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January 2007

Exciting New APH Products Announced!

Read on to learn about these new products – now available!

New Product Power Point Presentations

Watch for power point presentations on these three new products coming soon to the APH web site!

  • Web Chase
  • Setting the Stage for Tactile Understanding

Click on ‘Products’ on the APH Home Page, and then ‘Special Presentations About Selected APH Products’, to chose the power point you wish to view.

These power point presentations help the reader learn about the products and their uses. You will see photos, as well as information about what is included with the product, skills students can acquire by using the product, and any unique features it possesses.

National Instructional Materials Access Center Opens!

The opening of the NIMAC was celebrated with cake. From left to right: Bob Brasher, Julia Myers, Nicole Gaines, and Tuck Tinsley

At 12:00 a.m. on Sunday, December 3, 2006, the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) began operations!

The mission of the NIMAC is to serve as the national repository of publishers’ electronic files of print instructional materials in the National Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) format. The NIMAC is the conduit through which the NIMAS files are made available to authorized users who convert them into accessible textbooks for elementary or secondary school students with qualifying disabilities.

The NIMAC was established through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) of 2004, and it is funded by the United States Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Projects.

More information about NIMAS and NIMAC is available here:

Photo: The opening of the NIMAC was celebrated with cake. From left to right: Bob Brasher, Julia Myers, Nicole Gaines, and Tuck Tinsley

NIMAC January Update!

NIMAC: National Instructional Materials Access Center

In December, NIMAC registered state coordinators, authorized users, and accessible media producers with the NIMAC. Most of the large textbook publishers have also registered and already begun working with the NIMAC.

NIMAC offered seven web casts in December, providing instructions for registering state coordinators and authorized users. In January, NIMAC will ring in the New Year with a series of web casts on how to search for NIMAS files in the NIMAC and how to download the files or assign them to accessible media producers. The first round of web casts will be held on these dates and times:

  • Tuesday, January 9 at 3:00 PM ET.
  • Wednesday, January 10 at 10 AM ET.

Additional dates and times will be announced soon. To register, check the NIMAC web site for details or email The web casts are intended for NIMAC authorized users, or those who expect to be registered as authorized users.

Field Testers Needed for Brigance® IED-II

We are currently identifying field reviewers and field testing sites for the new braille and large print editions of Brigance® Inventory of Early Development-II (IED-II). Field testing will be carried out in early Spring 2007. The IED-II is a readiness skills assessment for children from birth to age 7. If you are an Early Interventionist, an O & M Specialist, a teacher of students who are visually impaired, a parent volunteer, or an assessment team member, we want your input.

To participate, contact Barbara Henderson, Test and Assessment Project Leader at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 800/223-1839, ext 328.

New Product Field Test Opportunity – MathBuilders

APH has a field test opportunity for teachers working with braille using math students grades K-3. MathBuilders-Geometry provides math lesson plans, manipulatives to teach/demonstrate concepts, and worksheets with tactile graphics to reinforce the student’s understanding. This unit deals with Geometry concepts only, other MathBuilders units are under development.

If you are interested in participating as a field evaluator, please contact Jeanette Wicker, APH Core Curriculum Project Leader, at email hidden; JavaScript is required or by phone at 800/223-1839, ext 246 by January 19. Evaluators will be asked to use the prototype with as many students who are braille users as possible as well as complete an evaluation regarding the product’s design, function, and usefulness. Selection is based upon type of setting, available number of students, and geographical location.

Missouri to Host NIP Event in January
Cortical Visual Impairment: Pathways to Intervention

THe National Instructional Partnerships

The APH National Instructional Partnerships (NIP) event, "Cortical Visual Impairment: Pathways to Intervention" will be held January 22 – 24, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Held in partnership with the Southeast Regional Professional Development Center, the event will feature Dr. Christine Roman, APH Project Leader in Cortical Visual Impairment. Dr. Roman will provide information and strategies for the identification and assessment of students with CVI, along with instructional strategies featuring products from APH.

Cost for the event is $80.00, and graduate credit is available. You may register online at, or contact Jennifer Coy, Blindness Skills Specialist, at 573/651-5077 for more information.

Replacement for Portion of PATTERNS

APH announces that PATTERNS:READING:READINESS LEVEL (RED) Catalog # 6-78000-00 is being phased out and will be replaced by BUILDING ON PATTERNS:KINDERGARTEN. When the current back orders are filled and the current stock depleted, the catalog items listed below will no longer be available. These catalog items include the entire kit and the individual items that are included in the kit, with the exception of the Catalog #6-78041-00 swing cell, compact.

Phasing out:
6-78010-00 Pupil’s Texts
6-78020-00 Review Worksheets
6-78030-00 Posttest
6-32130-00 Teacher’s Edition for Pupil’s Texts
6-32140-00 Teacher’s Edition for Posttest
6-32150-00 Teacher’s Edition for Review Worksheets
8-78010-00 Teacher’s Edition for Pupil’s Texts
8-78020-00 Teacher’s Edition for Review Worksheets
8-78030-00 Teacher’s Edition for Posttest

APH Flea Market of Surplus and Discontinued Inventory: On Sale January – March, 2007

The APH Flea Market

A new listing of overstocked and discontinued APH products is now available at

This discounted inventory is available on a first come, first served basis. Please order early to take advantage of the extra dollars off.

PODCASTS Available on APH Web Site

The following exciting podcasts (audio recordings) are available on the APH website: the APH Information and Training Podcast.

Annual Meeting 2006

Adjusting the Sails Annual Meeting 2006 October 12-14 Louisville, KY

  • Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2006
  • Hall of Fame Introduction
  • Keynote Speaker Tom Sullivan
  • Opening Address Michael Hingson
  • ICON Braille + and Other New Technology
  • Going Places and Reclaiming Independence
  • Having Fun Learning and Teaching
  • Finding the World with Maps
  • High Stakes Testing And The VI Student

Kentucky School for the Blind Gateways Conference 2006

  • Electronic Texts: Overview of Sources, Types, and Usage of Books in Digital Formats Day 2
  • Electronic Texts: Overview of Sources, Types, and Usage of Books in Digital Formats Day 1

Annual Meeting 2005

Learning Across a Lifetime Annual Meeting October 13-15 2005

  • Teaching Skills and Knowledge to Professionals Working with Students with Deafblindness – Dr. Jan Van Dijk
  • Making Test Items Accessible
  • CVI Perspectives
  • Recreational Approaches to Building Early Tactile Skills
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Sherlock, LumiTest and Miniguide US, Tiny Tools Do Major Tasks
  • Louis Search Tips
  • Keynote Address Meeting Student’s Needs in a Changing Environment – Dr. J. Elton Moore

2005 National Family Conference

Families Connecting with Families

  • Blind Athletics: An Inside Look From Two Countries Worlds Apart
  • Improving Transition Service Delivery By Partnering With Parents
  • Believing You (Your Child) Can Do, Parent-Child Beliefs About Physical Activity-Going In Positive Directions
  • The 3 C’s To Greater Independence
  • Social Skills Development For Children And Youth With Visual Impairments
  • Dad’s Panel
  • Educating Children With Multiple Disabilities
  • Partnerships And Advocacy
  • What Lies Ahead: On The Way To Literacy
  • What Parents Need To Know About IDEIA
  • Grandparents Speak Out
  • We’re In This Together–Preparing For Transition Into The Adult World
  • Expanded Core Curriculum: What, Why, And Most Of All, When
  • Let’s Talk: Conversations With Children Who Have Multiple Disabilities
  • Orientation And Mobility For Adolescence
  • Preparing Youth For A Guide Dog Lifestyle
  • Teen Panel
  • Parents Learning Braille=Literacy For A Child
  • Early Literacy Development, Laying The Groundwork
  • Getting Ready For School, Getting Ready For Life: The Importance Of Including Your Child In Key Activities Of Daily Living
  • Maximizing Test Performance Through Awareness And Accommodations
  • Taking The Lead For Your Child And Yourself
  • Opening Session Keynote National Family Conference 2005 – Dr. Deborah Hatton.
  • Introduction to mp3 players and podcasts

More Recordings

The 2006 Annual Meeting video recordings of keynote speakers Tom Sullivan and Michael Hingson, along with the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony of Dr. Arnall Patz and Anne Sullivan Macy, are located at:

Annual Meeting Photos

The Photo Gallery of Annual Meeting 2006 presenters and participants can now be seen at

Hall of Fame: Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field

2007 Nomination Process for the Hall of Fame: Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field

The Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field is now accepting nominations for 2007 induction consideration.

If you are interested in learning more about the process and/or submitting a qualified nominee to join the 38 inductees, please visit:

The nomination process will close Friday, March 16. Nominees who were first submitted in 2006 will remain active.

"The Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field is dedicated to preserving, honoring, and promoting the tradition of excellence manifested by the specific individuals inducted into the Hall of Fame and through the history of outstanding services provided to people who are blind or visually impaired."

Engraved Stones Added to Hall of Fame’s Wall of Tribute

The Seeing Eye: Independence and Dignity since 1929

Three new engraved stones were added to the Wall of Tribute in December, bringing the total to 116.

  • Bob Walling: I Buy BR
  • APH: Annual Meeting 2006 Honoring Patz, Hingson, Sullivan
  • Lions District 22 (Maryland) Honoring Arnall Patz

How can you honor a friend, mentor, organization, or family member and support the Hall of Fame?
It’s easy, visit:

Photo: The Seeing Eye stone is another recent addition to the Wall of Tribute.

HELP WANTED: APH Employment Opportunities

For details, click on the positions of interest.

APH Welcomes New Ex Officio Trustees

Vielka I. Scott, the District of Columbia Public Schools, replacing John Schmidt.

Tracie Bullock Dickson, the District of Columbia Department of Human Services, replacing Ellen Yung-Fatah.

APH Travel Calendar

on the road with APH


January 5, 2007
Texas Education Service Center VIII ISAVE Training;
Mount Pleasant, TX

January 9, 2007
NIMAC Webcast;
APH in Louisville, KY

January 10, 2007
NIMAC Webcast;
APH in Louisville, KY

January 11, 2007
NIMAC Webcast;
APH in Louisville, KY

January 12, 2007
NIMAC Webcast;
APH in Louisville, KY

January 23-24, 2007
NIMAS-NIMAC Development Committee Meeting;
Orlando, FL

January 23-28, 2007
Orlando, FL


February 2, 2007
2007 South Carolina AER;
Charleston, SC

February 4-7, 2007
Association of Test Publishers 2007 Conference on Innovations in Testing;
Rancho Mirage, CA

February 22-23, 2007
New Mexico AER Conference;
Rio Rancho, NM


March 1-4, 2007
Santa Clara, CA

March 14-16, 2007
Nashville, TN

March 19-24, 2007
Los Angeles, CA

March 23-25, 2007
Jo Taylor;
Dallas, TX

Beginning Braille Transcribing: An Introduction To Instruction Manual For Braille Transcribing: 7-59881-00 — $10.00

This publication introduces potential braille transcribers to the first three lessons of the twenty lesson course offered by the National Library Services (NLS), Washington, DC. This enables users to "sample" the course before signing up. It can also be used to teach the basic tools for uncontracted braille.

Contents include:
Lesson 1-The Braille Alphabet
Lesson 2-Capitalization, Paragraphing, Punctuation
Lesson 3-Cardinal Numbers
Appendix A-Reading Practice reproduced in Simbraille
Appendix B-Chart of braille signs for use with Lessons 1-3
Appendix C-Drills for Lessons 1-3 reproduction in Simbraille

APH Braille Book Corner

APH is now offering a number of new recreational books in braille (Quota funds can be used). Each of these titles was originally transcribed and produced by APH for the National Library Service which has graciously granted permission for this offering. As usual, these titles have been added to the APH Louis Database where you can find thousands of titles produced in accessible formats.

Note: all books are produced upon receipt of orders, therefore, please allow approximately 8 weeks for delivery.

Girl, 15, Charming but Insane
by Sue Limb: T-N1617-30 — $50.00
Jess Jordan deals with having an imperfect body, a beautiful best friend, and a crush on an unattainable boy. Senior high readers. (*AR #81218, RL 5.1, Pts. 8.0) RI Teen Book Award Nominees, NY Publishers Library Best books for Teen Age.

The Mermaid Chair
by Sue Monk Kidd: T-N1595-80 — $73.50
In an abbey on Egret Island resides a mysterious chair ornately carved with mermaids and dedicated to a saint who, legend claims, was a mermaid before her conversion. Some descriptions of sex. (AR #86815, RL 6.2, Pts. 15.0) Quill Book Awards.

Kid’s Guide to Working Out Conflicts: How to Keep Cool, Stay Safe, and Get Along
by Naomi Drew: T-N1577-20 — $54.50
Details strategies for dealing with conflict in a variety of settings including school, home, and in the community without resorting to physical contact. Includes anger management and handling bullies. For grades 6-9. (AR#84816, RL5.9, Pts. 6.0) Nappa Gold/Honor Book.

by Michael Robotham: T-N1589-30 — $98.50
Psychologist is accused of murdering a patient and must attempt to clear his name. Strong language and violence. Adult.

*Accelerated Reader number, reading level, and point value. For more information on the Accelerated Reader program, see the January 2006 APH News or

APH News Credits

Dr. Tuck Tinsley

Malcolm Turner, APH Web Site Coordinator

Thanks to the following APH staff:

  • Cindy Amback, Support Specialist, Field Services
  • Ralph Bartley, Director, Research
  • Sandi Baker, Field Services Representative
  • Janie Blome, Director, Field Services
  • Scott Blome, Director, Communications
  • Brian Dougherty, Graphic Designer, Communications
  • Tony Grantz, Business Manager, Finance
  • Barbara Henderson, Tests and Assessments Project Leader, Accessible Tests
  • Mike Hudson, Director, APH Museum
  • Becki Moody, Support Specialist, Communications
  • Artina Paris-Jones, Assistant, Field Services
  • Julia Myers, Director, Resource Services and NIMAC
  • Jeanette Wicker, Core Curriculum Project Leader, Research

Bob Brasher, Vice President, Advisory Services and Research

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