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APH News: July 2002

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Attention Trustees and Other Customers – SEND YOUR ORDERS TODAY!

This is THE time to purchase your educational materials for fall. Please send your orders today and avoid the possibility of delays.

Trustee Warning – You have only 10 weeks to place your Federal Quota orders.

134th Annual Meeting "Sharing the Memory, Shaping the Dream"

Please mark your calendars for the 134th APH Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, October 10-13. In addition to our traditional sessions regarding product progress and guidance activities, we will have the opportunity to celebrate the living legends of the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field. Eight of the ten living legends are planning to be with us for the opening celebration, Thursday, October 10.

The Friday evening APH InSights Art Banquet is shaping up nicely and will also feature the premiere of a new APH video showing teens living well with low vision. Both our artists and video stars will be acknowledged.

Saturday morning, we plan to celebrate the 50th birthday of the APH Research Department. Dr. Sam Ashcroft, the first Director of Research and Hall of Fame honoree, will be on hand for this exciting event – among other surprises. Extensive information and a tentative agenda will soon appear on the web site.

Dr. Sam Ashcroft

Dr. Sam Ashcroft

NEW! Power of the Dream Music CD

Cover of Terry Kelly's CD

This new APH "Special Touch" gift item includes 13 hopeful songs by musician Terry Kelly.

Power of the Dream is the latest CD from inspirational singer/songwriter Terry Kelly. Kelly, who is visually impaired, says of this album: "I have always been a dreamer; I will always be a dreamer. I have discovered that the power of the dream gives hope, strength, courage, empowerment, and brings about profound transformation in individuals and groups of people, if one simple rule is followed – honor the dream by taking action….You will hear about several of my dreams and reflections in the music and lyrics of my songs. I hope some of them will stir you personally."

Kelly has performed around the world, produced five albums, won many awards in his native Canada, including six East Coast Music Awards, and has been nominated for four Canadian Country Music Association Awards and a JUNO. In addition to his music, the multi-talented Kelly is an inspirational speaker and accomplished amateur athlete.

The CD includes a print/braille booklet with a limited amount of information in braille. The disc is an enhanced CD that can be inserted into your PC or Mac® for access to additional information, such as the song lyrics and articles about braille and braille music.

You can hear clips from this album by visiting

Power of the Dream, ©2002
APH Catalog No. W-DREAM-CD – $12.00

Not available for purchase with Federal Quota funds.

Looking for a fund-raising product idea? May We Suggest the APH InSights Art Calendar for 2003?

Many schools and parent groups look for items to use for fund-raising events. Both the APH collection of greeting cards and the Custom Art Calendar work extremely well for this purpose, while providing useful items. The greeting cards are pictured in our APH Products Catalog 2002-2003, or they can be viewed from our web site. These products feature artwork by visually impaired and blind artists who submitted materials to the annual APH Insights Art Contest. All items are reasonably priced so that you can raise money for your organization.

Should you have any questions regarding the greeting cards, please contact the APH Customer Relations Department. For custom English or Spanish calendars contact Doug Trent in the Contract Administration Department at 800/223-1839, Ext. 267.

Frank Hayden Named Manager of Technical Research

Frank Hayden

June 17, Frank Hayden, a twenty-two year veteran of APH, was named Manager of Technical Research, reporting to Rob Wise, Director of Educational Research.

During his years with APH, Frank has been a vital part of a team that has designed, researched, and developed several hundred new products. Frank joined APH in 1980 as a Quality Control Technician and was soon promoted to Quality Control Supervisor. He has served in the Technical Research Department as a Manufacturing Specialist for 13 years prior to his promotion to Manager.

University Deafblind Personnel Focus at APH

Members of the Deafblind Focus Group

Faculty from university deafblind teacher training programs gathered at APH, June 20 & 21, to discuss strategies for future collaborations. The ten focus group participants, brought together by Field Services Representative Sandi Baker, represented six university programs, DB Link (a national clearinghouse on deafblindness), and a local early intervention program. Universities represented included: Hunter College, Boston College, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Texas Tech University, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the University of Kentucky. Ex Officio Trustee Kathy Brown (MI) represented the APH Educational Products Advisory Committee on the team. Members of the group discussed products and services, and identified how APH can become a better resource to the field of deafblindness.

Orientation and Mobility Takes Center Stage at APH

Members of the O&M Focus Group

On June 23, 24, and 25, nine Certified O&M Specialists from eight states gathered at APH to help us focus on the needs in the field of O&M and products that APH might produce to address some of those needs. The creativity and hard work of focus group members, brought in by Adult Life Project Leader Terrie Terlau, reflected their expertise in a wide variety of O&M settings. Stephen Sanford, COMS and Director of the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Daytona Beach, Florida, also provided an Ex Officio Trustee’s perspective. We are delighted with the results achieved by the associated efforts of focus group members and APH staff as we began our exploration of how APH can continue to contribute to the O&M field.

The Test Central Team

The Test Central team hard at work

Test Central team members hard at work.

To ensure that APH’s new Test Central (TC) is on target with goals, activities, and future direction, staff has identified representatives of test publishing companies, instructional materials centers for the visually impaired, state vision consultants, educational diagnosticians, school psychologists, and members of disability research organizations to serve as members of the Test Central Council (TCC). Current members of the TCC are Karen Barton (CTB McGraw-Hill), Larry Brown (Oregon Textbook and Media Center), Nan Bulla (Texas School for the Blind), Betsy Case (Harcourt), Steve Goodman (California School for the Blind), Leslie Lightbourne (Louisiana State Department of Education), Jean Martin (Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning), and Sandy Thompson (National Center for Educational Outcomes at the University of Minnesota).

Council members joined APH staff for a 2-day meeting at APH on March 26 and 27, 2002 and recommended the following:

Our newest addition to the Test Central network is a wonderful group of 27 vision teachers, transcribers, and editors who participated in a 2-day training session at APH in order to work with Test Central as consultant test editors. Guidelines drafted by Carol Allman were used to provide instruction on editing tests for presentation in large print, braille and tactile formats. Tentative plans are to bring in a Guidelines Development Committee for a working meeting on August 6-7 to "perfect" the guidelines for developing, editing and transcribing tests. Another Test Editor Training Workshop is tentatively planned for September 25-26.

There’s Still Time to Catch the CVI Sequel!

Registration for the next National Instructional Partnerships event, "Taking A Further Look at Cortical Visual Impairment", is now underway on the APH web site at This event finds us returning to the Braille Institute of America in Los Angeles, CA, August 27 – 29, 2002. It will be presented in partnership with the Braille Institute, and with the Center for the Partially Sighted. We are excited the welcome the Center for the Partially Sighted as a new partner in this venture.

Please join us as Dr. Christine Roman, Marshall University, and Dr. William Takeshita, Center for the Partially Sighted, discuss materials and intervention techniques for children with cortical visual impairment, as well as strategies for obtaining the best results possible from eye exams for children with CVI. Videotape case studies will allow attendees to participate in the design of intervention programs for several students. Dr. Roman will discuss the use of APH products in intervention strategies, so this is a great opportunity to get ideas for spending remaining Federal Quota funds before September 30!

Conference information, along with online registration, is now available at the APH web site: Please share this information with any interested parties in your area. If you’d like to partner with APH to host an NIP event in your area, please contact Janie Humphries at 800/223-1839, ext. 367, or email her at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Coming Soon to a Location Near You

On the Road With APH

Look for APH staff exhibiting and presenting at the following upcoming events:

PRODUCT ALERT: Parent Early Childhood Education Series


An urgent message for all individuals who have purchased or own a copy of the "Parent Early Childhood Education Series" or any portion of this Series:

It has come to our attention that two passages in these materials, published by APH in 1993, suggest placing an infant to sleep on his or her tummy. Since that publication date, this practice has been linked to the occurrence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Although the causes of SIDS are not known, The American Academy of Pediatrics now advises: "One of the most important things you can do to help reduce the risk of SIDS is to put your healthy baby on his her back to sleep. Do this when your baby is being put down for a nap or to bed at night . . . Your baby can be placed on his or her stomach when awake. Some ‘tummy time’ during awake hours is good for your baby."

Please DELETE these two passages from all copies of the Parent Early Childhood Education Series.

We suggest you ADD this statement to both pages:

"Ask your doctor which positions are safest for your baby. Most babies should be put on their backs to sleep but can be placed on their tummy when awake and supervised."

Other pages in the Parent Early Childhood Education Series suggest placing the baby on his or her tummy for activities: Emotional Development 3, Sensory Development 6, Motor Skills 6, and Cognitive Skills 3. Although these imply that the baby is awake while on his or her tummy, the caution statement should also be added to these pages.

Above all, it is important to note that the guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics are for most, but not all infants. It is critically important that caregivers follow their doctor’s recommendation regarding their child’s positioning. Many children with visual impairments have additional risk factors and contra-indications that must be taken into account. The risk of SIDS for infants weighing less than 3.5 pounds at birth or for infants who have already had an apparently life-threatening event is greater than for the general population; however, it is possible that other factors, such as reflux disease (also linked to low birth weight) may influence the doctor’s recommendation.

Another risk factor associated with SIDS is the presence of soft bedding, pillows, or stuffed toys in the crib. In keeping with the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics that such items be removed from infants’ cribs and sleeping areas, please delete the following sentence:

DELETE: "Alter the objects in the crib: put in different toys, pillows, blankets, etc." (Orientation and Mobility 1, "Listening and Moving," left column, third paragraph, third sentence)

For more information about SIDS risk factors and research, contact:
The American Academy of Pediatrics

American SIDS Institute
2480 Windy Hill Road, Suite 380
Marietta, GA 30067

National SIDS Resource Center

Thank you for complying with our request to update the materials you have purchased in order to safeguard the well-being of children whose caregivers use the "Parent Early Childhood Education Series." If you have made and distributed photocopies of the materials, please contact anyone who may have received these and alert them to these changes.

APH News is compiled by Bob Brasher, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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