they offer.

Book Wizard Reader is available two ways. You may purchase a CD with the software that includes new, high-quality synthetic speech for $49, or you may download the demo and register it for $39. Note that the more inexpensive, download version contains standard synthetic speech, not the high-quality speech.

Find a demo of Book Wizard Reader at

Book Wizard Reader (CD-ROM, includes high-quality synthetic speech):
D-03531-00 — $49.00
Book Wizard Reader (Electronic Distribution, standard synthetic speech):
D-03531-ED — $39.00

Book Port™ Gets Audible Support; Warranty Improved

APH’s Book Port now supports files from is one of the largest suppliers of recorded audio material in electronic format, and you can now play these files on Book Port. Even more interestingly, Book Port Transfer, the software that runs on your PC, now supports the ability to compress time from audio files including those from This is the world’s only method for listening to files at a rate faster than the original recording speed.

Book Port Warranty Improved

The previous 90-day warranty on Book Port has now been increased to one year. This applies to all Book Ports, previously purchased and new purchases. For previously purchased Book Ports, the one-year warranty start date was the date of purchase.

Order Your 2005 Calendars Now!

The 2005 APH InSights Large Print/Braille Art Calendar is now available. This twelve-month calendar features the artwork of visually impaired artists and includes holidays and moon phases.

APH InSights Calendar 2005: 5-18971-05 — $7.50

APH InSights calendars can also be printed and brailled with the name of your organization, and then sold as a fund-raising project. Questions and custom orders should be directed to APH’s Contract Administration Office, 1-800-223-1839.

NOTE: The APH InSights Calendar may be purchased with Federal Quota funds; however, quantity purchases of this calendar for fund-raising purposes MAY NOT be purchased with Federal Quota funds.

Other Calendars Also Available:

For braille users:
Braille DateBook 2005: 1-07899-05 — $53.00
Braille DateBook Calendar Tabs 2005: 1-07898-05 — $13.00
Braille DateBook Filler Paper and Tabs: 1-07897-00 — $10.00

For large print users:
EZ Track Calendar 2005: 1-07900-05 — $29.00
EZ Track Calendar 2005, inserts only: 1-07901-05 — $25.75

Now You See It! Invisiboard Is Available

Block out distractions for students with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)!

Recommended by the CVI Synergy group, this 48 by 30 inch, tri-fold board eliminates visual clutter with a solid white, slick material on one side and a solid black, Velcro® compatible material on the other. This portable, lightweight kit includes a convenient carrying case and an orientation manual.

Invisiboard: 1-08541-00 — $118.00

Did You Know We Offer…
An Easily-Brailled Note Card?

The APH InSights Art Note Card "The Gathering" is from our collection of Special Touch Gift Items. This card pictures a gathering of people of different ages holding hands. The brightly colored artwork was submitted to the APH InSights Art Competition by a visually impaired second grader and is suitable for any occasion. The inside is blank with no print or braille message. This allows you to print or emboss your own braille note to friends and relatives.

Pack of 10 cards with envelopes (one design): W-NTCD-AF — $8.00
NOTE: Not available on Quota.

Correction to APH Products Catalog 2004-2005

On page 83 of the APH Products Catalog, the Chart of Braille Contractions, 5-17110-00, is listed as $9.00. The cost is actually $10.00. This item is sold with The Braille Connection, a program to teach braille to former print readers ages 12 and up.

Three New Brochures Available

APH has issued three new brochures describing the Accessible Tests Dept. and the Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration Dept. If you would like free copies of these or other APH brochures, please call 800-223-1839 and choose "Catalogs" or send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Here are summaries of the brochures:

NLS Certified? We Want You!

Two APH departments are seeking National Library Service (NLS) certified braille transcribers to work on a per-project contract basis. Both the Accessible Tests Department and the Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration (ATIC) have challenging work available now that could be just right for you.

For more information, email email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 1-800-223-1839.

APH’s Accessible Test Department: Services Offered

The Accessible Test Department of APH is committed to providing the services needed to make tests and related materials accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Collaborating with test developers, test publishers, school psychologists, and others
  • Conducting test item bias review
  • Conducting accessibility review
  • Editing and producing tests in tactile, print, and audio formats
  • Providing test administration notes for adapted versions
  • Providing training, workshops, information, and in-services
  • Adapting, creating, or providing accessible test-related tools, materials, and documents

To discuss your testing needs or for additional information, please contact the Accessible Tests Department at 800-223-1839 or email hidden; JavaScript is required

APH’s Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration (ATIC): Features and Benefits

ATIC provides custom-produced textbooks through on-demand braille transcription or large print, as well as electronic media that can be downloaded from a file repository on our web site.

ATIC offers braille textbooks with full-color covers and a unique fold-back binding. ATIC is now able to create large print textbooks at standard textbook size. These books are full-color with a minimum 18-point font size.

For more information about ATIC services or training opportunities, call 800-223-1839 extension 370, or email email hidden; JavaScript is required To order an ATIC book, download the order form at or contact email hidden; JavaScript is required

APH News Credits

Dr. Tuck Tinsley

Malcolm Turner, APH Web Site Coordinator

Thanks to the following APH staff:

  • Sandi Baker, Field Representative, Field Services
  • Karen Blaker, Support Specialist, Field Services
  • Scott Blome, Director, Communications
  • Tony Grantz, Business Development Manager, Finance
  • Barbara Henderson, Test and Assessment Project Leader, Accessible Tests
  • Janie Humphries, Director, Field Services
  • Mary Nelle McLennan, Executive Advisor to the President
  • Becki Moody, Communications Support Specialist
  • Artina Paris, Assistant, Field Services
  • Karen Poppe, Tactile Graphics Project Leader, Research
  • Terrie Terlau, Adult Life Project Leader, Research
  • Carol Tobe, Director, APH Callahan Museum

Bob Brasher, Vice President, Advisory Services and Research

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