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APH News: August 2016 — Special Back-to-School Issue!

Your monthly link to the latest information on the products, services, and training opportunities from the American Printing House for the Blind.

Exciting New APH Products Announced!

Read on to learn about these new products – now available!

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

“Back to School” is an expression that conjures up all kinds of different things for people in the world of education. “Oh, no… vacation is over! I didn’t accomplish nearly what I’d hoped to…” or “I’m bored! Let’s get this show on the road!” have been a few of my own thoughts. No matter what your experiences have been in the days, weeks, or months since schools in your area finished 2015-2016, APH is here, ready to take you into the new school year with confidence!

When I was an administrator, summer became the time of year when I crossed more things off on my to-do list each day than I added. When I was teaching, it was a time of carting my kids to the pool, taking long car trips to visit national parks and far-flung relatives, and regaining trunk space in my car. Summer programs have come to an end for most, and for many of you, teachers are back, APH products are flying off the shelves, and you’re trying to get braille and large print books in the hands of kids.

I’m writing from the other side of the desk now, proud to support you in our shared mission of educating children and adults with vision impairment and ensuring their independence in all environments. I applaud you in your tireless efforts and thank you for sharing your head and your heart with those you serve.

APH has turned a corner. We are firm in our roots, strong in our trunk and bravely branching out to meet the needs of those we serve. In this special back-to-school issue of the APH News, we share products designed to help students learn alongside their peers. We are also introducing new technology and for the first time offer a student subscription to JAWS and MAGic voice synthesis and enlargement software.

In the craziness of the new year, don’t forget to get your Quota orders in! September 30th will be here before you know it. And be sure to register for Annual Meeting in Louisville, October 6-8. It will be an exciting time to be with your colleagues, learning about what APH can do for you.

Happy First Day of School!

Dorinda Rife
Vice President, Educational Services and Product Development

Bold. Strong. Together!

148th APH Annual Meeting * October 6-8, 2016 * Hyatt Regency * Louisville, KY

Annual Meeting 2016—Register Now!

We invite you to join us for the exciting 2016 APH Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, October 6–8, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville. The theme “Bold. Strong. Together!” illustrates APH’s commitment to bold leadership through strong partnerships and collaborations. Come to Louisville to build and strengthen the bonds for our shared goal to provide outstanding products and services, and maybe even boldly go where no one has gone before!

Highlights of the meeting will include:

  • State of the Company from APH’s new president, Dr. Craig Meador
  • Round table discussions about a variety of topics important to you
  • Hands-on experience with new APH products
  • Opportunities to provide input on APH products in development
  • Training on APH products, services and initiatives
  • Special events and training for Ex Officio Trustees
  • APH InSights Art awards banquet
  • Hall of Fame induction ceremony
  • Much, much, more!

The 2016 Annual Meeting agenda is posted online for your review!

Keynote Speaker Is Out of this World!

Denna Lambert, Annual Meeting 2016 Keynote Speaker

The Thursday night opening session will be a story of success as our keynote speaker, Denna Lambert, shares her personal journey of boldness, strength, and the power of working together to reach goals. Lambert, a lifelong user of APH products, holds degrees from the University of Arkansas and the George Washington University. She is a Program Manager with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, where she coordinates the Center’s efforts in developing the Information and Collaboration Center (GIC2). Lambert’s subject matter expertise includes disability law, special education policy, STEM recruitment, and program compliance with federal laws. She has spearheaded many of GSFC’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.


Register online now for Annual Meeting 2016, or contact APH Field Services Director Janie Blome, email hidden; JavaScript is required, for additional information. Deadline for registration is September 9, 2016, so don’t delay!

Be Strong: Beat the Ironmen to the Hotel! – Make Your Room Reservations NOW!

Reservations for rooms at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville are now available for the APH Annual Meeting. Rooms are $150 per night for a single or double room, and $175 per night for a triple or quad room. Once again this year, we are sharing the hotel with the Louisville Ironman competition, so make your reservations early! APH rates are available from October 1–October 12.

Hotel reservations can be made using the following link:

We look forward to seeing you in Louisville!

APH and Orbit Research "Touched Tomorrow" at Special AER International Event

APH touched on three groundbreaking digital braille and tactile graphics technologies in July at a special session at the AER International Conference in Jacksonville. We showcased the following upcoming products, including an exclusive, first time announcement of the Graphiti™, a dynamic multilevel tactile touch display!

  • Orbit Reader 20 logoOrbit Reader 20™: A 20-cell refreshable braille device with a breakthrough low cost! Use as a stand-alone device or connect to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Available this fall!

  • BrailleBlaster logoBrailleBlaster™ Software (beta): A revolutionary editing tool for braille transcribers that gives them the ability to quickly and efficiently produce quality braille. Designed primarily for editing textbooks, BrailleBlaster helps braille producers ensure that every student has his or her braille textbooks on the first day of class.

  • 1/4-size prototype GraphitiGraphiti™ Refreshable Tactile Graphics Display: Graphiti is a revolutionary interactive display developed by Orbit Research in collaboration with the American Printing House for the Blind. Graphiti allows students and adults to access a wide variety of on-screen graphics by touch, including pie charts, bar graphs, geometric forms, maps, floor-plans, flow-charts, line drawings, and dynamic graphical content. The Graphiti’s breakthrough technology allows graphics to be depicted by means of an array of variable-height pins. To change to the next graphic, the pins on the refreshable display move up and down to create a tactile representation of the graphic. The Graphiti can display topographical maps and other features such as grey levels and colors.

APH invites you to learn more about these exciting, upcoming products. We will be field testing both BrailleBlaster software and the Graphiti display in the next few months. Please watch the APH News for the qualifications needed to be a field tester.

Back-to-School Shopping Tool! List of Recommended APH Products for Programs Serving Students with Visual Impairment, 2016-2017

Every year APH’s Janie Blome, Director, Field Services Department, assembles a handy document listing many Quota-available APH educational products by category. This listing is designed to help educational programs forecast purchases to meet student needs for the upcoming school year.

The full Recommended Products List 2016-17 showcases hundreds of educational products—all items on this list are available for purchase with federal Quota funds! Remember: the federal Quota funds spending deadline is September 30.

Featured New Products Available with Federal Quota Funds!

Learn more about a featured product from each category in the Recommended Products List:

Early Childhood

Joy Player

Easy-to-load, switch-activated music player makes listening to MP3 and WAV files accessible to individuals who are developing fine motor skills, have limited mobility, or cognitive disability in addition to a visual impairment.

Itinerant and Classroom Teachers: Elementary

Touch, Label, and Learn Poster: Human Skeleton (Anterior View)

This kit provides an interactive presentation for reviewing the names, locations, and relationships of human skeletal bones.

Itinerant and Classroom Teachers: Secondary

Orion TI-30XS MultiView Talking Scientific Calculator

A fully-accessible handheld scientific calculator — a modified TI-30XS MultiView that adds accessibility and additional controls.

Dormitory/After School Programs/Home

Interactive U.S. Map with Talking Tactile Pen

This interactive map with talking tactile pen is a dynamic learning tool for accessing information about the 50 states, with multiple layers of audio information for each location touched with the pen.

Multiple Disabilities/Deafblind

Labeling, Marking, and Organization A Self-Help Guide for Persons After Vision Loss

This book with accompanying recordings of the text on CDs teaches you to organize with and without labeling, and to create customized marking systems. Vision rehabilitation therapists can use the book as homework for their consumers — and consumers can use this book on their own.

Adults with Multiple Disabilities

Orientation and Mobility for Wheelchair Users with Visual Impairment or Blindness

This web-based publication helps O&M instructors learn how to train students who are wheelchair users to travel safely and effectively.

Adult Life

ReadWrite mini

Similar to APH’s ReadWrite Stand but smaller, this stand helps large print users with positioning and lighting material to optimize the reading experience.

2016 APH School Supplies List

Part of the fun of going back to school is those fresh, new school supplies each year. Follow the links below to stock up on your favorites!

Bold Line Writing Materials

  • Bold Line Spiral Notebooks and Paper
  • Green-Lined Writing Paper for Primary Students

Braille Writing Materials

  • Braille Paper
  • Braille Notebooks and Binders
  • Braille Pocket Folders and Dividers
  • Super Size Folders
  • Embossed and Bold Line Graph Sheets

Braille Writing Devices

  • Braille Erasers
  • Braille Styluses
  • Floppy Braille Binders

Hand Writing Materials

  • Embossed Pencil Writing Paper

Computer Literacy

  • Jaws and MAGic Student Edition

Assistive Technology and Electronics

  • Stereo Headphones

FAQs: JAWS and MAGic Student Edition

One-Year Subscription: D-11000-ED — $300.00

This spring, Freedom Scientific and the American Printing House for the Blind partnered to make a “JAWS® and MAGic® Student Edition” available to K-12 students in the U.S. using Federal Quota funds! These special software subscriptions are sold exclusively by APH and allow students to install full versions of JAWS and/or MAGic on ANY computer they access at school or home (up to three machines).

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about these exciting subscriptions. For complete information, visit our full JAWS and MAGic Student Edition page.

What Are JAWS and MAGic?

  • JAWS is the world’s most popular screen reader software providing access to Windows® computers.
  • MAGic Screen Magnification Software is a magnification AND screen reading program for computer users who are low vision.

What Is Included in the Student Edition of JAWS and MAGic?

  • Full versions of both programs
  • Access to latest versions with all updates
  • Ability to install on any computers the student accesses at school or home (up to three machines)
  • Tandem function available for remote help by teachers or support staff
  • Access to Freedom Scientific phone support, training materials, and webinars

What Are the Installation and Licensing Terms for the Student Edition?

  • 12-month period begins from the date of the first device authorization
  • Subscription includes three authorizations and resets on request
  • A countdown in the software lets the user know the DAYS remaining in the annual subscription. A future update to JAWS Student will let the user know which YEAR of a subscription is installed (i.e., Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, etc.)
  • New serial number will be issued for each yearly subscription and each serial number will have a one-year life from the date the first key is installed on a device. Three keys will be available to each student so they can install software on computers at school and home.
  • Subscriptions are registered in the student’s name each year, and the subscription travels with the student if he or she changes schools

Can a Student Gain Access to the full JAWS/MAGic Home Edition?

  • Yes, after purchasing four years of the Student Edition. Please see the full information page for details.

What Purchasing Information Do I Need to Know?

  • JAWS and MAGic Student Edition is distributed only through the American Printing House for the Blind in the United States and Canada
  • Federal Quota funds can be used in the U.S. to purchase from APH for eligible students in K-12
  • Software can be purchased for students with non-Quota funds from APH
  • Ex Officio Trustees can submit a signed Quota order to APH by fax or mail. The order can be for one or more JAWS/MAGic Student Edition one-year subscriptions. Note: JAWS/MAGic cannot be ordered directly via
  • JAWS Student licenses may be purchased any time during the year, and multiple licenses may be purchased on a single Quota order. You will receive the Serial Number(s) and Authorization Code(s) shortly after placing your order, but you may choose to hold these and activate them at a later date.


The magnification product you’ve been asking for is coming soon from APH, in partnership with Freedom Scientific! Sold exclusively by APH, the Video Mag HD, is a portable, handheld video magnifier that can enlarge an image from two to 13 times its size. Student field testers loved the auto-focus camera that provides sharp HD-quality images that can be effortlessly viewed on its full-color, 4.3-inch LCD screen. The Video Mag HD offers five default color modes, and 15 additional contrasting color modes that can easily be enabled to give your student the contrast combination he or she needs.

The Video Mag HD offers a fold-away handle that has been ergonomically improved to fit the smaller hands of students. It allows the student to hold the magnifier close to an object, press the magnification buttons for continuous zoom (2x to 13x with the handle open, or 4x to 10x with the handle closed), and then freeze the screen image. This is handy to view clothing labels, prescription labels, price tags, smartphone screens, menus, and more.

Video Mag HD saves and stores nearly 80 images that can easily be transferred to a computer through a simple USB connection. The new Video Mag HD comes in the winning favorite color, "Terrific Turquoise!" Available with Federal Quota funds!

Orion TI-30XS and Orion TI-84 Plus Firmware Maintenance Updates

Great news! There are new firmware updates for the Orion TI-30XS MultiView™ Talking Scientific Calculator and Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator. These updates notably improve the functionality of both calculators. The updates are free and available online. Links for both calculators to the Upgrades, What’s New, and Email lists are listed in the table below.

Calculator What’s New Website Firmware Update and Instructions Email
Orion TI-30XS Orion TI-30XS What’s New Orion TI-30XS 1.00.12 Update email hidden; JavaScript is required
Orion TI-84 Plus Orion TI-84 Plus What’s New Orion TI-84 Plus 2.00.41 Update email hidden; JavaScript is required

Before you perform the upgrade, check your version of the calculator. For the Orion TI-30XS, if the version is lower than 1.00.12, we suggest you perform the upgrade. For the Orion TI-84 Plus, if you do not hear a Firmware version while arrowing through the Preferences, or if the version is lower than 2.00.41, we suggest you perform the upgrade. (See table for links to update instructions.)

We would also like to invite users of the Orion TI-30XS and Orion TI-84 Plus to join one of our low-traffic email lists, where we answer questions, announce updates, and receive input from you. To subscribe to one or both of the email lists, send a blank email to the address listed in the table.

Digital Large Print Textbooks: Order New or Existing Titles for Back-to-School!

APH’s Accessible Tests and Textbooks Department offers hundreds of large print textbooks for digital download!

These electronic large print textbooks are created using APH’s exclusive accessibility process and are available for purchase through the File Repository of the Louis Database. Books are in PDF format and may be read on Kindle®, iPad®, laptop, or many other digital readers.

High Quality Large Print at a Substantial Savings

APH digital large print textbooks are high quality, less costly, and available more quickly than hard copy editions! APH digital large print textbooks feature the complete content of the original print edition, formatted for improved accessibility. All textbooks use minimum 18 point print, enlarged images, and a color palette designed for clarity. The digital format provides greater portability and convenience for the user. Many of these digital editions now feature image descriptions. Download a sample chapter of a large print book file:

Field Testers Needed for a Prototype Biology Product!

APH needs TVIs to evaluate a prototype of a new biology product called Build-A-Cell. This product introduces the concept of the basic unit of life, the cell, and its component parts and organelles. Models of three different types of cells are presented: animal, plant and bacterial. Three full color thermoformed cell templates depict the boundary structures of each cell type. An array of full color thermoformed organelles is also presented, from which students can choose to build each cell type. An instruction manual provides guidance for use. This is an interactive, hands-on model that supports the goals of the Next Generation Science Standards for middle school to high school students.

If you have students who can participate in this field test evaluation during the fall (November – December) of 2016, please email the following information to Rachel White at email hidden; JavaScript is required

  • Your full name
  • Your professional title
  • School or Agency name
  • School or Agency mailing address including city, state, and zip (postal) code
  • Email address
  • Best phone number to reach you
  • Number of your students who could participate

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please contact

Rosanne Hoffmann
STEM Project Leader
email hidden; JavaScript is required

New PE Website Feature!

Current status of physical education at schools for the blind in the USA

Schools for the blind provide well-rounded education programs that include services specifically designed for individuals with visual impairments. However, little is known about current physical education practices at schools for the blind from a research perspective. This information, first presented at the 2016 AER International Conference by Lauren Lieberman, Ph.D., the College at Brockport, and Justin Haegle, Ph.D., Old Dominion University, is a wealth of information guaranteed to make physical education teachers and administrators explore their own characteristics, practices, and facilities.

Back-to-School Memories from APH Staff

APH Project Leader Karen Poppe as a young girl
Karen Poppe

Memories of the first day of school are special for all of us, including APH staffers. Read ahead to a collection of stories from the folks behind all those wonderful products and services:

Favorite things about going back to school were the simple things….getting everything shiny and new (folders, markers, pencil cases), meeting new teachers, riding the school bus (liked sitting on the seat over the back wheel with the hump), anything art related, and seeing friends again from the previous school year. I was super bashful and a bit scared when I started kindergarten, but my teacher was really nice and made my first school experience a positive one. Her last name was Casper. I remember she always signed her name with a friendly ghost drawing beside it…like the popular TV cartoon character (way back in the 1960s!). I remember making my own kindergarten graduation cap shown in this photo. —Karen Poppe, Research Department

As a military brat overseas in Germany, my best memories of back to school revolved around the Sears and JC Penney’s catalogs and the summer “Christmas before School” that we enjoyed. I am not even sure how early in the year my mom started letting us to pick out stuff in the catalogs, but I always remember the big box we got in the mail and opening all the cool new clothes just before school started. With the internet and next day delivery, I am not sure kids realize what expectation really is anymore, but my brothers and I definitely knew.—Ken Perry, Technology Research Department

I was always excited to open up my new English Literature textbook to see what stories and novellas it contained. I would then begin reading them as soon as I got home.—Julia Myers, Resource Services and NIMAC

I remember in the second grade my dad cut my bangs and they were so crooked that even my mom didn’t want me to go to school! When I got there, two of my friends’ bangs were as bad as mine, so we thought it was funny.—Jane Thompson, Accessible Tests and Texts

My favorite back to school memory is not actually about the first day of school, but instead a day a few weeks earlier in the summer. Our school district sent out post cards to tell students in elementary who their teacher would be each year. I remember waiting very impatiently for those cards to come. On the day they arrived, there was always the rush of excitement when you got the teacher you wanted, or the knot of dread when it was a different teacher! My friends and I would pour out of our houses and roam the neighborhood, checking to see who would be in our class. It was always a relief when you found out your “bestie” would be in the same class!—Janie Blome, Field Services

I don’t have a first day of school story, but a moment of glory in the 3rd grade is when some buddies of mine and I built a time machine for a school talent show! It was a refrigerator box with dials and lights. I don’t remember the skit exactly, but it involved historical figures. We were quite proud of the “machine.”—Scott Blome, Communications

In fourth grade, I volunteered to help my grade with class pictures. I handed out combs and made sure everyone’s hair was neat and clothes were smoothed out. When pictures came back, my mother reprimanded me for having messy hair and a collar that stuck up in all directions—apparently no one was making sure that I looked neat and tidy!—Dorinda Rife, Services and Products

Quick Tips Corner: Top 8 Back-to-School Quick Tips

Back to school time is always so rad! You get to wear new clothes, use new school supplies, and you can’t WAIT to see your friends again to gossip about the adventures you had over the long, hot summer. And that’s just the TEACHERS (ha)! The students are excited this time of year as well!

Here at Quick Tips HQ, we are just as delighted as you are about this new academic year! We’re counting down the top 8 Quick Tips that are school-related. Check them out below — and yes, "this’ll be on the test!"

1. Looking for a great way to reinforce students’ recognition of basic words? All Aboard! The Sight-Word Activity Express!

2-5. This is not ONE Quick Tip – it’s a collection of FOUR about Sense of Science:

6. Number 6 isn’t about an APH product – instead, it’s a video about our Mathematics Common Core Standards Website, an invaluable resource located at

7. Let’s not forget the arts! Here’s a Quick Tip describing Time for Art.

8. We end our list with one of APH’s most versatile products, the All-In-One Board.

These are just a few of our Quick Tips that deal directly with school. Lots more are located at

Treasures From the APH Libraries

The APH Barr Library supports research initiatives at APH, while the Migel Library is one of the largest collections of nonmedical information related to blindness in the world. Although the collections do not circulate, arrangements can be made to use the materials on-site. In addition, an ongoing digitization effort means APH will continue to make materials available through the online catalog at

From the Migel Library:

Items from across the world can be found in the Migel Library’s Schools for the Blind and Visually Impaired category at Internet Archive. Often thoroughly illustrated with photographs, books in several languages present a rich history of schools for visually impaired students. Presented below are links to ten of the most diverse items found under the category.

APH is working with the Internet Archive to digitize portions of the M.C. Migel Library. Search the phrase “full text” to find these items at The digitized texts are available in a variety of formats, including DAISY, Kindle, EPUB, PDF, etc.

Contact Library staff: email hidden; JavaScript is required, 800-223-1839, ext. 705

Social Media Spotlight

Check Out Our New Pinterest Boards Featuring the ECC!

Have you discovered all the exciting products and information for people who are blind and visually impaired that we’ve pinned to our APH Pinterest boards? Recently we added six new boards, now giving us a board for each area of the Expanded Core Curriculum. The six newest boards include: Daily Living and Social Interaction, Communication Modes and Literacy Education, Orientation and Mobility (Concept Development), Career Education and Transition, Self-Determination, and Recreation and Leisure. To explore all of our Pinterest content, follow us at Happy pinning!

"Like" APH at Our Facebook Page!

We invite you to visit our Facebook page and "Like" us! You can find APH at these social media sites: Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, and at our blog, Fred’s Head from APH.

APH Welcomes New Ex Officio Trustees

Complete directory of Ex Officio Trustees of APH

  • Matthew Tseronis with the Division for the Visually Impaired in Delaware and the State Department of Education in Delaware
  • Kathy Segers with the Tennessee School for the Blind
  • Dana Kimbro with the Royer-Greaves School for the Blind
  • Cheryl Heibeck with the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons
  • Edward Bosso with the Perkins School for the Blind-Infants and Toddlers
  • Robert Hair with The Maryland School for the Blind
  • Scott McCallum with the Washington State School for the Blind
  • Kathy Goodin-Mitchell with the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind
  • Patrick McCall with the Perkins School for the Blind-School Programs
  • Anne Wong with the Massachusetts Department of Education – PNP
  • Lee Brinkley-Bryan with the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
  • Steven Buras with the South Dakota Department of Education

APH Sizzlin’ Summer Savings Sale

Load up a world of savings on selected APH products with APH’s Sizzlin’ Summer Savings Sale 2016, July 1—September 30. As always, first come, first served.

Catalog Number Change for VisioBook

1-03913-01 — $2,750.00

There has been a change in the catalog number for the popular VisioBook® Portable Electronic Magnifier and Distance Viewer. The functions of the VisioBook have not changed, but please place future orders using the new catalog number. The difference is that the new catalog number ends in an "-01" instead of "-00."

VisioBook is a high-quality, portable, full-color reading device for visually impaired users of all ages and it IS available with Quota funds! In addition, we recently dropped the price of the VisioBook by $250. Consider VisioBook for yourself or your students today!

NEW! EZ Track Calendar 2017: A Low Vision Appointment Book and Calendar with Binder

1-07900-17 — $59.00

EZ Track Calendar 2017: Insert Pages Only: 1-07901-17 — $54.00

EZ Track is a multi-faceted line of low vision products to help you get organized…and stay that way!

Designed for people with low vision, EZ Track products utilize large print of at least 18 points, easy-to-use binder formatting, and special accessories as aids in organizing important day-to-day activities. There are four products in the EZ Track series: Address Book, Calendar, Financial Record Keeper, and Medical Record Keeper.

This calendar offers a systematic and organized way of keeping track of appointments, holidays, and other events.

Each large print page holds four days, with enough room to write notes and appointments. The calendar comes with a three-ring binder.

APH Travel Calendar

on the road with APH


August 2-3, 2016
NIP: Building on Patterns: Strategies & Products for Developing Skills in Reading & Braille
Baton Rouge, LA

August 3-4, 2016
NIP: Math with Susan Osterhaus
Louisville, KY

August 8-10, 2016
Association of Vision Rehabilitation Therapist Professional Development Conference
Birmingham, AL

August 11-12, 2016
IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations)
Louisville, KY

August 17-20, 2016
International DeafBlind Expo 2016
Orlando, FL

August 18-25, 2016
World Blind Union-International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (WBU-ICEVI) 2016
Orlando, FL

August 22-25, 2016
2016 BVA National Convention
Milwaukee, WI


September 1, 2016
Northern KY Tactile Graphics Training

September 7-9, 2016
KY Rehabilitation Association Meeting
Lexington, KY

September 16, 2016
7th Annual Independence Science Learning A New Direction (IsLAND) Conference
Lafayette, IN

September 22-23, 2016
NIP: Building on Patterns: Strategies & Products for Developing Skills in Reading & Braille
Tampa, FL

September 24, 2016
Family Conference
Columbus, OH

September 30, 2016
VRATE 2016
Glendale, AZ


October 9-11, 2016
STEM Symposium 2016
Anaheim, CA

October 14-15, 2016
NIP: Adapted Physical Education Workshop
Louisville, KY

October 18-20, 2016
Division of Early Childhood Conference Registration
Louisville, KY

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