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APH News: October 2002

Your monthly link to the latest products and services information.

Attention APH Ex Officio Trustees

Thanks to those who have promptly sent back the Data Verification Reports. The deadline for their return is October 11. We will immediately make the corrections to those records and send the Final Reports.

Thanks also for completing your Federal Quota orders by the September 30 deadline. Your efforts made this a record year for product sales and, hopefully, provided a record number of needed materials for your students.

Flea Market Promotional Products

APH Flea Market

Our Flea Market listing of APH products has been updated for the October – December 2002 quarter. All products listed are available on a first come first serve basis until inventories are depleted. Check these significant values at

Annual Meeting Agenda

2002 Annual Meeting Logo: Sharing the memory, shaping the dream

The full agenda for the 134th Annual Meeting, "Sharing the Memory, Shaping the Dream" is now available on the web site:

APH Database Training Program:
You Provide The Location, We’ll Provide The Training


It’s time for you to take advantage of these resources. You provide the location and we will provide the training!!

You will learn:

Do you want to know more? Stop by the Database Poster Session at the APH Annual Meeting and pick up information. We will also be scheduling training for people who are interested in the program.

If you are already taking advantage of these resources, please stop by the poster session to share your ideas on how to make Louis and AMP more user friendly. We will have some screen shots of both the current and new Louis interfaces for your review and comments.

For questions about the program, please contact: Maria E. Delgado
Database Field Representative, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Louis Database Continues to Improve

The Product Search categories for the Louis Database are now set up just like the APH print catalog. Items are available for search by core or expanded core curriculum topics. Also, physical descriptions, such as number of cassette tapes, have been added to sound recordings and APH product records.

APH Product Listings Will Be Added to Fred’s Head Records

Fred's Head Database

A new project is underway to add APH product links to Fred’s Head Database records, taking visitors from the Database to appropriate product brochures. A team of APH staff, led by Malcolm Turner, will review over 500 Fred’s Head records to identify appropriate APH products. Look for this new feature of Fred’s Head in spring 2003.

APH Participates in AFB Event

A Celebration of Solutions: First National Symposium on Literacy for Adults with Visual Disabilities

AFB’s Tina Tucker makes the welcoming announcements

Clockwise from left: Tina Tucker (GA), Brenda Shearer (WI), Michael Nelipovich (WI), Susan Dalton (IL), Barbara Henderson (KY), Maureen Duffy (PA), Betty Sims (MN), and Terrie Terlau (KY) participate in an ESL learning exercise for adults with low vision or blindness (a.k.a. the Lojban Hokey Pokey) as part of one presentation.
Photos: Ike Presley, AFB

Four representatives from APH were among 75 persons from around the country who attended "A Celebration of Solutions," sponsored by American Foundation for the Blind’s National Literacy Center. The one-day marathon, held on September 20, 2002, in Atlanta, Georgia, featured 21 speakers who focused on solutions rather than obstacles in providing adult services.

Topics ranged from "Adapting the Wilson Reading System for Adults Who Are Blind" to "Effective Literacy Intervention Programs for Adults with Visual Impairments." Planners, attendees, and presenters shared the same commitment to provide "better and more responsive" services for adults who are visually impaired or blind.

Jane Thompson, Director of ATIC, reported on her AFB mini-grant to provide awareness training to service providers in Kentucky. Eleanor Pester, Braille Project Leader, updated the group on development of an Adult Braille Literacy Program. Terrie Terlau, Adult Life Project Leader, attended the symposium in order to hear the reports and network concerning new product development. Barbara Henderson, APH Test and Assessment Project Leader, made a brief report on new APH testing products for visually impaired adults, including braille and cassette GED prep materials.

Test Central Becomes a Department

Members of Test Central
Test Central from left to right: Kris Scott, Barbara Henderson, Monica Coffey, and Debbie Willis

Effective August 19, 2002, Test Central became the newest department at APH. The department is managed by Debbie Willis, under the guidance of Bob Brasher, Vice President of Products and Services. Test Central staff currently includes Dr. Carol Allman (1/2 time), Lead Consultant working from Tallahassee, FL; Accessible Test Editors Monica Coffey and Kris Scott; Barbara Henderson (1/4 time), Test and Assessment Project Leader in the Research Dept.; and Debbie Willis, Test Central Manager. This group, along with the Test Central Core Team, the Test Central Council, and a network of individuals and agencies across the country, is a winning team working together to provide high quality, accessible tests in a timely manner.

Test Central will soon begin the search for an OutSource and Test Security Specialist responsible for working with APH staff to develop, receive, and coordinate requests for tests to be adapted and produced in accessible media on a contractual basis. The specialist will also ensure the security of all standardized tests, gather input regarding satisfaction with test materials, and may travel in order to present details regarding the crucial role of Test Central. Should you or anyone you know be interested in this position, please contact Debbie Willis ( to discuss the position.

So what has Test Central been doing since our assembly? With the help of Doug Trent, Test Central has already accepted several pilot projects through APH’s Contract Administration Department. All requests to date have been for braille editions of tests. Test Central staff edited the Illinois PSAE and worked with Production staff to finalize transcription, tactile graphics, and proofing.

In addition to editing, Test Central staff is busy preparing for Annual Meeting activities and the Test Editor Training Workshop scheduled to begin the Monday after Annual Meeting. Carol Allman will be the primary instructor for the workshop. Carol has drafted various guidelines targeted for different audiences, such as test developers and publishers, accessible test editors, and transcribers. Test Central is revising the guidelines while sharing the draft stage with parties who have requested copies.

Making The Cut—A New Production Process At APH

Earlier this year the APH Educational Aids Department began making parts using their own CNC (computer numerically controlled) router. The Technical Research Division was instrumental in bringing the process into the building. The new router, with a 50" x 100" sized working area, can handle larger production jobs and has been operational and making parts for about four months.

A CNC router is a machine that takes CAD (computer aided drafting) files and converts them to a machine language that controls a router motor with a cutting bit. Now a CAD file of a part can be exported to the program controlling the router and parts can be cut using that data. Parts that used to be routed out by hand using mechanical guides are now done without the operator ever actually touching the router. Many parts that are too intricate or materials too thick to be accurately die cut can be done on the router.

There are currently over two dozen jobs run on the machine with more jobs being added weekly. Just over 60% of the jobs have been fully documented. Technical Research will be furnishing production and maintenance support, adapting existing production work, and designing new products for the new router as part of an ongoing process.

Update: ENVISION Program for Using Optical Devices


As we move into the production phase of the long awaited ENVISION Program, we are using new processes which we have tested and embraced. Rob Wise, Director of Educational Research, who came to APH with extensive knowledge in production processes, suggested substituting blow-molded cases for thermoformed cases to hold the magnifiers and monoculars in the ENVISION magnification arrays. These standard series cases proved to be 50% less expensive than the typical thermoform cases and are also stronger and more rigid than the thermoform cases. We think you’ll appreciate this feature when you order your new ENVISION products, slated to be available in November, 2002.

On the Road with APH

APH on the road

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Products News

New Products from APH!

Time for Art

Time for Art Cover

Art Projects and Lessons for Students with Visual Impairments. Too frequently it is assumed that since the visually impaired artist cannot view the completed work, he or she cannot gain pleasure from creating it. Art is a process and should not be considered in terms of a finished product. When young artists are given the opportunity and are motivated, they are given the freedom of expression.

Time for Art is a handbook for teachers and parents. Information is offered on how to instruct visually impaired students in art, how to handle the media being explored, and points to consider in art program planning. Additionally, companion lessons are offered for each lesson or project.

Basic Science Tactile Graphics

Basic Science Tactile Graphics Cover

LT Guide Book: 7-08850-00  $7.00
Braille Guide Book: 5-08850-00  $12.50

Basic Science Tactile Graphics are vacuum-formed raised-line drawings depicting objects, concepts, and relationships that are covered in most elementary science textbooks. They are intended to supplement, not replace, the graphics in a students adapted textbook. This set of graphics may offer students a different presentation or vantage point from their brailled textbook graphics. Each graphic also has a title, which textbook graphics often lack.

Basic Science Tactile Graphics includes 52 images. The graphics include such items as:

Teaching Students with Visual Impairment: A Primer for the Mainstream Teacher

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments cover

Protocols Material Pack:
1-08290-01  $15.00

A practical guide for teachers, parents, and others who teach, love, and live with the student with low vision. The mainstream or new teacher need not panic if a student with a visual impairment is assigned to his/her class; TSVI: PMT is a handy guide.

Chapters include:

APH News is compiled by Bob Brasher, email hidden; JavaScript is required; document design by Malcolm Turner, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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