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APH News: May 2002

Your monthly link to the latest products and services information.

Order Your APH Products for Fall – Now!

The month of May is the best time to purchase your APH educational products and textbooks for the 2002-2003 school year! Please place your orders today and avoid the summer rush.

Special Note: Federal Quota customers please begin placing your fall orders as soon as possible. Thank you.

Fresh Prints from APH

Front cover of new Family Life Catalog

First-Ever Family Life Catalog Now Available

Our first-ever Family Life Catalog is now available! This easy-to-use catalog contains a selection of our products most appropriate for families with visually impaired children. The catalog is now available in print and the accessible editions are in the process of being created. The catalog will be offered on a regular speed (1 7/8 ips) cassette tape, on a CD-ROM, and on our Web site. Contact Artina at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The New Textbooks Listing Is Here

Our new textbooks listing of braille and large print books, spring 2002, is available in print, and will soon be available on CD-ROM and on our Web site.

Keep this list with your APH Catalog of Accessible Books 2000-2001 for a nearly complete listing of APH books. Remember that you can find the most current information on APH books and products by checking the Louis database at Contact Artina at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

APH Annual Report for FY2001

Hot off the press is our fiscal year 2001 Annual Report. This report outlines the activities of APH and the reports of our Ex Officio Trustee Advisory Committees. Highlights of this report include an explanation of the new Advisory Committee structure, the commendations and recommendations of the Advisory Committees, highlights from the 2001 Annual Meeting, and a new section devoted to Educational and Advisory Services.

This report is available in print, and will soon be available on a 15/16 ips cassette tape and on our Web site as a PDF file. For a copy, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

APH to Be Advised in May

The week of May 13 through 17 will be extremely exciting and beneficial for APH as both of the company’s advisory committees, made up of Ex Officio Trustees, will be with us in Louisville.

May 13 through 16 our Educational Products Advisory Committee (EPAC) will be with us. The committee is chaired by Barbara McCarthy (VA), and also includes Kathy Brown (MI), Larry Brown (OR), Mike Cole (CA), Donna See (WV), Elaine Sveen (MN), and Rosie Thompson (MS). If you have questions, concerns, or ideas regarding APH products or textbooks, please contact Chair McCarthy at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

May 15 through 17 our Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC) will be with us. This Committee of Ex Officio Trustees is chaired by Rod Brawley (CA), and includes Dan Boyd (SD), Teresa Lacy (AL), Jerry Kitzoffer (NJ), and Lou Tutt (MD). Contact Chair Brawley at email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the services provided by APH.

O&M at APH

The Research Department is hosting an Orientation and Mobility Focus Group June 23, 24, and 25. A team of O&M specialists from around the country will discuss needs they’ve experienced while working with students and clients. They will then define product concepts to address those needs. Information gained from the group will help APH develop O&M products that are relevant and effective. For further information contact Terrie Terlau at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

ATIC Goes "Beyond the Guidelines"


The Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration (ATIC) will host the fourth "Beyond the Guidelines" workshop on June 27-28, 2002, in Atlanta, GA. The training, provided free to ATIC transcribers, includes an in-depth look at ATIC textbook transcription specifications, how to use publisher files, questions and answers about translation software, discussion on the bidding process for ATIC projects, and exploration of production methods for tactile graphics.

This workshop is designed to give transcribers a "hands-on" experience in a computer lab where they can practice new techniques. It also offers an environment where questions about translation software and publisher files can be answered.

Previous workshops were held in Louisville; Quebec City, Canada; and a condensed version in San Diego at the CTEVH conference. If you would like more information please contact Jane Lyons at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 800/223-1839, ext. 370.

Advisory Services to Host Deafblind Focus Group Meeting!

Sandi Baker

Field Services Representative Sandi Baker announces that faculty from deafblind personnel preparation programs across the states will gather at APH in June to share ideas and help us look at ways that APH can become a better resource to the field of deafblindness. In a meeting similar to the "Meeting of the Minds," held for university personnel last May, APH staff will meet with faculty from five university deafblind programs, along with staff from DB-Link, which is the National Information Clearinghouse for Children who are Deafblind.

During this 2-day meeting, faculty will be provided with opportunities to learn more about products and services offered by APH. Time will also be set aside to devise future collaboration possibilities. These efforts will include discussions on how APH might adapt existing products and develop new products and services to benefit students who are deafblind and those who serve them.

April Showers Professionals with NIP Events!

Two separate April events under the umbrella of the National Instructional Partnerships (NIP) showered participants from all over the country with exciting opportunities for training and professional development.

Elaine Kitchel

Sixty-five vision professionals, early interventionists, and occupational and physical therapists participated in "Each One Teach One: Training ISAVE Trainers," held at APH April 15 – 16. Louisville had temperatures near 90 both days, so APH was able to provide a VERY warm welcome to the participants who came from as far away as Hawaii, Florida, New York, Arizona, and Pennsylvania!

Low Vision Project Leader Elaine Kitchel served as principle trainer for the two-day workshop, ably assisted by Robert Murphy (IN) and Louisvillians Suze Stogas and Dr. Paul Rychwalski. Pre- and post-tests were administered, and those who performed well on the post-test may serve as certified ISAVE trainers. We hope you will take advantage of the trainers in your area!

Christine Roman

April 24 – 26, participants from Arizona, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois and Tennessee gathered in Memphis, TN for "Taking A Good Look at Cortical Visual Impairment", a workshop sponsored in partnership with Educational Services for the Visually Impaired, Arkansas Department of Education/School for the Blind. Seventy-five parents and professionals attended the three-day event led by Dr. Christine Roman, assistant professor at Marshall University in West Virginia. Identification, assessment and intervention techniques were discussed as Chris once again wowed a NIP audience with her vast knowledge, her effervescent enthusiasm, and her undeniable passion for children with cortical visual impairment and their families. Although Elvis made a memorable appearance, he did not outshine Chris!

Coming Soon: "Taking a Further Look at Cortical Visual Impairment" in lovely Los Angeles, CA. This event, which will take place August 27 – 29, 2002, will be presented in partnership with the Braille Institute and the Center for the Partially Sighted. We are excited to welcome the Center for the Partially Sighted as a new partner. Presenters for this particular workshop will include Chris Roman, Marshall University, and Dr. William Takeshita, from the Center for the Partially Sighted.

Registration materials, including on-line registration and lodging information, will be available on the APH web site.

If you need further information, please contact Janie Humphries, Director of Educational and Advisory Services, 800/223-1839, ext. 367, (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or Vicki Liske, Assistant Vice President, Programs and Services, Braille Institute of America, 323/663-1111.

As always, if you are interested in partnering with APH to bring one of these National Instructional Partnerships events to your area, please contact Janie!

Moving Ahead: Tactile Graphic Storybooks

Thank you to teachers and students participating in the field evaluation of the Moving Ahead: Tactile Graphic Storybooks! Four new storybooks have been prototyped and sent for evaluation to teachers and students in Pennsylvania (St. Lucy’s Day School); Virginia (Public schools, Dunn Loring); Kansas (Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired); Massachusetts (Perkins School for the Blind); Arkansas School for the Blind; New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped. Additional sites in Colorado were identified by APH Ex Officio Trustee Lucia Hasty, who helped place prototypes with itinerant teachers in Denver’s public schools.

The books offer print/braille text and feature tactile/visual illustrations designed to encourage tactual exploration, refine tactual discrimination, and introduce tactile symbols, simple keys, maps, and charts in the context of a story. They are targeted at upper preschool, kindergarten and first grade students. Storyboards have been developed to accompany three of the books. Written information for the adult reader introduces each book’s purpose and provides information about basic tactual search strategies, line tracking, and interpretation of tactile displays. Feedback from the field evaluation will assist the project leader in determining whether the new materials meet their educational objectives and are appropriately designed.

Traveling Exhibition on APH Web Site

Two "In Touch With Knowledge" Display Kiosks

Detailed photos, description, and the schedule of the Callahan Museum traveling exhibition, IN TOUCH WITH KNOWLEDGE, are now featured on our web site at . The first of four exhibitions in the series, IN TOUCH WITH KNOWLEDGE, Hands-On Reading and Writing, is currently available and circulating. The other three exhibitions in this series on the history of blindness education (mathematics, science, and geography) will be available this fall. They all will be of the same configuration and materials and organizations may rent the exhibitions separately or in any combination.

APH News is compiled by Bob Brasher, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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