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APH News: June 2002

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Becki Moody Joins APH Communications Department

Becki Moody

We are pleased to announce that Becki Moody has joined the APH Communications Department in the newly created role of Communications Support Specialist. Becki is helping Communications with a wide variety of organizational and review tasks. Becki is transferring to Communications from the Advisory Services Department where her attention to detail has greatly helped with the Federal Quota census and many other jobs. Welcome, Becki!

New Product! Abacus Basic Competency

Abacus Basic Competency: A Counting Method

Abacus Basic Competency: A Counting Method is an instruction manual designed to teach children and adults abacus skills in the four basic math operations through instruction and exercises. It uses the counting method instead of the traditional indirect method.

Advantages include:

Large Print Edition: 7-00219-00 — $17.50
Braille Edition: 5-00219-00 — $17.50

New Ex Officio Trustees

APH welcomes Roxann Mayros as the new Ex Officio Trustee for the Florida Association of Workers for the Blind, Inc. Roxann replaces Vernon Metcalf who retired this year.

We would also like to welcome Evelyn P. Kelso as the new Ex Officio Trustee for the New Hampshire Department of Education, replacing Robert Sunberg.

New Adult Life Catalog Going to Press

Picture of the Cover of the New Adult Life Catalog

An extensively updated edition of our Adult Life products catalog is going to press. This edition is reorganized for easier use and includes dozens of new products. This catalog is designed for older students and adults who are blind, their families, and their service providers. This 2002-2003 edition of the catalog will be available in print, on cassette tape, on disc, and on our Web site.

Maria’s Back!

Maria Delgado

Our Louis Database Field Representative, Maria Delgado, is back at APH and ready to go on the road. After an unfortunate car accident and a six-month recovery period, Maria feels ready to again conduct her well-received database workshops. She is currently preparing trainings in Tennessee, New York, Texas, Washington, and Louisville. Please feel free to contact her to learn more about Louis, the APH File Repository, Fred’s Head, or the Accessible Media Producers Database.

If you or your students take the "hands-on" training this year, you will learn to use the database searching capabilities while shopping for a free "Louis, Surf It" T-shirt. Upon completion of the training, all participants are eligible for a certificate of achievement. Contact Maria at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 800/223-1839, ext. 340.

EPAC and ESAC Advise APH

APH’s two new Advisory Committees, the Educational Products Advisory Committee (EPAC) and the Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC) met at APH during the week of May 13, 2002.

The two committees will submit reports of their activities, commendations, and recommendations that will assist the company in determining future directions. Copies of those reports will be shared through the APH web site.

APH Partners with Kentucky School for the Blind

Educational and Advisory Services of APH happily partnered again this year with the Kentucky School for the Blind to present "Gateways to Independence." The annual professional development event, designed for teachers of the visually impaired, was held in Louisville on the KSB campus, May 29 through 31. This year’s event focused on Math and Technology, and featured Susan Osterhaus from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired – and many APH products!

Large Print Atlas Focus Group

June 9 through 11, APH will host a return of four of the original members of the Large Print Atlas Focus Group to determine additional information for our Large Print Atlas. While with us, the team will receive ArcView Training, which is a computer program allowing users to manipulate the elements of maps to make them present the information determined by the user. This software lends itself well to the purposes of making maps accessible to persons with low vision.

Summer ISAVE Training

ISAVE logo

ISAVE training continues to be in high demand this summer! On June 13, Field Representative Sandi Baker will conduct three training sessions at Texas Focus 2002: Looking for Access, a summer conference sponsored by the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. In addition to ISAVE, Sandi will present a session on a variety of APH products and services.

As a result of the "Each One, Teach One" ISAVE train-the-trainer event at APH in April, APH is partnering with two participants to conduct a one-day ISAVE training for the Vision Department of the Rochester, NY schools on June 24. Emily Leyenberger Pfohl and Rona Shaw were eager participants in our April event, and are excited to be working together to conduct this training for the Rochester-area vision teachers.

APH Summer Product Promotion

At the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and National Federation of the Blind (NFB) summer consumer conferences, APH will offer items on sale with extra savings. Additional promotional items are listed on the APH web site, many of which make great souvenirs, gifts, etc. All special pricing will be available to customers from June 28 through July 13. We invite you to visit our exhibits in Houston or Louisville. We would love the opportunity to say hello.

Click here for Summer Sale details

What’s New in Fred’s Head?

Fred's Head Database logo

Fred’s Head is the APH web site’s accessible on-line compendium of tips and techniques for and by blind or visually impaired individuals.

Some recent additions include:

If you can’t find the answer to your question in Fred’s Head, simply complete the special form. All questions are answered, and we’ll use the questions as subjects to address in future records.

Please send us your tips and information about neat web sites. Volunteer to be a "Fred’s Head Expert" by putting your knowledge and experience at our disposal to help us answer questions sent in by the community. Come and visit us ( and let us know how we’re doing! Send your questions and comments to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Win a Gift Certificate from Fred’s Head!

Brain Waves Logo

Fred’s Head is proud to sponsor Brain Waves. Every other week, Fred’s Head posts a question. The best answers, those that save someone who is blind or visually impaired time, trouble, effort, money, or otherwise improve their quality of life, are posted on a special web page at APH. From those postings, a randomly drawn winner receives a $25 gift certificate from APH each month!

Brain Waves lives at Need more information? Contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

APH’s Software Engineering Makes a Move

The Software Engineering Group of the Research Department recently moved to new technology-friendly offices right next to Technical Research in our plant area. This new suite of offices features electrical outlets around the entire office, built-in cabinets with lots of storage, an open communications-friendly design, and room for more programmers and/or consultants. The "techies" even have a heating and cooling system that is adjustable any time of the year!

With the 50-year anniversary of the Department of Educational Research, it is appropriate to celebrate with this new commitment in the form of modern office space that is computer-friendly.

The Software Engineering Group is field testing yet more products. You are invited to get a taste of the future with some exciting new software that you can help shape. In addition to Termite Torpedo, the low vision friendly arcade game, and Teacher’s Pet, an accessible test creation and taking tool, we are now testing Studio Recorder and Word Player. Studio Recorder is a professional digital audio-editing package geared to spoken word content. Word Player is MP3-playing software that is geared to spoken word content. Features that make these two programs more appropriate than traditional packages for performing these functions include the ability to remember your place in a long file, speed-up without pitch distortion, and phrase detection that lets you navigate through audio files by content rather than by time. Get more information at

Coming Soon: "Taking a Further Look at Cortical Visual Impairment"

National Instructional Partnerships Logo

The next National Instructional Partnerships event to hit the road finds us returning to the Braille Institute of America in Los Angeles, CA. This event, which will take place August 27 – 29, 2002, will be presented in partnership with the Braille Institute, and with the Center for the Partially Sighted. We are excited to welcome the Center for the Partially Sighted as a new partner in this venture.

Presenters for this workshop will include Dr. Christine Roman, of Marshall University, and Dr. William Takeshita, of the Center for the Partially Sighted. This workshop will feature materials and intervention techniques for children with cortical visual impairment, as well as strategies for obtaining the best results possible from eye exams for children with CVI. Videotape case studies will allow participants to participate in the design of intervention programs for several students.

Conference information, along with online registration, is now available at the APH web site ( Please share this information with any interested parties in your area.

If you’d like to partner with APH to host a NIP event in your area, please contact Janie Humphries at 800/223-1839, ext. 367, or email her at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

ATIC–Focus Group Planned in September:
"Promising Practices for Editing Primary Grade Textbooks"


The Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration (ATIC) will host a focus group to discuss the problems transcribers face when editing textbooks for the primary grades. The ATIC staff will then utilize the suggested solutions to create specifications for transcription of these books.

We are looking for braille transcribers, early literacy teachers, and braille reading teachers to participate. If you are interested, or can advise us of possible participants, please contact Jane Lyons at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 800/223-1839, ext. 370.

Powerpoint Guidelines for Low Vision

Low Vision Project Leader Elaine Kitchel is developing Guidelines for the Development of Powerpoint Presentations for Audiences which may Include Persons with Low Vision. These guidelines will be based on the same science from which we drew information for the Guidelines for the Production of Large Print Documents for Optimal Readability, and will include feedback received from persons with low vision who are frequent viewers of Powerpoint presentations. We hope to be testing these guidelines in-house within a few weeks.

Babies Count Update

The Babies Count Project, officially called A National Registry for Children with Visual Impairments, Birth to Three, is moving forward very well. APH began receiving surveys used for the Babies Count Project in January 2001, and information from those surveys is now being entered into our database. The data collected is being sent to Dr. Deborah Hatton at the University of North Carolina who will analyze the data and publish a report later this year. Very soon the present survey form will be reviewed and revised. After that task is completed, it will be time to involve new states in the process. We are impressed with the interest in this project and thank all who are presently participating! Thanks to many staff at APH for their support and assistance. If you want to know more about the Babies Count Project, please contact Burt Boyer at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 800/223-1839, ext. 264.

Updating APH’s Test Central

The APH Educational Research Department’s Test Central is committed to providing accessible assessments and tests for students who are blind or visually impaired. It will enable APH to provide accessible tests or contract with other identified entities to assure the provision of accessible tests. Test Central staff will coordinate test and assessment formats and materials and most promising practices related to test adaptation and development, test administration, and test-taking procedures.

Test Central staff are currently working on the following activities:

For more information, visit the APH web site at or call Debbie Willis at 800/223-1839, ext. 311.

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