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June 2004

Ohio State and Clovernook Spend a Day at APH

Dr. Marjorie Ward, along with five personnel preparation students from Ohio State University and five staff members from the Clovernook Center, visited APH in May. After a tour of APH, including the Callahan Museum, our visitors were treated to an afternoon of information and ideas from APH staff. The visitors were welcomed by Tuck Tinsley, APH President, and Bob Brasher, Vice President of Advisory Services and Research. Staff members from ATIC, Resource Services, Educational Research, and Field Services shared updates on projects and programs. Project leaders from Educational Research met with small groups to provide in-depth discussion about products in the fields of Adult Life, Low Vision, Tactile Graphics, Technology, and mathematics.

APH salutes Dr. Marge Ward, who will be retiring from the Ohio State University in June. This was Marge’s 21st visit with students from her personnel preparation program to APH and the Kentucky School for the Blind. We thank Dr. Ward for her great service to the field and for her life-long support of APH.

All university preparation programs and agencies serving people with blindness and visual impairment are invited and encouraged to visit APH at any opportunity. If you are interested in arranging a visit for your students, please contact Janie Humphries by calling 800/223-1839, ext. 367, or email email hidden; JavaScript is required

Photo of visitors and APH staff

EPAC Advises APH!

The seven Ex Officio Trustee (EOT) members of the Educational Products Advisory committee met at APH, May 10 – 13, 2004 for their annual spring meeting. Committee chair Kathy Brown, EOT representing the Michigan School for the Blind and the Michigan State Department of Education, led the group through three days of deliberations with APH staff members. Dialogs with project leaders and department directors provided the committee with the relevant information needed to make insightful and helpful recommendations.

EPAC Committee

Committee members Larry Brown (OR), Mike Cole (CA), Robb Farrell (MD), Kenalea Johnson (NM), Carol McCarroll (TN), and Jean Small (ME), worked diligently with Kathy to present a comprehensive report as a result of their many days of hard work. The report, made up of commendations and recommendations, will soon be available on the APH web site,

APH thanks the members of EPAC for their enthusiastic support and commitment. Their dedication helps us better serve all of our Ex Officio Trustees and customers!

Christina Baugh Honored on Wall of Tribute

By Jim Deremeik, Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins

On May 2, 2004 Chris Baugh celebrated her 70th birthday. Throughout her life Chris has touched many lives as a teacher, mentor, and loyal friend. Given her special attributes it was felt that something "SPECIAL" must to be done to celebrate her 70th birthday.

Efforts began in December 2003 to secure a place of recognition on the Wall of Tribute, a special section of columns located in the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field, where people can honor mentors, organizations, friends, and family through the donation of engraved stones. Contact was made with many of her friends and colleagues from Arkansas and Maryland. It was no surprise that everyone was anxious to be part of the surprise. Contributions began flowing in during January and continued right up to her May 2 birthday.

An engraved stone, representative of the $2500 donation, was placed on the wall during the last week of April. The plaque reads as follows:

Chris Baugh
Honoring 70 Years of Excellence
As a Role Model
And Loyal Friend
From your Many Friends

Chris Baugh

A duplicate presentation stone was given to Chris at a birthday party hosted by her family. Chris was totally surprised and appreciative. She summed up the experience by saying, "How honored am I that a teacher, such as me, could be recognized in this way."

Chris Baugh is an individual who belongs on the Wall of Tribute, and for that matter, in the Hall of Fame, as do many other service providers within the blindness field. The leadership shown by such service providers as Chris Baugh is an example of the type of person who should be honored in this unique place of special recognition.

Consider recognizing such individuals in your life; those who have made a difference in the quality of life of the people we serve. Let Chris be your example of this opportunity for peer recognition.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Deremeik

For more information on honoring a mentor on the Wall of Tribute, visit the APH web site.

Prison Braille Directory Now Available

Staff in the APH Public Affairs Department recently produced a directory of braille production facilities in state and federal prisons across the country. Listings on each of the 22 programs for which APH has gathered data include transcription services offered, transcriber qualifications, and contact information. Data was collected and this booklet was produced at the request of professionals working with prison braille programs – as a means of connecting with their colleagues, and at the request of many individuals and professionals across the country who need braille materials.

There are currently over 375 NLS literary braille certified transcribers in these programs, which were developed in response to a national shortage of braille materials. Working in partnership with corrections officials, professionals in the field of vision establish braille production facilities while also providing qualified inmates with educational and job training skills.

If you are interested in learning about the braille production capabilities of these programs, please contact either Nancy Lacewell 800/223-1839, ext. 339, or Becky Snider, ext. 356, for a free copy of the directory. It is available in accessible formats, and will soon be available through the APH website.

Summer Technology Training Scheduled

This summer, APH’s Field Services Representative Maria Delgado will conduct hands-on training on APH Products and web services with students and educators in the following locations:

  • June 17 – Clovernook, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • July 12 – Workforce & Technology Center, Baltimore, Maryland
  • July 18 and 19 – Maryland School for the Blind, Baltimore, Maryland
  • July 26 – Seeing Hand Association, Wheeling, West Virginia
  • July 28 and 29 – University of North Carolina, Ashville, North Carolina
  • August 3 – Columbus, Georgia
  • August 12 – Idaho School for the Blind, Gooding, Idaho

For more information on how to take part in these workshops, please contact Maria at

APH and San Francisco State Team Up

APH logo

San Francisco State University

APH and San Francisco State University are working together to develop a decision-making aid to be used in determining appropriate visual reading media for students with low vision. If you have a wealth of experience in observing or determining visual reading media for this population, your input is needed. Please visit to participate in the survey being conducted by Dr. Amanda Hall-Lueck. As always, your responses will be confidential and will be used to improve products for students with visual impairments. APH and SFSU will appreciate your participation.

Louis, ATIC, and the APH File Repository

We are proud to provide information in Louis on textbooks, electronic files, and graphics produced by APH, through the Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration Project (ATIC).

Please be aware that it is NOT NECESSARY to purchase graphics packets separately when purchasing an APH braille textbook produced through ATIC; the graphics are already included within the textbook.

When you see APH-ATIC tactile graphic packets listed in Louis, they are meant to accompany the downloadable electronic files from the APH File Repository. The electronic files themselves do not contain graphics.

In order to download files from the Repository, you must be a registered user. Information on the APH File Repository is available at:

We hope you enjoy having the flexibility of choosing the braille textbooks or the downloadable electronic files and optional graphics packages.

Questions? Contact Julia Myers at 800/223-1839, ext. 321 or email

New APH Museum Acquisition

The Callahan Museum recently received a gift of a framed illustration from APH Trustee Emerita, Virginia Keeney, M.D. It is a page from the June 19, 1880 issue of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper showing classes and activities at the Kentucky Institute for the Blind. The illustration was in the collection of Dr. Virginia Keeney’s late husband, Dr. Arthur Hail Keeney (1920-1996). Dr. Arthur Keeney was a noted Louisville ophthalmologist who served as dean of the University of Louisville medical school and professor of ophthalmology from 1973 to 1981. The illustration is an important addition to the museum collection especially because of its association with the Keeneys, both of whom contributed greatly to the work of APH and to civic, charitable, and professional organizations in Louisville and nationwide.

New APH General Brochure Showcases Past, Present, and Future

Now available is the new APH General Brochure. It introduces APH by giving a brief history of the Printing House and the Act to Promote the Education of the Blind. It goes on to describe APH’s current product line, research program, and tour & museum. Looking to the future, the back panel touches on the new Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field, housed at APH.

Please contact us at to receive this regular print brochure. Accessible editions will soon be placed on our web site.

APH welcomes new Ex Officio Trustee

Robin Swenson, Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind, replacing Paul Ajuwon
Robin Swenson, Idaho State Department of Education, replacing Angel Ramos

Travel Calendar


on the road with APH

June 3-5, 2004
Low Vision & Blindness in Infants and Children;
Pittsburgh, PA

June 5, 2004
Kentucky School for the Blind Alumni Association;
Louisville, KY

June 10-11, 2004
Kentucky Core Content Text Bias Review Committee;
Louisville, KY

June 11-13, 2004
ABC Braille Conference;
Atlanta, GA

June 14-15, 2004
Early Childhood Books Worshop;
APH, Louisville, KY

June 14-18, 2004
Clovernook Summer Technology Training;
Cinncinnati, OH

June 17-19, 2004
Loving Me: Secrets of Self-Esteem (NIP Event);
Grand Forks, ND

June 19-21, 2004
Orlando, FL

June 19-23, 2004
Council of Chief State School Officers Conference on Large Scale Assessment and Preconference Sessions;
Boston, MA

June 20-22, 2004
Deaf Blind Focus Group;
APH, Louisville, KY

June 21-23, 2004
ATIC Focus Group;
APH, Louisville, KY

June 23, 2004
Bulldogs in the Bluegrass Reception;
APH, Louisville, KY

June 25-27, 2004
National Braille Challenge Invitational;
Los Angeles, CA

June 26-29, 2004
American Library Association Annual Conference;
Orlando, FL

June 29 – July 5, 2004
NFB Conference;
Atlanta GA


July 2-10, 2004
ACB 2004 Conference;
Birmingham, AL

July 8-11, 2004
National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) Conference;
Atlanta, GA

July 9, 2004
Kentucky Department of Education’s BIAS Review Committee;
Lexington, KY

July 12, 2004
Maryland Rehabilitation Center Summer Technology Training;
Baltimore, MD

July 13-14, 2004
Maryland School for the Blind Summer Technology Training;
Baltimore, MD

July 13-19, 2004
AER International Conference;
Orlando, FL

July 26, 2004
Seeing Hand Association Summer Technology Training;

July 28-29, 3004
Summer Technology Training;
Ashville, NC

July 30-31, 2004
Western Michigan University Product Training;
Kalamazoo, MI

NOW AVAILABLE! K-FAST®: Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test, 1994, Large Print Edition

This assessment is an individually administered test to determine performance in reading and mathematics as applied to daily living situations. Unlike adaptive behavior inventories that ask an informant to report on how a person functions, K-FAST requires examinees to demonstrate the required skill.

Spanning ages 15-85, K-FAST adapted versions for braille and large print were designed to be used with academic and non-academic track students in the transitional stage and with adults for program placement purposes.

Note: Both the braille and large print editions include an administration manual in braille.

Large Print: 4-64500-00 — $98.00
Coming Soon! K-FAST Braille Edition

NEW! Talking GlowDice

Rolling a die goes accessible! Push the "Roll" button on the hand-held GlowDice unit and a randomly generated number between one and six is announced in digitized human speech. The corresponding number is also displayed in bright blue LEDs. A "Play Back" button allows for a repeat of the digital voice announcement of the number rolled. Takes four AAA batteries, not included.

Talking GlowDice: 1-07500-00 — $30.00

NEW! Winter Solace APH InSights Art Holiday Card

This holiday card features serene artwork by visually impaired adult artist, Lucille "Honey" Knechtel. The printed/tactile card features a bridge over a snowy river and the print/braille message inside reads: "Wishing you a beautiful holiday season." The card is printed on quality card stock and each set of cards includes a braille insert with the name of the artwork and artist.

Winter Solace Holiday Card (10 cards/envelopes): W-HDCD-AD — $10.00

REVISED! Light Box Materials Level I Activity Guide
NEW! Level I Activity Guide in Spanish!

The ever-popular Light Box Level I kit has been upgraded with a new Activity Guide that now includes a section on Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). References in the guidebook to older APH Bright Sights kit training materials have been replaced with references to newer materials from APH’s Let’s See kit. The Activity Guide is now in large print and includes a CD version for speech access to the guide.

Light Box Materials: Level I Kit: 1-08670-00 — $355.00
Note: The Light Box Level I kit is now shipping with the revised English Activity Guide. The Light Box Level I kit materials themselves have not changed, only the guide. The kit price has not changed.

REVISED! Light Box Materials Level I Activity Guide, Large Print/CD: 7-08670-00 — $30.00
This new guide can replace the guide in your current Level I kit.

NEW! Make your Level I kit bi-lingual! The Level I Activity Guide is now available in Spanish and contains the revised content.
Light Box Materials Level I Activity Guide, Large Print/CD, Spanish Edition: 7-08670-SP — $30.00.

Note: Activity Guides Levels II and III are undergoing similar updates and will also be available in Spanish. Watch for our announcement in fall, 2004.

Correction to Low-Relief Embossed Graph Sheets Grid Sizes

Our Products Catalog 2004-2005 lists four different styles of Low-Relief Graph Sheets (print catalog page 100). Here are corrected grid sizes for three of these products:

1/2" squares — 17 x 16 grid — 1-04047-00 — $4.00
(incorrectly stated as 19 x 19)

5/8" squares — 13 x 12 grid — 1-04048-00 — $4.00
(incorrectly stated as 15 x 15)

3/4" squares — 11 x 10 grid — 1-04049-00 — $4.00
(incorrectly stated as 13 x 13)

IXL RevolutionTM Sport Ball Is Not Available on Quota

Our Products Catalog 2004-2005 lists the new IXL RevolutionTM Sport Ball on print catalog page 147. This ball continues to sound for approximately 20 seconds after it stops rolling, making it an ideal sound source for practicing sound localization skills. The catalog listing should note that the Sport Ball is not available on Quota.

IXL RevolutionTM Sport Ball: 1-07511-00 — $5.00
Note: We ship these balls in random colors.
Not available for purchase with Quota Funds

APH News Credits

Dr. Tuck Tinsley

Malcolm Turner, APH Web Site Coordinator

Thanks to the following APH staff:

  • Scott Blome, Director, Communications
  • Maria Delgado, Field Services Representative
  • Janie Humphries, Director, Field Services
  • Nancy Lacewell, Director, Government and Community Affairs
  • Elaine Kitchel, Low Vision Project Leader, Research
  • Becki Moody, Communications Support Specialist
  • Julia Myers, Director, Resource Services
  • Artina Paris, Assistant, Field Services
  • Carol Tobe, Director, APH Callahan Museum

Bob Brasher, Vice President, Advisory Services and Research

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