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APH News: February 2002

Congratulations to Bob Brasher, new Vice President of Products and Services!

Bob Brasher, new VP of Products and Services

Bob Brasher moved to Louisville from Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1998, and joined APH as Director of Educational and Advisory Services. In this capacity, he worked very closely with Ex Officio Trustees as he coordinated the Federal Quota Program, field services, and Ex Officio Trustee advisory committees and annual meetings (among many other responsibilities).

We are delighted to announce that Bob became APH’s Vice President of Products and Services on January 14. In this position, formerly held by Mary Nelle McLennan, Bob will direct and coordinate the activities of the departments of Educational and Advisory Services, Resource Services, Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration (ATIC), and Communications.

"We actively recruited Bob prior to his joining us in 1998," says Tuck Tinsley. "He has an outstanding reputation in our field and is an excellent model for us all. Bob gets things done. He is energetic, conscientious, and always has a positive attitude. Bob is passionate about the work we do at APH, and always looks for ways to improve our products and services. APH and our field are fortunate that the next chapter in Bob’s career of distinguished service will be as a vice president at APH."

Janie Humphries Serves as Interim Director of Advisory Services

Janie Humphries, Interim Director of Advisory Services

Since January 14, Janie Humphries, APH Field Services Representative, has served as Acting Director of Educational and Advisory Services. In this capacity, Janie has expanded her role with the field and encourages Trustees and others to contact her with questions and suggestions. You may reach Janie by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required, or by calling her at 800/223-1839, ext. 367.

Federal Quota Funds for 2002 Announced

The total amount of federal funds available for educational aids for 2002 is $11,705,627. Based on a registration of 56,699 students, our per capita Federal Quota funds for 2002 is an historic high of $206.45 per student.

APH Ex Officio Trustees will soon receive Federal Quota details based upon their annual census results.

Interested in learning more about Federal Quota? Visit Advisory Services and Federal Quota Info on the APH web site:

ATIC’s Jane Lyons Appointed to State Rehabilitation Council

ATIC's Jane Lyons

On January 15, 2002, Governor Paul E. Patton (KY) appointed Jane Lyons, Director of APH’s Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration, to serve a two-year term on the Kentucky Department for the Blind’s State Rehabilitation Council. Jane will join with state officials and consumers in providing guidance to the Kentucky Department for the Blind with a mandate of ensuring quality services to visually impaired residents in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Congratulations Jane!

Alabama Bound

APH Staff members Janie Humphries, Rodger Smith, and Mario Eiland presented at the annual state conference of the Alabama Federation of the Council for Exceptional Children, January 29, 2002, in Montgomery, AL. Janie presented an overview of APH products and services. Rodger and Mario provided an in-depth look at a number of APH technology products, including demonstrations of Talking Typer, Teacher’s Pet, Termite Torpedo, and others.

Virtual Hall of Fame Launched on APH Web Site

At the fall APH Annual Meeting, a nationally drawn committee of advisors proudly announced the development of the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field. Although the opening date for that venue is not yet set, the "Virtual Hall of Fame" ( is up and running on the APH web site.

We encourage you to visit the site often, and urge others to do the same. We hope you agree that the stories of these visionaries not only honor their accomplishments but remind us of our important history. We believe that these leaders inspire us to build upon their successes, thereby shaping our dreams of achievement for the future.

Thanks to APH’s Bill Brymer and Malcolm Turner for developing the site.

The APH Web Site Unveils OTHER New Features

The APH Web Site has recently undergone a facelift. Here is a brief overview of some of the new features that came online January 15, 2002.

Home Page — The new home page replaces the "APH Building Page." This allows visitors more immediate access to information. New content areas have been developed or combined based on user comments.

Navigation Features — A navigation bar has been added to the top of every page enabling visitors to automatically jump to major content areas. There is also a new section devoted to Web Help that contains FAQs, a Site Map, Search Tips, and other helpful hints for surfing

APH Studio Web — A new section of the web site, devoted entirely to the APH Studio. Visitors can listen to MP3 files of their favorite narrators, read narrator biographies, view pictures of monitors and narrators, and submit fan mail to their favorites.

Accessibility Features — A hidden "skip to content" link has been added to every page for visitors using screen readers. Coming soon — the new Museum Video is closed captioned for visitors who are deaf or hearing impaired. The Web Help section contains tips for enlarging fonts, and improving screen reader performance.

Product Pages — Have been redesigned in a new format that features shorter descriptive copy, links to some selected product brochures in .PDF, .TXT and .BRF formats, and links to product-specific articles in the Fred’s Head Database of Tips & Techniques.

Product Forum — A new online venue where visitors can share their thoughts about APH products, and creative product use ideas.

As always, visitors to the site are invited to share their ideas for web content or accessibility issues with APH. Please send your ideas to Bill Brymer at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 800/223-1839, ext. 399.


The APH Flea Market offers discounts on many overstocked and discontinued APH Products until the end of March. Continue to watch for "special deals" updated quarterly.

Carol Allman Joins Test Central

Dr. Carol B. Allman, recently retired administrator of special education programs in Florida, has joined the APH family as the lead consultant on a new initiative titled "Test Central." This project is designed to provide resources and assistance to testing personnel across the country to assure test accessibility in alternate media (braille, large print, audio, and electronic). Carol’s first major priority will be to draft national guidelines for editing tests in various media. She will also represent APH at a number of upcoming conferences and events including the AFB Solutions Forum, Jo Taylor Leadership Institute, CEC, CCSSO, and International AER.

In her spare time, Carol enjoys fishing and boating with her husband, Ken, and entertaining her two sons, their wives, her two granddaughters and a new grandson born in January. Carol says "APH was always there for me when I was a teacher and later as an administrator of special education programs. I am delighted to be on the inside of this agency to assist in continuing the tradition of service to the field of visual impairments."

Accessible Test Editors Needed

The inclusion of Carol Allman on a part-time basis as lead consultant to Test Central is absolutely thrilling! In addition, Test Central also has two permanent full-time positions as Accessible Test Editors available. Major duties of the test editors include editing and adapting tests into braille, tactile graphics, large print, recorded, and electronic formats to ensure educational integrity for blind and visually impaired students. Test editors will also write teacher’s notes to accompany adapted tests, review adapted tests, and assist in the development of test editing standards, style, and most promising practices. We encourage you to check Employment Opportunities for additional information.

If interested after reviewing criteria, please submit your cover letter and resume to Norma Fletcher, Director of Human Resources at APH. Direct questions or discussion concerning this position to Debbie Willis, Manager of Special Projects in Educational Research, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Registration Underway for Three Upcoming National Instructional Partnerships Events

"Students with Visual and Multiple Disabilities, Including Autism", Macon, GA, February 14 -15, 2002, will focus on strategies and interventions for identifying and serving children with visual impairments and autism, and on building communication skills for students with visual impairments and cognitive disabilities. Presenters for this event, hosted in partnership with the Georgia Academy for the Blind, will include Jay and Marilyn Gense, Oregon Department of Education, and consultant Millie Smith, retired from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

"Each One Teach One: Training ISAVE Trainers", Louisville, KY, April 15 – 16, 2002, will be held at the American Printing House for the Blind. Elaine Kitchel, Low Vision Project Leader and in-house developer of the Individualized Systematic Assessment of Visual Efficiency (ISAVE) program, will lead a team of APH staff members and others as they present the knowledge and skills needed to administer the ISAVE. Demonstrations, explanations, videos, hands-on activities and additional instruction will provide participants with the techniques necessary to effectively use the ISAVE with students, and to train others to do the same.

Because of the intensive nature of this training, we ask that those wishing to become ISAVE trainers have a minimum of two years experience performing functional vision evaluations. We especially want to invite qualified professionals interested in providing ISAVE training to other professionals in their area. APH certified trainers may be offered additional opportunities to provide workshops as paid APH consultants after this event.

Seating is limited to 60 participants, and this looks to be a "sold-out" event. If you would like to participate, please register now!

"Taking a Good Look at Cortical Visual Impairment", Memphis, TN, April 24 – 26, 2002, will feature techniques for identification, intervention and instruction for students with cortical visual impairment, along with demonstrations of appropriate materials and equipment. Dr. Christine Roman, of Marshall University, will share her vast experience and knowledge in working with cortically visually impaired children at this workshop, offered in partnership with the Arkansas School for the Blind, Arkansas Department of Education.

Registration materials or additional information for all three events is available on the web, or call Janie Humphries, Acting Director of Advisory Services, at 800/223-1839, ext. 367.

If you would like to partner with APH to sponsor an event through the National Instructional Partnership, contact Janie Humphries at the above number, or email her at email hidden; JavaScript is required. Please share information about these events with professionals and parents in your area!

CVI: The Sequel

In another exciting event, APH will return to Los Angeles, CA, August 27 – 29, 2002 to partner once again with EOT Vickie Liske and the Braille Institute of America to present a follow up workshop to last year’s highly successful Cortical Visual Impairment workshop with Dr. Christine Roman. This year’s conference will build on the skills and information presented in the 2001 event, but will also be meaningful and helpful to those attending for the first time.

Mark your calendars now and watch this space for more information about this exciting opportunity to learn more about meeting the needs of children with cortical visual impairment!


Here are three new products we want you to know about!

Art History Through Touch & Sound

  1. Art History Through Touch & Sound: Greek Art

    A fifth title has now been added to our unique Art History series. This multisensory system uses sight, sound, and touch to convey the richness of the world of art to people who are visually impaired. From Art Education for the Blind and APH.

    Complete Kit: 1-09006-00 — $99.00
    Additional Diagram Manual: 7-09006-00 — $75.00
    Replacement Teacher’s Supplement Disk: D-09006-00 — $5.00
    Optional Braille Teacher’s Supplement: 5-09006-00 — $49.00

    Other Art History Titles Available:

    • The Building Blocks of Art
    • The Art of Ancient Egypt
    • European Modernism: 1900-1940
    • African Art
  2. APH SoundPage

    An accessory to the On the Way to Literacy storybooks, the APH SoundPage allows young readers to create their own sound effects and recordings to accompany their favorite stories.

    Designed to be clipped into the 3-ring binder of any OTWL storybook, the APH SoundPage features a thermoformed plastic page slotted to hold up to three digital recording devices (basic set includes two devices). Each chip is able to record, store, and playback an eight-second message, sound clip, or effect.

    6-77505-00 — $32.00
    One Additional Digital Recording Device: 6-77505-01 — $ 9.00

  3. Brigance Diagnostic Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills (Green), Revised 1999: Student Braille Edition

    A criterion-referenced inventory that assesses, on an individual basis, a student’s strengths or weaknesses in specific skills. The Brigance® has been especially useful in support of IEP development and program planning.

    The revised 1999 edition spans grades pre-kindergarten through nine. The new student braille edition is designed to be used only in conjunction with the print test. Information on ordering the print inventory can be obtained from the publisher, Curriculum Associates®, Inc. (see below).

    Binder only: 5-00015-00…..$12.00

    For Individual Student Modules information, including costs, please visit the Brigance product page on our web site.

Thanks to the following APH staff members for their contributions to this effort: