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September 2012

Exciting New APH Products Announced!

Read on to learn about these new products – now available!

Traveling the Extra Mile

Cay Holbrook

There is little traffic on the extra mile. And at the 2012 Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests, APH is proud to salute the dedicated service providers who are willing to travel many extra miles with us in our national work. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear Dr. Cay Holbrook deliver her keynote address honoring the great work of her personal heroine, Annie Sullivan. Among other opportunities not to be missed will be exciting presentations on APH products by our staff and consultants, including Kay Ferrell, Derrick Smith, Lisa Wright, Debra Sewell, Donna Brostek Lee, and many others. The APH InSights Art Awards Banquet is sure to inspire, and you’ll find many opportunities to network with APH staff and other colleagues as YOU travel the extra miles between your room and the meeting rooms at the Galt House!

Other "you had to be there" moments will include Phil Hatlen’s and Pete Wurzburger’s inductions into the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field, and a presentation by retired teacher and author Ted Hull, whose book, The Wonder Years: My Life and Times with Stevie Wonder, tells the story of his experiences while going many extra miles as Wonder’s private teacher and constant companion for six years during the 1960s.

Online registration is now available! The deadline for online registration is September 21, 2012. You can also make your reservations at the Galt House hotel online, for a special rate of $135 per night. Come join us on the extra mile!

Ted Hull

Kay Ferrell

Millie Smith

Jane Erin

Phil Hatlen

Lou Tutt

Debra Sewell

Derrick Smith

Donna Brostek Lee

Ryan Honey

The Wonder Piano Exhibit

Carrying the piano up the stairs

Attaching the legs

If you are planning on attending the APH annual meeting, October 11-13, in Louisville, you have a special treat available. Through the kindness of APH Ex Officio Trustee Collette Bauman, representing the Michigan Department of Education, Low Incidence Outreach, our Museum is opening a new exhibit exploring the education of superstar Stevie Wonder. The centerpiece is a Steinway grand piano used by Stevie Wonder in the auditorium in the Michigan School in the 1960s. Wonder’s personal teacher between 1963-1969, Ted Hull, will make a special appearance at the exhibit opening on Thursday, October 11. If you’ve already booked a tour of APH for that day, you will have an opportunity to meet Ted and participate in opening ceremonies. Ted will also be addressing a Friday afternoon Annual Meeting session at the Galt House. So make your plans to join us for this exciting event. For more information, contact Mike Hudson at 502-899-2365 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

A Sneak Peak at Annual Meeting Special Guest Ted Hull!

From a YouTube Interview:

Your Input WILL Make a Difference!

Please complete the very BRIEF APH 2012 Satisfaction Survey!

As many of you know, each year the U.S. Department of Education seeks input from YOU on the effectiveness of products and services provided through the Federal Quota Program, which is administered by the American Printing House for the Blind (APH). This includes an item that will assist APH staff in our product planning.

The 2012 survey is now available on the APH website, and you are encouraged to respond based on your experience with products provided through Federal Quota funds.

This brief, 11-question, online survey is available at through Thursday, September 21, 2012.

If you have inquiries or require assistance, please contact Mary Nelle McLennan at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Your honest input does make a difference!

Activate and Teach With APH Talking PC Maps

Help students learn street layout, explore businesses, employers, and other facilities in the area, and practice travel routes! Listen to our Webinar Training Series for activation instructions, teaching tips, and lesson plans.

The American Printing House for the Blind, in collaboration with the Sendero Group and Accessible World, is pleased to offer orientation and mobility specialists, teachers of persons with visual impairments, other professionals dealing with visual impairments, and students and adults with visual impairments a series of audio webinars on APH Talking PC Maps. Webinars are scheduled on the second Thursday of each month from September 2012 through April 2013 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific, 5:00 p.m. Mountain, 6:00 p.m. Central, and 7:00 p.m. Eastern. To participate in these webinars, point your browser to:

The first time you attend a webinar, you will need to install a small piece of software on your computer. Do this by clicking the Download link on the above web page. After you install the software, click the link that says, "Click here to enter the Room."

If you cannot attend the webinar in person, webinars will be archived at Look for the link for APH Talking PC Maps under the Archives heading.

If you have any questions about webinars or about APH Talking PC Maps, please contact Terrie Terlau by phone at 502-899-2381 or by email at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Maps Webinar Dates and Topics

  • Thursday 9/13/12, 7:00 pm EST: Activating, Licensing, Updating, and Using Maps
  • Thursday 10/11/12, 7:00 pm EST: Setting Current Position and Basic Exploration
  • Thursday 11/8/12, 7:00 pm EST: What are Points of Interest and How Do I Use Them
  • Thursday 12/13/12, 7:00 pm EST: Side of Street Tracking and Moving by Point of Interest while Exploring
  • Thursday 1/10/13, 7:00 pm EST: Software-Created Routes and How to Create, Use, Save, Print, Emboss, and Transfer Them
  • Thursday 2/14/13, 7:00 pm EST: User-Created Routes and User POI and Intersection Annotations
  • Thursday 3/14/13, 7:00 pm EST: Using Maps in Classroom and O&M Instruction
  • Thursday 4/11/13, 7:00 pm EST: Using Maps in Transition Education (e.g., Budget Development and Career Planning) and On-the-job

Aloha to Our Newest Federal Quota Account!

APH is pleased to announce the establishment of a new Federal Quota account for the Ho’opono Services for the Blind, a part of the Hawaii Department of Human Services. Lea Grupen is our newest Ex Officio Trustee and will administer the account for the agency.

Ho’opno serves consumers throughout the state of Hawaii, providing assistance with employment, transition, independent living skills, low vision evaluations, orientation and mobility, a Business Enterprise Program, and more. The agency is a partner in the Braille Reading Project at Lanakila Elementary School, where Ho’opono students and graduates read print/braille children’s books to students in Pre-kindergarten through the first grade.

Welcome, Ho’opono, to the APH Family!

Student Uses APH Refreshabraille 18 in Testing!

Elizabeth Cummings, a 10th grader at the Alabama School for the Blind, is using the Refreshabraille 18 to take her STAR Reading test for the first time. The STAR testing program tests a student’s ability to comprehend what they read based on word recognition and comprehension. Screen reading programs gave blind students an unfair advantage. Now using the Refreshabraille 18, braille readers can take the STAR Reading test without jeopardizing the validity of the test. High school students at ASB are also using the Refreshabraille 18 with their iOS Apple devices such as iPads and iPods. The Refreshable 18 is a great device and it has enriched the educational experiences of braille readers at the Alabama School for the Blind. (Submitted by EOT Teresa Lacy.)

A New School Year—A New Field Test Opportunity!

APH is seeking field evaluators for Label & Learn Poster: Human Skeleton (Anterior View) that provides an interactive presentation for reviewing the names, locations, and relationships of major skeletal bones. The dual tactile/color design is intended for students with visual impairments and blindness in classroom settings with sighted peers. Using provided print/braille labels, a student can build a key that corresponds to numbered parts of the tactile/print skeleton. The poster is accompanied by a 3-D display model of the human skeleton.

Field testing will begin in late October or early November and extend until the end of January 2013. Evaluators will be asked to a) use the poster with as many students as possible within the given timeframe, b) complete a product evaluation form, and c) report student outcome data. After returning a completed evaluation form, the field test site will be allowed to keep the prototype for future use. Field test prototypes are limited.

Field test sites will be selected based upon geographic location, type of setting, and the grade levels/ages of the students. If you are interested in possibly serving as a field evaluator, please provide the following information: name, title, school/agency, complete contact information (phone number, mailing address, e-mail address), expected number of students, and the educational levels/ages of your students. Send this information to Karen J. Poppe, Tactile Graphics Project Leader, email hidden; JavaScript is required, by September 14, 2012. You may also contact Karen at 502-899-2322 or 800-223-1839, ext. 322.

Unforgettable APH Star Videos Now on APH Shopping Site

The response to our Unforgettable APH Star Video Contest has been very positive! We continue to invite students, parents, teachers, and all of our customers to shoot their own videos demonstrating uses of their favorite APH products. Don’t forget to submit your Unforgettable APH Star Video before the Summer contest ends on September 12, 2012.

You can now find links to Unforgettable APH Star Videos on our shopping website for selected products. Below are links to products featuring the Winter 2012 video contest winners. We’d again like to thank our past entrants for their time and talent in creating these great videos! Here are three examples of over a dozen videos now on our shopping site:

From the Field:

Sixteen U.S. teachers honored for inspiring student learning and impacting positive change through technology in the classroom.

REDMOND, Wash. — Aug. 2, 2012 — Microsoft Corp. today announced 16 educators from California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Texas and Washington have been selected as winners of the Partners in Learning U.S. Forum. The annual event recognizes innovative teachers and school leaders who creatively and effectively use technology in their curriculum to help improve the way kids learn and increase student success. The winning educators will advance to the Partners in Learning Global Forum, which will take place in Prague Nov. 28 through Dec. 1. This ninth annual Partners in Learning Global Forum is the culmination of local and regional events that reach nearly 200,000 participants from more than 115 countries.

Category: Cutting-Edge Use of Technology for Learning

First Place: Robin Lowell and Sherry Hahn; Washington State School for the Blind, Vancouver, Washington

Seattle Times: Four Washington teachers among winners of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning U.S. Forum

BANA to Vote about Braille Code in November

At its fall 2012 meeting, which will be held November 2nd through 4th, the Braille Authority of North America will take a vote that will set the course for the future of braille codes in the United States. The direction under consideration is the adoption of Unified English Braille while maintaining the Nemeth Code for technical materials.

"We need to make improvements to reduce barriers that hinder timely and accurate braille transcription and to ensure that braille will remain a flexible, robust system that meets the needs of people who read and write braille in this digital age," said Frances Mary D’Andrea, Chair of BANA. "If the motion is approved, it would be the first step in the decision-making process, which will include developing a carefully formulated plan for transition and implementation of the code while as much as possible avoiding disruption for current braille readers."

The Board of BANA consists of appointed representatives from fifteen member organizations of braille producers, transcribers, teachers, and consumers. Detailed information about the background of the code issues can be found in the article "Evolution of Braille: Can the Past Help Plan the Future?" Links to this article are available on the BANA website home page at Print and braille copies of this article are available upon request. Please send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required, providing your postal mailing address and stating if you want a print or braille copy.

Additional information about UEB can be found at the website of the International Council on English Braille at

Details about the fall BANA Board meeting, to be hosted by the Braille Institute of America in Los Angeles, will be announced in the coming weeks. For additional resource information, visit

APH Receives COSB Champion Award for 2012

According to the Council of Schools for the Blind (COSB), the annual Champion Award recognizes and expresses appreciation to key external stakeholders who provide exemplary strategic assistance, substantive financial or programmatic support, legislative or policy advocacy, or other unique efforts which directly impact the success of COSB on behalf of students and their families.

COSB Immediate Past President Stuart Wittenstein says in part, “Congratulations. The work of APH on behalf of persons with visual impairments is being recognized as the COSB Champion Award winner for 2012.” Dr. Tinsley will accept the award at the COSB Banquet to be held in Louisville on October 10, in conjunction with the 144th APH Annual Meeting.

Early Childhood Focus Group Gathers at APH

An Early Childhood Focus Group met at APH on August 5–7, 2012. The group presented numerous product ideas, and the participants prioritized the product ideas according to greatest need. This product needs list will assist the Early Childhood Project Leader to determine which ideas to move forward. The development of an APH Early Childhood website was voted as the highest priority. In addition, the group listed emergent numeracy books and manipulative objects as important product needs. APH feels fortunate to have had such a talented, experienced, and dedicated group of individuals working to make a real difference.

Front row (left to right): Tanni Anthony, Kay Clarke, Donna Brostek Lee
Back row (left to right): Sandra Lewis, Barbara Kelley, Tristan Lockwood, Patti Dilg, Beth Bohanon, Luanne Stordahl

Oldies but Goodies: The "Established" APH Product Series

Do you currently own a Braille+™ Mobile Manager? Simply snap the Braille+ into the Docking Station and you have a highly functional, comfortable-to-use, portable notetaker. Smaller than a laptop computer, the QWERTY Docking Station provides netbook-like functions, including connectivity and comfort on-the-go.

The Docking Station enables you to take notes comfortably with a full-size QWERTY keyboard, perform full-capability word processing, browse the Web extensively, and read and write email. The Docking Station is designed to be large enough for your hands to rest comfortably with its foldout hand rest, yet small and lightweight so it’s easy to carry along. With long-lasting batteries, you can dock-in and power on. Charge your Braille+ by plugging it into the docking station, even if the docking station is not plugged in. With an Ethernet connection you can log into your office network or the internet, and with USB host and client ports, it is easy to hook-up peripherals.

Note: The Braille+ Mobile Manager, which has been discontinued, is required to operate the QWERTY Docking Station.

The QWERTY Docking Station is currently on sale for $500, which is $100 off the original price. Other related items which are on sale and available for a limited time only are the Braille+ Leather Carrying Case, QWERTY Docking Station Leather Carrying Case, as well as the AC-DC adapters and rechargeable batteries for both devices.

If you have any suggestions for other products you would like to see highlighted in this monthly feature, please send your comments to Monica Turner at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Alabama School for the Blind Enjoys Products for Daily Living Presentation

On August 1, Field Services Representative Kerry Isham presented to a very enthusiastic group of about 35 dormitory staff at the Alabama School for the Blind in Talladega, AL. This half-day workshop was initiated by Principal and Ex Officio Trustee Charlotte Lowry. The presentation began with an overview of APH and our products, with special emphasis on students’ daily living needs. After that, the group watched the APH DVD Teen Scene: Portraits of Success. Participants then broke into small groups and completed a product review exercise. At the end of the afternoon, everyone enjoyed an interactive game of "APH Products Jeopardy," which helped reinforce the learning experience. Products featured in the event included: Braillable Labels and Sheets, APH Signature Guide, Color Test II, Feel ‘n Peel Stickers, Miniguide US, MotionPAD, Sherlock Talking Label Identifier and the Wilson Voice Recorder. Without a doubt, the eager and energetic participation of the dorm staff helped make this event interesting, useful and fun!

APH Visits Oregon State!

As part of APH’s Collaborative Instructional Partnership (CIP) Program, on August 10, Field Services Representative Kerry Isham presented to Dr. James O. Bickford’s eager and inquisitive class in the Program in Visual Impairments at Portland State University. The afternoon-long presentation included an overview of APH products for the core curriculum and the expanded core curriculum. Students then participated in an exercise allowing them to try out six different APH products – The CVI Complexity Sequences Kit, Geometro, Life Science Tactile Graphics, Sense of Science Astronomy, Tactile Town, and The Draftsman. The exercise was followed by a spirited game of "Are You Smarter than an APH Field Services Representative?" during which the teams were neck-and-neck up until the final question!

Treasures From The APH Libraries

The APH Barr Library supports research initiatives at APH, while the Migel Library is one of the largest collection of nonmedical information related to blindness in the world. Although the collections do not circulate, arrangements can be made to use the materials on-site. In addition, an ongoing digitization effort means APH will continue to make materials available through the online catalog at

Two of the many "Treasures from the APH Libraries" are described below.

From the Migel Library: Hayes, Samuel Perkins. Contributions to a Psychology of Blindness. New York: American Foundation for the Blind, 1941.

The Migel Library holds one copy of Contributions to a Psychology of Blindness that bears this unique inscription in the front cover. "Not ethical but: Note of a reader: This book has been around the world – read by me (Merchant Marine Chief Cook) and by a crew member who was blinded by enemy shell explosion while passing ammunition. He can better understand his chances. It’s a pity he won’t be given anywhere near as much "pension" as the "armed" forces. He will be "pensioned" until $5,000.00 runs out. Army, Navy etc. are pensioned, well, for life. Tisk Tisk – democracy!?"

The inscription gives an interesting glimpse into the history of the book, and one might wonder if the Chief read this copy of the book to his blinded comrade. It seems to have been circulated to service members from the American Foundation for the Blind in the 1940s, and has no doubt traveled the world during the Second World War. But it is also fascinating to see that, even though he finds it unethical, the sailor feels that writing an inscription in a circulating book is a rare opportunity to speak out while serving during wartime. It is hard to imagine whether a more modern form of expression, like a blog or website posting, would have lasted as long as this inscription.

From the Barr Library: Wiener, William R., Richard L. Welsh, and Bruce B. Blasch. Foundations of Orientation and Mobility. New York, NY: AFB, 2010.

A crucial resource for reference and instruction since its original publication in 1980, the Barr Library has recently added the 3rd edition of Foundations of Orientation and Mobility to its collection. Now expanded to two volumes, the set contains works from 56 different contributors, including Hall of Fame inductees Warren Bledsoe and Robert H. Whitstock. The first volume, History and Theory, contains sections entitled Human Systems, Mobility Systems and Adaptations, and The Profession of Orientation and Mobility and its Development. The second volume, Instructional Strategies and Practical Applications, is broken down into four parts – Sensory Use and Psychosocial Function, Age-Related Instruction, Adapted Tools and Complex Environments, and Orientation and Mobility and Different Disabilities. With more than 30 years of work and development, the 3rd edition expands into several new areas that have emerged since the last edition.

Contact Library staff: email hidden; JavaScript is required, 800-223-1839, ext. 705

NEW! APH Traveling Exhibit to be Unveiled

The Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind will debut its latest traveling exhibit, at the Louisville Free Public Library during the APH annual meeting, October 11-13. "Child in a Strange Country: Helen Keller and the History of Education for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired," designed and fabricated for the Museum by Capital Exhibit Services in Manassas, Virginia, will be on exhibit October 8 through November 30. Designed to be accessible to all audiences, the script was written by Carol Tobe and Faye Goolrick. "Child" explores the early devices and techniques that allowed children with vision loss to succeed in the classroom, through the lens of the educational experiences of author and activist Helen Keller (1880-1968). After its debut in Louisville, it will be available to travel to museums, libraries, residential schools, and other community centers. Details on renting the exhibit will be posted at by September 30. For additional information call Mike Hudson at 502-899-2365 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Rendering of the math section from "Child in a Strange Country."

New Article in the CVI Section of APH’s Website

A popular section of the APH website is dedicated to disseminating information about the vital topic of Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). We’ve just posted a new manual by Donna Shaman, Occupational Therapist, Highline School District in Burien, Washington.

Entitled A Team Approach to CVI in Schools, this manual strives to help children with CVI to better understand their visual world and increase their school participation through skillful and collaborative teaching strategies of the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Find this article much more information about CVI in our CVI section.

New Student-Made Videos about Book Port Plus

Student/teacher video team Chase Crispin and LeAnna MacDonald have created two new videos about APH’s Book Port Plus.

Hailing from Nebraska, Chase enjoys working with accessible technology, teaching people about computers, and learning about new technological devices. LeAnna MacDonald is a teacher of students with visual impairments, a low vision therapist, and an orientation and mobility specialist.

Together, they have teamed up to bring us a series of short training sessions about APH tech products. Way to go Chase and LeAnna!

Enter the APH Facebook "Like Us" Contest!
Win a $250 APH Gift Certificate!

Have you "Liked" the APH Facebook page? Like us by midnight, Friday October 12, 2012, and you will be entered in a random drawing for a $250 APH gift certificate! Everyone who has Liked our page by October 12 will be eligible for the drawing, subject to the official rules. Drawing will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2012 during the closing session of APH Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky (although we’d enjoy your participation in the meeting, you do not have to be present to win).

By Liking us on Facebook, you’ll get great information about APH products, services, and events, plus you may just win an APH gift certificate!

You can also find APH at these social media sites: Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and at our blog, Fred’s Head from APH.

APH Welcomes New Ex Officio Trustees

Nancy Bray, REACH Center for the Blind, replacing Carol Conyers.

Lea Grupen, Hawaii Services for the Blind Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Lea is the first Ex Officio Trustee for this new account.

APH Travel Calendar

on the road with APH


September 5 – 7, 2012
Kentucky Rehabilitation Association Conference
Louisville, KY

September 10 – 12, 2012
Visual Aid Volunteers of Florida Conference
Orlando, FL

September 12-15, 2012
Envisions 2012 Conference;
St. Louis, MO

September 18-19, 2012
Kentucky Office for the Blind Assistive Technology Expo and Conference 2012 AT Odyssey "A New Vision";
Louisville, KY

September 21-22, 2012
NIP Event: Adapted PE partnered with EOT Meg Stone and The Kentucky School for the Blind;
Bowling Green, KY

September 21-22, 2012
Braille Plus and Refreshabraille Hands-On Training;
Colorado Springs/Denver, CO

September 28, 2012
Human Development Institute: APH Products, Services, and Accessibility Workshop;
Lexington, KY

September 29, 2012
2012 Indiana Vision Expo;
Indianapolis, IN

September 29-October 2, 2012
Richmond, VA


October 3-5, 2012
Georgia Vision Educators State-wide Training;
Macon, GA

October 3 – 6, 2012
Oklahoma School for the Blind Training;
Tulsa/Muskogee, OK

October 25 – 28, 2012
Tennessee AER/Unity Conference;
Nashville, TN

October 11-13, 2012
APH Annual Meeting;
Louisville, KY


November 1-2, 2012
NIP Event: Woodcock Johnson with Lynne Jaffe;
Tampa, FL

November 2-3, 2012
Utah AER 2012;
Salt Lake City, UT

November 8-9, 2012
South Carolina AER;
North Myrtle Beach, SC

November 8-10, 2012
MACRT/ASERT Conference;
Kansas City, MO

APH Sizzlin’ Summer Savings

Load up a world of savings on selected APH products with APH’s Sizzlin’ Summer Savings Sale 2012, July 1—September 30. As always, first come, first served.

NEW! Book Port DT

1-07200-00 — INTRODUCTORY PRICE* $399.00 + shipping

*The introductory price of $399.00 is good until September 30, 2012. After that the price will be $449.00.


All shipments will incur actual UPS shipping rates based on the destination. This item is not eligible for Free Matter shipping.

Replacement Items

AC Adapter: 1-07201-00 — $36.00
Lithium-Polymer Battery: 1-07202-00 — $55.00
User’s Guide, CD-ROM: 43-001-000 — $8.00
Carrying Bag: 45-001-001: $47.25
Mask Cover: 45-001-003 — $25.45

APH is proud to announce the newest addition to the Book Port family — the Book Port DT™!

Loaded with many of the same features as our hand-held Book Port Plus, the Book Port DT is a desktop-style Digital Talking Book player and recorder. The sleek design includes a large speaker and easy-to-use controls.

In addition to the industry-leading features on the Book Port Plus, the Book Port DT offers the following enhancements:

  • NLS Cartridge slot/USB port
  • Large speaker and built-in microphone allows for whole room sound
  • 2GB of memory to backup & store files
  • Wi-Fi and wired internet connections
  • Separate buttons for tone, speed, next & previous title, information, and sleep timer
  • Removable "mask" simplifies controls
  • Bluetooth audio and control support
  • New built-in high-quality text-to-speech reads computer files
  • Additional recording capabilities: Record to Daisy 2.x or 3.x, Edit using insert, delete, & append
  • Online support for DAISY
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Computer not required, but you may opt to transfer content using your computer

The Book Port DT is ideal for reading Digital Talking Books. Record or edit your own material in Digital Talking Book format. Enjoy listening to internet radio or downloading podcasts for your enjoyment.

Note: The unit must be authorized through Learning Ally or NLS to play recordings from these organizations. You also need to have an account to use You can also download books from the NLS BARD website, see


  • Book Port DT unit
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (user-replaceable)
  • AC adapter with braille label
  • CD-ROM containing software, books, and documentation
  • FREE! Audio edition of History in the Making: The Story of the American Printing House for the Blind
  • Quick Start Guide
  • One-year limited warranty

Book Port DT dimensions: 6.7 x 8.6 x 2.2 inches, weight approx. 2.8 lbs.

NEW! Building on Patterns: Primary Braille Literacy Program: Second Grade Level: Unit 6 Kit

Print Kit: 8-78470-U6 — $219.00
Braille Kit: 6-78470-U6 — $219.00

A Walk on the Wild Side

Building on Patterns (BOP) is a complete primary literacy program designed to teach beginning braille users all language arts — reading, writing, and spelling.

Note: Building on Patterns: Second Grade replaces Patterns Second and Third Reader Levels.

The Building on Patterns series addresses phonemic awareness (ability to hear and interpret sounds in speech), phonics (the association of written symbols with the sounds they represent), comprehension, fluency, and oral vocabulary, all of which have been identified as important for reading instruction.

This program also addresses specific skill areas needed by the child who is blind, such as language development, sound discrimination, tactual discrimination, and concept development. Braille contractions are introduced from the beginning along with sound and letter associations. Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) skills such as using tactile graphics and technology are also included.

New Features

  • Timed reading in each lesson
  • Simplified lesson-monitoring sheets
  • More independent reading suggestions
  • Spelling Dictionary
  • Quick Read for silent reading and reading comprehension practice

BOP Second Grade includes more worksheets, part-word braille contractions and other remaining literary contractions and symbols and rules for using them, emphasis on syllables and multisyllabic words and the effect of certain letter combinations on vowel sounds, and the foreign origin of at least one spelling word in each lesson.

Prerequisite: Building on Patterns: First Grade or equivalent skills.

Recommended Ages: 7 to 8 years

NEW! Test Ready: Plus Mathematics: Advanced

Teacher Guide:
Large Print: 7-00517-00 — $16.00
Braille: 5-00517-00 — $20.00

Student Book:
Large Print: 7-00518-00 — $30.00
Braille: 5-00518-00 — $40.00

This test prep series offers practice for today’s standards-based assessments for grade levels 3 through 12.

The new Test Ready: Advanced is recommended for grades 9 – 12.

Test Ready: Plus Mathematics provides preparation and review, in as little as two weeks before testing day. It also provides a program of instruction and remediation.

Students practice problem solving for:

  • Data preparation
  • Geometry
  • Numeration
  • Number theory
  • Measurement
  • Pre-algebra/algebra

Objectives for each of the above key concepts have been aligned with the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics from the National Council for Teachers and Mathematics (NCTM). These lessons make use of routine, non-routine, and open-ended problems, with writing activities that require students to explain their solutions.

Accessible Formats

The APH Teacher Guides and Student Books are available in several accessible formats, so that the entire class can work on math together in a multi-media approach. The large print and braille editions include a CD with an .html file and a digital talking book file with built-in player.

The large print student edition includes a specially formatted large print answer document. However, it is recommended that each student has a book in his or her preferred reading medium, and should feel free to mark answers in the test books. Used this way, the student books become consumable items.

NEW! Container-Opening Tool

— $25.00

This handy tool makes it easier to open the straps on plastic Talking Book mailers. Quickly pop open the straps of NLS plastic mailing containers, as well as APH’s Cassette Container or Digital Talking Book Cartridge Mailer/Container. Includes a wood-handled tool and a print/tactile diagram to explain its use.

Related Product

Digital Talking Book Cartridge Mailer
1-02611-00 — $2.50

REVISED! Super-Size Folders (set of 3 different colors)

1-04296-01 — $12.00

Now in three different colors! Holds full-sized braille sheets. Made of a semi-rigid polyblend plastic. Measures 12 x 11 1/4 inches with a depth of 3/4 inches, allowing full 11 1/2 x 11 inch braille sheets to fit. A part of the braille page remains uncovered so that the contents of each folder can be quickly scanned.

Each set includes 3 folders (one each of blue, green, and yellow) that have a die-cut APH logo on the front.

Note: The original Super-Size Folder pack of three blue folders has been discontinued.

APH Braille Book Corner

APH offers a number of recreational books in braille (Quota funds can be used). Each of these titles was originally transcribed and produced by APH for the National Library Service which has graciously granted permission for this offering. As usual, these titles have been added to the APH Louis Database where you can find thousands of titles produced in accessible formats.

Note: all books are produced upon receipt of orders, therefore, please allow several weeks for delivery.

Best Friends
by Mary Bard: T-N1869-50 — $37.00
After Co Co, a girl from Paris, moves next door to Suzie and they discover they each will turn twelve in July, they become best friends. Now if they can just arrange for Co Co’s father to marry Suzie’s mother, they can live together. Grades 3-8.

How to Raise Your Parents: A Teen Girl’s Survival Guide
by Sarah O’Leary Burningham: T-N1885-40 — $32.00
Teen guide to communicating with and understanding parents. Author discusses common yet quarrelsome topics, providing the points of view of both adults and adolescents. Includes tips on academics, curfew, cyberlife, independence, negotiation, privacy, and more. Grades 8-12.

Traveling Blind: Adventures in Vision with a Guide Dog
by Susan Krieger: T-N1886-10 — $61.00
Stanford professor Krieger describes adapting to life with progressively limited vision caused by birdshot retinochoroidopathy. She writes of embarking upon local and long-distance trips and exploring the southwest desert with her guide dog Teela and her lover Hannah.

Year of the Flood
by Margaret Atwood: T-N1870-60 — $110.00
In the aftermath of the Waterless Flood, a devastating pandemic, friends Toby and Ren find each other among the few survivors. Menacing gene-spliced life-forms thrive in this strange new world while humans consider what to do next. Sequel to Oryx and Crake. Some adult language. Adult reader.

by Karin Slaughter: T-N1908-10 — $113.50
Georgia. Former coroner Sara Linton gets pulled into a Grant County case. Mentally handicapped Tommy Braham died while in custody, and Linton — who blames her husband’s death on local cop Lena Adams — pins responsibility for Braham on Adams, too. State investigator Will Trent scrutinizes the police force. Some strong language and adult content.

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