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APH News: August 2017

Your monthly link to the latest information on the products, services, and training opportunities from the American Printing House for the Blind.

Exciting New APH Products Announced!

Cover of 'Bear Hunt' features a drawing of colorful trees with red trunks and stylized green mountains in the background.

Read on to learn about these new products – now available!

Coming in August:
MATT Connect: Smart Tablet-Based Magnifier

NOTE: This offer has recently been extended until December 31, 2017!

Special Offer: Order MATT Connect by September 29!

APH and HumanWare are pleased to announce a special offer for all customers who purchase a MATT Connect from APH between now and September 29, 2017. Our partnership agreement allows HumanWare to include an Extended Care Plan, a $300 value, at no extra charge for this limited time! The Extended Care Plan increases the included one-year warranty by an additional year. Protect your investment at no extra charge: order now to receive this special offer! Expires Friday, September 29th.

We recently announced APH’s partnership with HumanWare™ to offer the MATT Connect™, an educational, smart tablet magnifier for the connected student. We’re pleased to announce that MATT Connect will be available in August. MATT Connect will be available using federal Quota funds!

MATT Connect

The MATT Connect is a magnifier, distance viewer, and an educational tablet with pre-loaded software – all in one device! MATT Connect is an APH/HumanWare partner product.

With MATT Connect, Students Can:

  • Magnify a print document
  • Read a book from an online library
  • Conduct internet research
  • View a distant or connected smartboard in a classroom
  • Write and email assignments
  • Take a test
  • Much more!


MATT Connect (Magnifier And Tablet Together) is a learning hub for students with low vision. A few of the many features include:

  • Lightweight, sturdy, and extremely portable
  • 12-inch full HD touchscreen, removable from the stand
  • Live HD 1-24x magnification with intelligent LED illumination
  • Capture and save single or multiple pages, providing accurate OCR with 1-80x magnification
  • Audio reading option for dual-modal learning
  • Diamond Edge fonts with perfect clarity
  • Powerful wireless camera for distance viewing, up to 40 magnification
  • Pre-installed: APH educational app Nearby Explorer™ Online (with additional APH apps coming in the future), Google Suite apps, Dropbox, a book reader with access to libraries such as Bookshare® (subscription may be required), and many more
  • Open Android™ platform provides access to 1,500,000 additional apps Smart Tablet-Based Magnifier


  • MATT Connect unit
    • USB Cable
    • Power Supply Cable
    • Anti-glare sheet
    • Transportation Bag
    • Quick Start Guide, Large Print
    • User Guide, Large Print
    • One-year limited warranty
  • Camera for Distance Viewing
    • USB Cable
    • Power Supply Cable
    • Wrist Strap
    • Camera Stick
    • Quick-Start Guide, Large Print
    • User Manual, Large Print
    • One-year limited warranty
    • Service Card
  • Folding Stand
    • Protective Carrying Case
photo of a MATT Connect

NEW! Indoor Explorer
An Experimental Feature of Nearby Explorer iOS

Order Nearby Explorer iOS

Nearby Explorer™ is a full-featured GPS app for iOS® and Android™ devices that empowers you to independently explore with confidence – iOS version now features Indoor Explorer!

Nearby Explorer™ is a powerful location exploration app that uses onboard maps; it includes complete maps for the United States and Canada covering millions of points of interest (POIs). Nearby Explorer uses GPS and your phone’s compass to speak real-time information about your surroundings. It also displays maps on the screen that provide audio feedback with touch.

Indoor Explorer: Indoor Navigation Made Easier!

Indoor Explorer is a new feature of the Nearby Explorer iOS app, now available in an experimental version. In the future, the Android™ version of Nearby Explorer will include Indoor Explorer. Indoor Explorer helps you navigate within supported venues that have been mapped and equipped with beacons. This exciting new feature has similar functions to the outdoor Nearby Explorer — it allows you to independently learn about the location of entrances, rooms, elevators, restrooms, and more and then navigate to those locations.

Indoor Explorer makes use of beacons and indoor information stored in the OpenStreetMap® database. The app looks up the beacon’s latitude, longitude, and floor number. It also looks up points of interest on that floor of the building and reports their name, distance, and position as you move, or it lets you use the GeoBeam or Compass feature to point your device to locations inside the building. When using the app indoors, the compass, in addition to reporting the direction, names all the building features in that direction.

Beacons for Indoor Location

photo of a yellow beacon
Indoor Explorer allows detailed navigation within buildings that have been mapped and equipped with beacons.

Indoor Explorer takes advantage of small beacons that periodically transmit brief bursts of data. The app can correlate each beacon’s identification with information about its precise location. Indoor Explorer uses this information along with the signal strength of the beacon and other beacons that may be in the vicinity to help determine your location. Once the app has a location, it can access points of interest (POIs) just as it does with the outdoor features.

Indoor Explorer Is Here, Free to Purchasers of Nearby Explorer!

APH has released a free update to Nearby Explorer for iOS that includes an experimental version of Indoor Explorer. The number of buildings that have currently been mapped and equipped with beacons is small, but growing. We are interested in feedback from users about this exciting new technology!

WARNING: When walking, Nearby Explorer/Indoor Explorer should be used along with a sighted guide, dog guide, or cane because it does not provide sufficient information to act as a substitute for your preferred O&M method.

NEW! Bear Hunt, Print-Braille Tactile Book, UEB

6-77955-00 — $299.00

Cover of 'Bear Hunt' features a drawing of colorful trees with red trunks and stylized green mountains in the background.

Rich tactile illustrations invite exploration and offer important learning opportunities for young children.

"We’re going on a Bear Hunt…" begins this award-winning tactile version of the classic American chant, created for APH by Les Doigts Qui Rêvent (LDQR). The book is a wonderful romp through tactile landscapes that invite children on a multisensory expedition toward a bear’s cave.

As the reader journeys across the page, sliding a small token along a path, fingers encounter waving grass, a silken stream, a squishy marsh, trunks of trees, and slippery (You can hear it scrunch!) "snow." Feeling inside the cave reveals a furry face with big eyes, a soft nose–and sharp teeth! Children are sure to identify this quickly, then run for home, where they can open the door, lock it, and hide beneath the bedcovers.

A High-Quality Book

Each book’s manufacture involves 30 minutes of sewing and additional hours to cut, shape and attach the diverse textures and objects that form the colorful collage style illustrations.

In addition to tactually engaging and visually attractive illustrations, the print/braille text offers chances for children to say the repeated phrases and fun words (swish swish!, splish splash!, squish squash!) that are part of the chant’s oral tradition. The repetition of positional words–over, under, across, through–supports concept development.

A Foundation for Literacy

Altogether, this is an exceptional book for building a foundation for early literacy and provides the perfect recipe to stir up a desire to read in young emergent and early braille readers, as well as readers of all ages and visual abilities.

NEW! Explorer Bright Ray Kit

1-08943-00 — $79.00

Replacement Item

Large Print: 7-08943-00 — $19.00

Optional Item

LEDs Manual:
Braille: 5-08943-00 — $19.00

photo of a young girl reading by the light of Explorer Bright Ray

The Explorer Bright Ray is a new head-worn LED lamp to help adults and students with many activities!

Example Uses for Explorer Bright Ray

  • Light a pathway when traveling at night
  • Light up text to be read
  • Light up a dark closet to find clothing
  • Light up a dark cupboard
  • Light up a task area to do close work
  • See objects in near-exploration activities

Explorer Bright Ray Features

  • 3 light intensity settings
  • Adjustable angle
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Very low energy usage
  • Unbreakable lens
  • 2000 candela peak beam
  • Water resistance
  • 53 hours continuous service
  • Latest LED bright technology

Explorer Bright Ray Includes

  • Hat and carrying case
  • Elaine Kitchel’s latest book on LED lighting for low vision

Field Tester Comments about Explorer Bright Ray

"Hey, I can use both my hands to work on my art project!"
"I don’t have to hold a flashlight to read."
"Now I can see what’s in my closet!"
"This thing is good for inside AND outside."
"Now I can play outside at night with my friends."

NEW! ECC Icon Poster

1-08205-00 — $64.00

Related Product

Quick & Easy Expanded Core Curriculum: 1-08204-00 — $46.00

Photo of the ECC icon poster

The ECC Icon Poster promotes general awareness of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

The ECC Icon Poster is a wall-sized print/tactile poster that lists the Expanded Core Curriculum skills important for the specialized instruction of blind and visually impaired students. Each skill area is represented with a tactile/print icon and print/braille description. The nine skill areas include: Assistive Technology, Career Education, Compensatory Skills, Independent Living, Orientation and Mobility, Recreation and Leisure, Self-Determination, Sensory Efficiency, and Social Interaction.

The poster is complemented by a separate 2-page large print flyer (with a separate braille version) that provides a very detailed description of each ECC skill area. The content of this flyer was reprinted, with minor modifications, with permission from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The visual/tactile icons are a carryover from the Quick & Easy ECC: The Hatlen Center Guide (available from APH).

The ECC Icon Poster measures 18 1/2 x 22 1/2 inches and has a die-cut hole for convenient hanging in a classroom setting. Prominently display this attractive and accessible poster to remind individuals (teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, etc.) working directly with students who are blind and visually impaired, as well as those unfamiliar with the ECC, of the importance of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Order Fall 2017 Textbooks Now!

Painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River with the slogan 'order fall 2017 textbooks now!' superimposed on the right side

Help us help YOU receive your textbooks on time! Place your textbook orders as early as possible. We currently have the capacity to take on plenty of orders. If your Quota funds are running low, don’t worry. We will work with you to make sure the order gets placed, regardless of your Quota fund balance.

Spend your Quota dollars with this "Handy List" of Recent New Products!

Photo of the Protein Synthesis Kit

We are quickly approaching a fresh, new school year, as well as the deadline for Quota spending: Friday, September 29.

One tool you can use to make purchases decisions is APH’s "Handy List" of all new APH products released in the last two years. This list includes kits, manuals, parts, and more. Almost all of these products are available for Quota purchase. We will be sending out additional suggested purchase lists in the coming weeks. Happy shopping!

APH Sizzlin’ Summer Savings Sale

Load up a world of savings on selected APH products with APH’s Sizzlin’ Summer Savings Sale 2017, July 1—September 30. As always, first come, first served.

Braille Badges Contest is Next Month!

examples from the collection of braille badges include dog guides wearing holiday hats and several speech bubbles with phrases in braille and roman letters

Teachers, encourage your students to show their creativity by entering this fun contest.

We will accept entries September 1-30. Please submit them to or visit our landing page at

Braille Badges were launched in November, 2016, and are available for download on the Apple App Store.

Remember, first place winners will receive one of the following APH products: Nearby Explorer, Draftsmen, Web Chase, Interactive U.S. Map w/ talking pen, or Picture Maker and Game Kit. Second and third place winners will receive a certificate and a $50 or $25 voucher good toward APH products. All contestants will have their submission created and added to the Braille Badges archive for download.

If you have questions, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

APH’s Websites: We Want Your Feedback on Accessibility!

When accessing the web, are you a synthetic speech user, screen magnification user, or user of other accessible technologies? APH would like your feedback on the accessibility of our websites! If you have thoughts about the accessibility of the following:,, or, please email your comments to email hidden; JavaScript is required. We appreciate your time!

Field Tests and Surveys

What Makes a Community Accessible?

This is your last chance to participate in our accessibility survey and enter for the chance to win an Orbit Reader 20—the survey closes August 18. We will be using your opinions to help shape APH’s accessibility priorities. You can take the survey at

Textbook Survey for Ex Officio Trustees and APH Friends

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we want to understand ordering trends this year for textbooks in braille, large print, and digital formats. Please take a few moments to answer this survey regarding your own textbook ordering, and please forward to any- and everyone in your professional sphere who orders textbooks for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

The survey will close on Monday, August 21st.

Many thanks!

APH needs Field Testers for the newly designed SALS App!

The Submersible Audible Light Sensor, or SALS, is now redesigned as an app for iOS devices (iOS 10 and above). SALS is a device that helps students with visual impairments participate more actively in science activities by detecting changing light levels and converting these signals to sound. SALS now comprises a light detecting probe and an iOS app connected via Bluetooth®. Activities specific for SALS will be included with the field test materials. If you are interested in participating in the field test for this prototype which we expect to take place in the fall of 2017, please send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required

In the email please include the following information:

  • First and last name
  • School or agency
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number

Thank you!

REGISTER NOW! "A Daring Adventure" – APH Annual Meeting 2017

A Daring Adventure! 149th Annual Meeting, October 12-14, 2017

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.” APH is committed to turning our faces toward change and embracing the daring adventure that is the future.

Join us at the APH Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, October 11–14 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville. You’ll find enough adventures to last a life time as you explore new products, services, processes, technology, trainings, initiatives, and related meetings. You’ll also meet new colleagues and reconnect with old friends.

ACVREP Credit! New this year: ACVREP credit will be available for interested Annual Meeting attendees.

Register Today for Annual Meeting 2017!

Annual Meeting online registration is now open!.

Make Your Room Reservations NOW! – Beat the Ironmen to the Hotel!

We will be sharing the Louisville Hyatt Regency with competitors in the Louisville Iron Man again this year, so if you don’t want the adventure of trying to find a hotel room in downtown Louisville in October, please make your reservations NOW! APH has special conference rates of $157 per night for a single or double room, $167 per night for a triple room, and $177 per night for a quad room. These rates are available October 10–15, and you can make reservations using the following link:

Highlights of Annual Meeting Will Include:

  • State of the Company from APH’s president, Dr. Craig Meador
  • Round table discussions about a variety of topics important to you
  • Hands-on experience with new APH products
  • Opportunities to provide input on APH products in development
  • Training on APH products, services and initiatives
  • Special events and training for Ex Officio Trustees
  • APH InSights Art awards banquet
  • Hall of Fame induction ceremony
  • Much, much, more!

The 2017 Annual Meeting agenda is posted online for your review!

Our 2017 Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker

Jack Levine, Annual Meeting 2017 Keynote Speaker
Jack Levine

Jack Levine, founder of the 4Generations Institute, will present the keynote address at this year’s Annual Meeting.

After a 25-year tenure as president of Voices for Florida’s Children, a statewide advocacy network, Levine founded 4Generations Institute to promote intergenerational policies and innovative programs that benefit the young, their parents, and more experienced family members…also known as grandparents! He holds a master’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies from Purdue University and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Hunter College, City University of New York. Jack Levine promises a keynote that will be a “positive, emotional and inspiring address…with some humor and a sprinkling of tears.”

We look forward to seeing you in Louisville!

National Prison Braille Forum to Focus on Best Practices and Innovations

Photo of Forum guests watching a TED Talk on the projector screen

Once again this fall, APH will host the National Prison Braille Forum in conjunction with APH’s Annual Meeting. A day-long conference, the Forum will be held on October 11 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Louisville. Anyone who works with a braille production program within prison walls, or who would be interested in learning more about these programs, is invited and encouraged to attend. Several new prison braille programs are currently being launched, bringing the total nationwide to 40. We are hopeful that some of the more experienced program managers will share their expertise with these “beginners.”

The 17th annual Forum will focus on Best Practices and Innovations in prison braille programs, and we are currently gathering information about strengths and challenges for individual programs. Professionals from across the country with expertise in a variety of categories – recruiting and training inmate transcribers, business operations, and planning for transcriber release from prison – will offer guidance for those programs in need of information and mentorship. We will also spend time highlighting innovations in individual prison braille programs. The registration fee for the Forum is $30.

In addition to the day-long forum, APH staff will host a “welcome to Louisville” reception on the evening of October 10, and a tour of a prison braille program (Kentucky Correctional Industries Braille Services) near Louisville on the morning of Thursday, October 12. There is no charge for the welcome reception or the tour.

If you are interested in attending the Forum, please contact Becky Snider at email hidden; JavaScript is required, (502) 899-2357. Becky helps coordinate the Forum and related events, and she will send you a link to register via CVENT. For more information, contact either Becky or Nancy Lacewell, email hidden; JavaScript is required, (502)899-2339.

Nearby Explorer Becomes Hall of Famous!

Nearby Explorer logo features a globe and a white cane

APH is pleased to announce that in May 2017, Nearby Explorer was voted into the AppleVis Hall of Fame. AppleVis is a community-powered website for blind and low-vision users of Apple’s range of Mac products, providing resources for all things concerning accessibility. AppleVis has several eligibility requirements for Hall of Fame recognition. The application must be fully accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired, and demonstrate excellence in design, functionality and operation.

The AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame, which opened in 2011, is one of the ways in which the AppleVis community seeks to recognize and showcase developers of accessible iOS applications. From the AppleVis website: “Apps in the Hall of Fame can be liberating and empowering; life-changing; provide access to information that sighted users take for granted; or, in some cases, they can just be good fun!”

Building on Patterns Writers Meet to Continue Kindergarten Revision

The Building on Patterns (BOP) writing group returned to APH June 26-30 for the 14th annual summer gathering, which is composed of writers—who are also teachers of students with visual impairments—from across the country. This year the group reviewed feedback from the field test and expert review of the Prekindergarten level of BOP and worked on the Kindergarten level, including making vital decisions related to writing the lessons and assessment materials. Participants also heard presentations on APH’s technology products in development, to consider how innovative technology could supplement BOP, and explored other products in development.

group photo
Front: Jo Ellen Croft (AR), Robin Wingell (CA), Kate Dilworth (OR), Mary Filicetti (VA), Becky Peek (VA)
Rear: Izetta Read (CA), Cathy Senft-Graves (APH), Cay Holbrook (British Columbia), Sue Schimmelpfennig (OR), Kristen Buhler (OR), Luanne Blaylock (AR), Anna Swenson (VA)

STEM Corner

drawing of a green stem with five leaves

Happy Summer Everyone!

The Gizmos Building Set is a Learning Resources product made for kids 5 years and older. This set promotes STEM learning concepts and is available from for $36 and change. This fun building set comes with 83 pieces including gears, bases, springs and a propeller. Appropriate for kids with visual impairments and typical vision – try it and have STEM fun!

Gizmos Building Set

APH Welcomes New Ex Officio Trustees

  • Diane Tucker, the Lavelle School for the Blind
  • Denise Garabito Diaz, the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind of Puerto Rico
  • Lisa Craig, the Hawaii Center for the Deaf and the Blind, as well as the Hawaii Department of Education
  • Patricia Beecher, the New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped

Here’s a handy link to the full directory of Ex Officio Trustees.

APH on the Road

2017 American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention in Reno, Nevada

photo of the APH booth at the Reno ACB conference

APH had a strong presence at the 2017 American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention, which was held in Reno, Nevada from July 1–5. Along with APH President, Craig Meador, Dawn Eadens and Corinne Fischer from Customer Service, Maria Delgado and Kerry Isham Field Services, and Denise Snow and Liz Schaller from Resource Services were all in attendance, taking part in a variety of ways – from presenting to exhibiting to meeting with and interviewing attendees. The highlight of the APH booth was the cutting-edge, affordable braille reader called the Orbit Reader 20. Twenty lucky conference attendees won a raffle to be among the first ever to purchase this new device!

APH at the AER O&M Conference in Pittsburgh, PA

APH's Keith Creasy speaking to the attendees

APH served as a major sponsor and was represented in a number of capacities in Pittsburgh, PA at the 2017 AER Orientation and Mobility Conference. The event took place from July 19 through July 22, and attracted approximately 450 attendees. Staff members from APH included Craig Meador, APH President; Dorinda Rife, Vice President of Educational Services Product Development; Anne Durham, Vice President of Marketing; Janie Blome and Kerry Isham of Field Services; Keith Creasy and Denise Snow of Technology Product Research; Laura Zierer, Karen Poppe, and Amy Parker of Educational Product Research; and Liz Schaller of Resource Services. APH served as a vendor, hosted several information and networking events, conducted interviews for an ongoing accessibility project, and a number of staff members presented sessions. The convention also served as a testing environment for the Indoor Explorer feature of APH’s Nearby Explorer app, an exciting navigation tool which is currently in development.

Treasure From the Migel Library

"Bird Castle Built by a Blind Man." Literary Digest (1921)

photo of the Migel collection item--the illustration of the bird house and the short paragraph that accompanies it

Although his work on behalf of birds is impressive, it is not the content of this article about Mr. Timmons that is striking. It is instead the care and detail that was put into building the Migel Library collection that the item illustrates. At only 92 words, it may be the shortest work held by the Library. But even this brief text and its single illustration were painstakingly removed from their parent publication, mounted, bound, and cataloged. Examples of obscure or forgotten articles such as this are innumerable in the collection. There is likely no other place in the world where each article has been sought out and cataloged in relation to its significance to visual impairment. This, and many other unique articles from the Migel Library, have been digitized by Internet Archive at

APH is working with the Internet Archive to digitize portions of the M.C. Migel Library. Search the phrase “full text” to find these items at The digitized texts are available in a variety of formats, including DAISY, Kindle, EPUB, PDF, etc.

Contact Library staff: email hidden; JavaScript is required, 800-223-1839, ext. 705

Social Media Spotlight

Social Media Spotlight logo

Remember When with Throwback Thursday

Are you a history buff? Are you curious to know what products people who are blind and visually impaired used in the past? Get a glimpse into the history of blindness, APH, itself, and sometimes history in general with our Throwback Thursday objects from our fascinating Museum. Each Thursday we preview the object on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram; the article with its full description appears on our “Fred’s Head from APH” blog.

A few recent #TBT objects include the Perkins-Binet Intelligence Test, the Student Speech Plus Calculator, an Arithmetic Slate, and A Tribute to Helen Keller. Take a virtual journey back in time with us each week through these fun artifacts.

"Like" APH at Our Facebook Page!

Facebook Logo

We invite you to visit our Facebook page and "Like" us! You can find APH at these social media sites: Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and at our blog, Fred’s Head from APH.

APH Braille Book Corner

APH offers a number of recreational books in braille (Quota funds can be used). Each of these titles was originally transcribed and produced by APH for the National Library Service which has graciously granted permission for this offering. As usual, these titles have been added to the APH Louis Database where you can find thousands of titles produced in accessible formats.

Note: all books are produced upon receipt of orders, therefore, please allow several weeks for delivery.

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline: T-N2134-70 — $215.50
2045. Multibillionaire James Halliday dies, leaving his last will and testament online for the world to see. His massive multiplayer online game OASIS has a hidden feature–an Easter egg–and the person who finds the egg first wins Halliday’s fortune. Grades 9-Up

Mr. Mercedes
by Stephen King: T-N2159-90 — $195.00
Job-fair applicants are mowed down by a man in a stolen Mercedes–and eight die. The killer later sends a letter to ex-cop Bill Hodges, who–with the help of two others–is determined to find him before he strikes again. Some Adult Content.

Flood of Fire
by Amitav Ghosh: T-N2126-10 — $302.00
It is 1839, and tension has been rapidly mounting between China and British India following the crackdown on opium smuggling by Beijing. With no resolution in sight, the colonial government declares war. One of the vessels requisitioned for the attack, the Hind, travels eastwards from Bengal to China, sailing into the midst of the First Opium War. Some Adult Content.

Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home
by Pope Francis: T-N2135-20 — $73.50
Pope Francis opens a dialogue with every person on the planet about our common home. This book outlines: the current state of our common home, the Gospel message as seen through creation, the human causes of the ecological crisis, Ecology and the common good, and Pope Francis’ call to action for each of us.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
by Marie Kondo: T-N2136-20 — $75.00
This best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing.

*Accelerated Reader quiz number, book level, and point value. For more information on the Accelerated Reader program, see the January 2006 APH News or

Quick Tips Corner: APH Apps for Back to School

Quick Tips Corner logo features a post with two street signs

In keeping with our back-to-school theme, let’s take a look at Quick Tips that feature apps for iOS and Android!

  • Math Robot – Practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills with this fun app for iOS devices!
  • Nearby Explorer’s GeoBeam – Nearby Explorer’s GeoBeam feature is a great way to learn what attractions and points of interest are within the periphery of your new school!
  • Visual Brailler – Available for your iPhone or iPad, this app is a braille writer and simple editor, and it has a place in every TVI’s toolbox!
  • Draw2Measure Protractor – Every geometry student needs this app for iOS! It provides two ways to measure angles.
APH Quick Tips logo: Short videos from APH

It’s the perfect time of year to make sure you have these helpful apps downloaded and ready to use! Check out more back-to-school-related Quick Tips at

And, as always, contact Kerry Isham at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have feedback on any APH Quick Tips.

APH Travel Calendar

on the road with APH


August 14-18, 2017
BVA 2017
Jacksonville, FL

September 15-17, 2017
Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association
Louisville, KY

November 15-16, 2017
Columbus, OH

November 17, 2017
VRATE 2017
Glendale, AZ

November 17-21, 2017
GVEST Conference
Macon, GA

November 26-28, 2017
Indiana AER
Spencer, IN


September 15, 2017
Independence Science Learning a New Direction-2017 IsLAND Conference
West Lafayette, IN

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