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APH News: October 2017

Your monthly link to the latest information on the products, services, and training opportunities from the American Printing House for the Blind.

Exciting New APH Products Announced!

photo of NewT Kit

Read on to learn about these new products – now available!

Indoor Navigation at Annual Meeting

Nearby Explorer logo features a white cane superimposed upon a drawing of a globe

Part of daring to change means looking at ways to improve orientation and location based capabilities for indoor venues. You can experience a taste of this change this year at APH’s 149th Annual Meeting.

Through a partnership with municipal and private organizations, location-based capabilities for both the Louisville International Airport and the Hyatt Regency Louisville have now been installed. Paired with APH’s updated Nearby Explorer™ app for iOS, you can try this exciting new way of experiencing geographical accessibility.

Indoor Explorer is a new feature of Nearby Explorer for iOS. (The Android version is coming soon.) There is also a new, free version called Nearby Explorer Online™ for iOS that supports indoor locations, so these essential capabilities are available for anyone, any time. Before your flight to Louisville, install either the paid or free version from the App Store®. You can start Nearby Explorer before you exit the plane, and then quickly navigate to the nearest restroom, coffee stand, or baggage claim. Use it in the hotel to identify meeting rooms, stairs, elevators, and building entrances.

How it Works

Nearby Explorer uses your phone to announce important details about your environment as you move. Until now, these capabilities required GPS for functionality. The Indoor Explorer feature adds support for low energy Bluetooth beacons and a database that provide location information in equipped venues.

Two Versions

If you already use Nearby Explorer, update the software to the latest version. If not, install Nearby Explorer Online from the App Store, and begin experiencing the revolution. Nearby Explorer Online is a lite version of the full-featured paid version. The only difference is that it does not include the licensed maps, and a network connection is needed for outdoor use. For indoor use, you need Bluetooth and a database, which is downloaded to your phone on the first run of the app.

As part of the goal of expanding beyond traditional markets, Nearby Explorer Online will include in-app purchases for the installation of individual maps of regions around the world and extended language options.


To use Indoor Explorer, open either version of Nearby Explorer, and move to a supported venue. The app automatically switches to indoor-based location services when it recognizes beacons and map features for supported venues. It announces, "Indoor mode" followed by the floor number of the building. From then on, it announces features as you pass and lets you use the compass and Geobeam to position your phone to discover points of interest in specific directions.

Supported Venues

In addition to the Louisville airport and the Hyatt Regency, APH, the McDowell Rehabilitation Center, Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS), and the Louisville Crescent Hill Library are mapped and equipped with beacons. As you use these new services, give us feedback about your impressions and ideas for better ways to announce or map.

Expand Available Venues

To include indoor support for your venue(s), follow the instructions at Please provide feedback about the instructions and the process at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Places, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

New! Indoor Explorer
An Experimental Feature of the Nearby Explorer App

Photo depicts Paul independently finding his way to the audio book section in a library, using Nearby Explorer on an iPhone

New technology provides location and orientation inside buildings!

Nearby Explorer™ is a powerful location exploration app for use on Android™ and iOS devices. It includes maps for the United States and Canada, covering millions of points of interest (POIs) and empowering you to independently explore with confidence.

APH recently released two new iOS versions of Nearby Explorer that include our new Indoor Explorer feature. These versions include the paid, full Nearby Explorer app and the free, lite Nearby Explorer Online™ app. Note that the free version requires a network connection.

The required mapping and beacons have been deployed to a small but growing number of locations. As more venues are mapped and added to OpenStreetMap®, Indoor Explorer will be available and useful to more people.

How the Indoor Explorer Feature Works

  • In supported venues, beacons are strategically placed on walls, and their locations are mapped.
  • The beacons signal their locations to your phone.
  • The app gathers information about the indoor environment from OpenStreetMap.
  • The app compares a beacon’s location and signal strength with the map to determine your location and local points of interest (POIs).


  • Virtual go-to may be used for exploring indoor spaces remotely, including floor-by-floor.
  • Nearby places equipped with the beacons are announced as you approach.
  • Switching between outdoor and indoor mode is seamless and automatic.

NOTE: The Indoor Explorer feature is currently available only on iOS devices. It will be available for Android devices in the future.

Recommended ages: 12 years and up.

IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. OpenStreetMap is a trademark of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, and is used with their permission. Nearby and Indoor Explorer are not endorsed by or affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

NEW! NewT Kit

1-08149-00 — $959.00

Replacement Items

Nigel Newt’s Portfolios, set of 3: 1-08149-01 — $109.00
Acuity Measuring Charts w/Measuring Cord: 1-08149-02 — $279.00
Cards, set of 198: 1-08149-03 — $79.00
Guidebook Set, Braille: 5-08149-00 — $21.00
Guidebook Set, Large Print: 7-08149-00 — $16.00

photo of NewT Kit

New tools and activities for use with Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment (NewT).

You’ve used and loved FV/LMA, but it’s difficult gathering all the tools, materials, and equipment you need. APH has assembled these into one convenient kit for you! Everything you need to complete the Observations, Functional Vision Assessment, and Learning Media Assessment sections of the FV/LMA is in this handy tool kit.

Nigel Newt’s Portfolios provide sample graphs, maps, dictionary entries, reading samples, diagrams, news clippings, catalogue pages for grade levels K–11.

All text is provided in accessible formats. Get rid of that box of stuff you haul around in your car. All you need is the NewT Kit!


  • 198 color and black & white cards to match and sort
  • Light-up items for near and distance tasks
  • Acuity measurement charts
  • Color & shape manipulatives (balls, bowls, stars)
  • Array of measuring devices
  • Array of colored markers and crayons
  • Johns Informal Reading Inventory & Administrator’s Guide (both specially formatted)
  • Array of papers, pens, and erasers
  • Nigel Newt’s Portfolios
  • Guidebook Set, in braille and in large print

Recommended ages: pre-academic to academic, grades K-11.

NEW! Early Braille Trade Books: Rigby PM Platinum — UEB

Kit 1 (Fiction, Level 3-C):
Contracted Braille: 3-00301-00 — $109.00
Uncontracted Braille: 3-00302-00 — $109.00

Kit 2 (Fiction, Level 3-C):
Contracted Braille: 3-00303-00 — $109.00
Uncontracted Braille: 3-00304-00 — $109.00

Kit 3 (Fiction, Level 4-D):
Contracted Braille: 3-00305-00 — $129.00
Uncontracted Braille: 3-00306-00 — $129.00

picture of five books

Finding the right book for young students is now easier!

APH’s Early Braille Trade Books Project combines commercially available books with braille labels for beginning readers. These kits include books, braille labels, and access to an interactive website.

EBT Features

  • Contracted or uncontracted braille labels
  • Packaged by Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) and Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels
  • Match books to each student based on his or her braille knowledge
  • Search for books by genre, core curriculum, and expanded core curriculum
  • Unique Feature! Included interactive website allows you to:
    • Access a book summary and activities designed for braille readers
    • Share or transfer student records to other teachers
    • Maintain a listing and percentage of contractions learned by each student — great for documentation at IEP meetings
    • Find books to use in conjunction with APH’s Building on Patterns (BOP) series

Rigby PM Books

This fun collection of emergent level fiction stories supports the development of essential literary skills. These books are known for their meaningful stories that present a clear climax and resolution. Titles hook children with real story lines, and the steady growth of sentence structure scaffolds text complexity for incremental reading success.

Recommended ages: Kindergarten and up.

Reach & Match Learning Kit

1-08816-00 — $900.00

cover of the Reach and Match Activity Manual

Reach & Match® Learning Kit empowers children with all abilities and promotes inclusion. It is a fun and innovative tool to help children develop literacy and essential childhood skills! Originally created for children with BVI, a preliminary review revealed that children with autism also enjoy playing and learning with Reach & Match.

The Reach & Match inclusive program provides seven learning outcomes:

  • braille and print learning
  • cognitive skills
  • sensory integration
  • sense of satisfaction
  • language enrichment
  • body movement
  • social interaction

It includes over 30 exercises and games for students to learn these skills through play. Reach & Match provides toddler training for manual dexterity and identifying tactile patterns. It provides pre-schoolers with braille and print learning, motor development, direction, and spacial awareness training. Teachers can easily adapt it into their curriculum.

Reach & Match includes four large puzzle piece mats, each a different color: red, blue, green, and yellow. One side of each mat has a texture with a tactile pattern that matches corresponding tiles. The other side of the mats all have the same texture but with a recessed white path about the width of an adult finger. Along the path are cut-out shapes that correspond to the same tiles. The tiles are stored in a round pillow with a zipper closure that is placed in the middle of the four large puzzle mats.

The 26 Reach & Match Tiles Include:

  • Seven white and red round tiles with the letters A through G. The texture on the red side is similar to grains of rice. The tactile marking is four raised circles.
  • Seven white and blue triangle tiles with the letters H through N. The texture on the blue side is similar to brick on a building. The tactile marking is three parallel S curves.
  • Six white and green square tiles with the letters O through T. The texture on the green side is similar to brick on a building and the tactile marking is five, thin parallel straight lines.
  • Six white and yellow pentagon tiles with the letters U through Z. The texture on the yellow side is similar to grains of rice. The tactile marking is three thick parallel lines with rounded corners.

NEW! Math Flash (Action for Google Home / Google Assistant)

Free of Charge

Math Flash logo

While the concept of voice assistants is only a few years old, these devices are making their way quickly into education and life. Dominated by Google Home® smart speakers and Amazon Alexa®-enabled devices, voice assistants marry the most natural interface—voice—with deep learning to provide answers, perform services, and even control home appliances. The opportunities for providing educational content to students who are blind and visually impaired are abundant!

APH has launched a new Action for Google Home devices. This Action is based on our popular Math Flash™ software that combines math flash cards with fun audio feedback and a snarky personality.

If you have a Google Home smart speaker, say the wake-up phrase (“Ok Google”), then say, “Talk to Math Flash.”

Don’t have a Google Home speaker? Access the Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet by following these steps:

  • For Android® devices, hold down the home button (Google assistant is preloaded on most modern Android phones and tablets).
  • For iOS devices, download the free Google Assistant app from the App Store®, open the app, then tap the microphone icon within the app.
  • Once the assistant is activated, say, “Talk to Math Flash” to start the Action.

If you are using VoiceOver, open the Assistant app, then temporarily disable the VO speech with a three-finger double tap. To activate the microphone, use the magic tap gesture (two finger double tap) and say, “talk to Math Flash.” You don’t need to interact with the screen again until Math Flash closes. At that time, use the three-finger double tap to re-enable speech feedback for VoiceOver.

Have fun, and send feedback to, so we can continue to refine this and other Skills and Actions.

This is our first step into these waters, and APH plans to create educational content for both platforms—Google and Amazon.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc., IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Have You Upgraded Your SMART Braillers to UEB?

picture of a SMART Brailler

NEW! As of September 5, 2017, APH began shipping SMART Braillers with updated software that makes Unified English Braille (UEB) available in the Language Settings! To change to UEB, choose "English-U.E.B."

Any SMART Braillers you already have can be updated with this latest free software. Download the instructions and latest software to update your SMART Brailler.

The APH SMART Brailler by Perkins is an updated Perkins Brailler that displays, vocalizes, and produces embossed braille based on what a student types. With the built-in app “Building on Patterns: Kindergarten,” early braille students can have continual access and opportunity to practice braille outside of traditional braille lesson plans with TVIs. Additionally, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and peers who may not know braille can engage with children through the visual and audio output features.

Field Tests and Surveys

Your Input DOES Make a Difference!

Please complete the brief APH 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey!

Each year the U.S. Department of Education requires APH to submit a survey to all users, distributors, and agencies that have contact with our products and services. This survey gathers feedback about the quality and usefulness of our products. It is not a lengthy survey, but it is time sensitive and very important to support the continuation of the Federal Quota Program, administered by the American Printing House for the Blind.

Please take a few minutes and complete the survey. If you have a listserv within your agency or state, please share the survey there as well. The more feedback we receive, the better.

This brief GPRA 2017 survey is available through Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

We appreciate your time and thoughts. Your honest input does make a difference!

Beep…Beep…Beep—APH wants to know

Physical Education, Recreation, and Leisure Professionals, please take a few minutes and help APH TARGET your needs.

Dare to be Creative with APH’s MATCH-IT-UP Frames

cover of MATCH-IT-UP Frames

APH invites your ideas on how you use the MATCH-IT-UP Frames (Large and Small Sets) with your students with visual impairments and blindness. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that showcases a myriad of possible applications. Many of the suggestions pair the MATCH-IT-UP Frames with other APH products you might already have available to you. Send your additional ideas and uses to Karen J. Poppe, Tactile Literacy Project Leader, at She will post a list of your ideas in a future APH News issue. Please feel free to share photos of your MATCH-IT-UP Frame setups and activities. Be brave and share!

APH’s Websites: We Want Your Feedback on Accessibility!

When accessing the web, are you a synthetic speech user, screen magnification user, or user of other accessible technologies? APH would like your feedback on the accessibility of our websites! If you have thoughts about the accessibility of the following:,, or, please email your comments to email hidden; JavaScript is required. We appreciate your time!

APH Fall Harvest Sale

Load up a world of savings on selected APH products with APH’sFall Harvest Sale 2017, October 1—December 31. As always, first come, first served.

Join Us for "A Daring Adventure" – APH Annual Meeting 2017

Sun setting on beckoning mountains, APH logo inside a compass design, says A Daring Adventure: 149th Annual Meeting

Meeting Registration Is Available on Site; Online Registration is Now Closed

Join us October 11–14 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Louisville for Annual Meeting 2017. Meeting registration is closed online, but will still available at the door at the Hyatt during the week of the meeting. If you have questions, please contact Janie Blome, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

During Annual Meeting, Don’t Miss This Session Focused on Transition!

APH/AER Rehabilitation Institute
No pre-registration required
Thursday October 12, 2017, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Facilitator: Roxann Mayros, President and CEO, VisionServe Alliance

In 2016, APH and AER joined together to present the inaugural APH/AER Rehabilitation Institute during APH Annual Meeting. This year, our stellar lineup of speakers addresses the transition needs of students and adults who are blind and visually impaired. APH and AER are honored to partner with Roxanne Mayros and VisionServe Alliance to host a daylong look at transition from several perspectives.

In morning sessions, Richard Rueda, a transition/employment specialist with the Sacramento Society for the Blind, will offer a keynote entitled “Transition from the Eyes of Experience,” highlighting his work in schools, state agencies, and nonprofits, including work with the new WIOA regulations. Kathy Mullen, Director of Education at Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS) in Louisville, will address the need for early instruction in transition skills in her talk, “Transition Starts at Birth.” Kathy will highlight VIPS’ Kids Town and Mobility City, where working and job skills become part of the pre-school curricula and a simulated streetscape is used to introduce orientation and mobility.

In afternoon sessions, Dareen Barrios will discuss how preparation for employment is integrated into the school’s curriculum at the Maryland School for the Blind. Lee Nasehi, from Lighthouse Central Florida, will share the history of transition services in Florida, where 16 nonprofit vision rehab agencies now offer year-round and summer programs that develop knowledge, skills, and confidence. During the last hour of the day, attendees will participate in a “swap meet,” sharing their own models of service delivery, reviewing lessons learned during the day, and discussing future trends.

Pre-registration is not required, and ACVREP credits will be offered for both the morning and the afternoon session. For more information or to obtain a complete agenda, please contact Janie Blome, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

In Memoriam: Remembering Jack Decker

Jack Decker
Jack Decker
Wall of Tribute Stone reads: Jack Decker, VP Production, 1981-2015
Decker’s family helped dedicate a Wall of Tribute stone in Jack’s honor.

It is with great sadness that we report the recent passing of Jack Decker, retired APH Vice President of Production. Jack joined APH in 1981 as Production Manager of three of the six production departments. In 1984, APH President, Carson Nolan, asked Jack to manage all production. In 1989, President Tuck Tinsley promoted Jack to Vice President of Production. Jack retired in July, 2015.

Jack led the way in improving efficiency in production processes. His methods transformed APH Production into what it is today. A major example is his transitioning APH from making large numbers of copies of books to a make-on-demand system that reduced costs and inventory.

However, his story is more than just contracts negotiated, machinery installed and products delivered. Jack’s legacy includes his mentoring of staff, his dedication to the work, and his attitude towards life.

Family and colleagues recently met for the dedication of a Wall of Tribute stone in Jack’s honor in the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field Hall. The APH Production Conference Room was also named after Jack in recognition of his service. Jack will be greatly missed by his friends at APH.

Graphiti, an "Artful Innovation" from APH and Orbit Research

APH Vice President of Educational Services and Product Development Dorinda Rife examines the Graphiti on exhibit
APH Vice President of Educational Services and Product Development Dorinda Rife stopped by the Kennedy Center while the Graphiti was on exhibit.

Could assistive technology lead to innovation that helps us travel to hostile planets? That question was explored in a recent Kennedy Center exhibit, “Artful Innovation: Inclusive Design and Technology”, which included the Graphiti, the multilevel tactile display being developed by APH and Orbit Research.

Dorinda Rife, APH’s Vice President of Educational Services and Product Development, is pictured at the exhibit using a prototype of this revolutionary device. The Graphiti was recently used to help visually impaired users experience the solar eclipse in real time.

Inventions like Graphiti demonstrate that accessibility innovation can pave a path to the future while being both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Au Revoir—Bonne Chance!

Typhlo and Tactus 2017 logo

Goodbye and good luck to our U.S. entries in the 2017 Typhlo & Tactus (T&T) tactile book competition! This month, three special tactile books “took off” from APH, on their way to Dijon, France, to be part of the international level of the T&T competition.

The first T&T competition, held biennially, took place in 2000. APH has acted as the U.S. national contact organization since 2011, and T&T continues to grow. In 2015, 19 countries participated. In 2017, India and Canada joined previous participants—west and east Europe, the United Kingdom, Colombia, and the United States.

This year, entries were sent to APH by a variety of tactile book creators—including an APH employee, teachers, a Lighthouse employee, and others. Books to be sent on for international level jodging were chosen by a panel of five U.S. judges with experience teaching children with visual impairments. Thank you to everyone—those who submitted tactile books and our judges—for participating in the 2017 Typhlo & Tactus book competition!

Check future editions of the APH News for results and a link to view the international winning entries. And please help us reach the goal of increasing U.S. participation in 2019 by spreading the word to creative folks everywhere, encouraging them to visit the APH website in upcoming months for information about the 2019 competition and to download guidelines on how to “think tactile!”

NEW! Handy Overview Website for Building on Patterns

Cover of the Animal Tales volume, featuring the drawing of a cow.

Explore our new Building on Patterns (BOP) overview pages to quickly find BOP Themes, Features, & Samples; Teaching Components (including Scope and Sequence charts); Ordering Information; Teacher Resources; and more!

The website includes a page for each level of BOP—Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade—with sample activities for each level.

The Teaching Components for each level include information about the Posttest and Scope and Sequence Charts in print and braille.

Teacher Resources include links to online resources for BOP, including the homework letters for First and Second Grade, and all the UEB Teacher Supplements.

In addition to providing materials for teachers, the website allows information about BOP to be easily shared with parents and administrators.

Did You Know? Accessible Boehm-3 Available!

Boehm-3 Preschool Manual cover features a drawing of kids on a sliding board
Boehm-3 Manual cover features a drawing of kids playing around a tree stump

APH has adapted two assessments which measure a child’s understanding of basic concepts such as above, below, and between. Knowledge of these concepts has been determined as an essential skill for increasing a student’s opportunity of achieving success in school. Having an understanding and grasp of these concepts helps children as they learn to describe objects, order events, and understand and describe quantities in normal everyday routines and in extracurricular activities. Children who do not understand these concepts will often struggle in the classroom.

The Boehm-3: Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition: Preschool and Boehm-3: Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition, K-2 are assessments which will verify a child’s understanding of these basic concepts, thus guiding intervention. The Big Picture Edition provides accessibility for students with low vision. The Tactile Edition provides accessibility for students who access information tactually.

Boehm-3: Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition: Preschool measures 26 basic concepts relevant to early childhood curriculum. This test helps identify children who lack understanding in basic relational concepts so intervention planning can begin sooner, increasing the student’s chance of success in school. Each concept is tested twice to verify the child’s understanding.

Boehm-3: Test of Basic Concepts, Third Edition measures 50 basic concepts relevant to school success. Results help identify students who may not have the learning experiences necessary to develop an understanding of key concepts.

Visit for more information and a list of components included with each kit.

Accessible Appliances: GE, FirstBuild, and an Inventive Young Man

Jack DuPlessis working at a computer. In the foreground are a washer and dryer.
Jack DuPlessis. Photo courtesy of Boris Ladwig

Previous generations of appliances worked well for users who are blind and visually impaired, because the controls were analog, and if they did not already include a tactile pointer, some homemade markings could usually work. Many of today’s appliances’ controls are digital, and they provide no feedback about what is selected.

APH’s Larry Skutchan has written article about accessibility considerations when purchasing an appliance. He also highlights the exciting work of General Electric, FirstBuild, and a young inventor, Jack DuPlessis, who has created a way to make digital appliances accessible.

APH Awarded for Collaboration

VIPS logo

by Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)

The Beacon Awards Event was started eleven years ago as a way to recognize individuals, companies and civic groups that have helped to further our mission – whether it’s been through the donation of their time, talent or treasure. Each recipient has been an integral part of building VIPS to what it is today.


American Printing House for the Blind goes back to the roots of VIPS. This is where Sharon Bensinger, our founder, worked for ten years leading up to the creation of our special agency. It was there where she took numerous calls from desperate parents looking for services for their blind children.

Our population of blind individuals in Louisville is extremely fortunate to have an institution, such as APH, to be located just down the road. APH has been around since before the Civil War! It is the world’s largest nonprofit organization creating educational, workplace, and independent living products and services for people who are blind and visually impaired.

In the early days, APH provided VIPS with funding so that our leadership could attend important conferences. These trips were invaluable, in that it guided us in best practices and made us known to important entities that serve individuals with blindness across the nation.

For years, VIPS has been a field test site for preschool products that are in the testing phase at APH. Do you see these various “beacons” located around the room? This is our latest collaboration – it’s called Indoor Explorer, and it’s a product that syncs with smartphones to help individuals learn about the location of entrances, rooms, elevators, restrooms and more.
APH also sells our popular video series on its website, which has provided us with an international reach that we, otherwise, would have likely not achieved.

There are many many more ways that we could tell you about in our collaborations with APH, but we hope we have touched on some of the best in our short explanation.

The first Beacon Award for Collaboration goes to American Printing House for the Blind.

APH on the Road

Indiana Vision Expo, 2017

Photo of Kerry Isham behind the APH booth at the 2017 Indiana Vision Expo

APH Field Services Representative Kerry Isham was on hand at the 2017 Indiana Vision Expo, the Midwest’s largest trade show for consumers who are blind and visually impaired. The event was held at the State Library in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, September 30. Hundreds of individuals with vision loss, their friends, and their families were in attendance, showing particular interest in APH products such as the Special Touch t-shirts, the Explorer Bright Ray, the Talking Cooking Thermometer, The Impressor, and the Wilson Digital Voice Recorder.

APH at New Jersey AER

On October 2, Field Services Representative Kerry Isham presented to attendees at the New Jersey AER conference in West Windsor, New Jersey. Kerry’s session was on APH Products for Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), and included overviews of products such as the Bright Shapes Knob Puzzle, Match-It-Up Frames, the Mini Lite Box, Spangle Tangle, and Swirly Mats. Kerry also exhibited some new and old products including the Explorer Bright Ray, the Video Mag HD, the Tactile Graphic Line Slate, and the Push Button Padlock. Everyone’s eager interest in APH, our products, and services was just one piece of this event that made it interesting, useful and enjoyable.

Social Media Spotlight

Social Media Spotlight logo

Multiple Disabilities: New Pinterest Board

Are you following APH on Pinterest?

We recently added a new board to share ideas about multiple disabilities, increasing our board total to 36. We offer boards for every area of the Common Core and the Expanded Core Curricula, as well as boards for several areas of blindness and visual impairment.

If you have suggestions for Pinterest content, ideas for new boards, or if you want to collaborate with us on one or more boards, email Paul Ferrara, APH’s Social Media Coordinator at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Happy pinning!

"Like" APH at Our Facebook Page!

Facebook Logo

We invite you to visit our Facebook page and "Like" us! You can find APH at these social media sites: Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and at our blog, Fred’s Head from APH.

APH Braille Book Corner

APH offers a number of recreational books in braille available with Quota funds. Each of these titles was originally transcribed and produced by APH for the National Library Service which has graciously granted permission for this offering. As usual, these titles have been added to the APH Louis Database where you can find thousands of titles produced in accessible formats.

Note: all books are produced upon receipt of orders, therefore, please allow several weeks for delivery.

An English Ghost Story
by Kim Newman: T-N2057-20 — $144.00
A dysfunctional British nuclear family seek a new life away from the big city in the sleepy Somerset countryside. At first their new home, The Hollow, seems to embrace them, creating a rare peace and harmony within the family. But when the house turns on them, it seems to know just how to hurt them the most, threatening to destroy them from the inside out.

Half the World
by Joe Abercrombie: T-N2071-50 — $152.00
Set in the same world as Half a King, Half a World follows a new protagonist, Thorn, a fifteen-year-old girl in training for the king’s army. But even as she’s learning the ways of war, she’s also growing up… and falling in love for the first time. Some Adult Content.

by Christopher Paolini: T-N2118-40 — $327.00
After successfully evading an Urgals ambush, Eragon is adopted into the Ingeitum clan and sent to finish his training in magic and swordsmanship so he can further help the Varden in their struggle against the Empire. Series: Inheritance Cycle, Book 2. Some Adult Content.

Pawn’s Gambit and Other Strategems
by Timothy Zahn: T-N2168-90 — $189.50
This short fiction collection includes the Hugo Award-winning novella Cascade Point and eight stories previously unpublished in book form. Some Adult Content.

Daisy in Chains
by Sharon Bolton T-N2168-70 — $172.50
Despite physician Hamish Wolfe’s conviction for murdering overweight women, he claims he is innocent and wants someone new to handle his appeal. Notorious defense attorney and crime writer Maggie Rose ignores his letters at first, but eventually she is intrigued. Some Adult Content.

*Accelerated Reader quiz number, book level, and point value. For more information on the Accelerated Reader program, see the January 2006 APH News or

Dare to Watch These Adventurous Quick Tips!

Quick Tips Corner logo features a post with two street signs
APH Quick Tips logo: Short videos from APH

October is Annual Meeting month, and in the spirit of this year’s theme, “A Daring Adventure,” we dare you to view these very adventurous Quick Tips!

We also dare you to share your Quick Tip ideas with Kerry at email hidden; JavaScript is required!

APH Travel Calendar

on the road with APH


October 23, 2017
Perkins Innovation Advisory Group

October 30-November 1, 2017
ACM SIGACCVESS Conference on Computers & Accessibility

November 2-4, 2017
BANA Fall 2017 Board Meeting

November 11, 2017
Product Development Association Conference


October 2, 2017
NJ AER Conference

October 17-21, 2017
GVEST Conference

October 18-20, 2017
Northern Rockies AER 2017

October 25-26, 2017
NBA Conference Fall 2017

October 26-28, 2017
Indiana AER

October 30-November 3, 2017
Arizona AER & Multiple School Observations

November 15-16, 2017

November 17, 2017
VRATE 2017

December 6-9, 2017
13th Biennial Getting in Touch with Literacy Conference

December 10-11, 2017
STEM 2017

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Dorinda Rife, Vice President, Educational Services and Product Development
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Malcolm Turner, APH Website Coordinator
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Thanks to the following APH staff:

  • Cindy Amback, Support Specialist, Field Services
  • Janie Blome, Director, Field Services
  • Scott Blome, Director, Communications
  • Paul Ferrara, Social Media Coordinator, Communications
  • Rob Guillen, Special Programs Coordinator, Public Relations
  • Kerry Isham, Field Services Representative
  • Stephanie Lancaster, Graphic Designer, Communications
  • Drew Lueken, Support Specialist, Communications
  • Artina Paris-Jones, Assistant, Field Services
  • Tristan Pierce, Multiple Disabilities/Physical Education Project Leader, Research
  • Karen Poppe, Tactile Graphics Project Leader, Research
  • Mary Robinson, Assistant, Field Services
  • Cathy Senft-Graves, Braille Literacy and Technology Project Leader, Research
  • Larry Skutchan, Director, Technology Product Research

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